Senki Zesshou Symphogear Episode 6

So this week’s episode starts off with more time with Chris, who is jealous of Hibiki’s power. Meanwhile, Genjurou talks about how the minister’s death last week benefit HQ, allowing them to upgrade their defenses. Hibiki goes to visit Tsubasa, who is suddenly not as cold towards her. Miku also sees the two of them talking together.

Tsubasa asks Hibiki why she fights, and she responds that she just wants to help people, and part of it comes from Kanade’s death. Chris attacks a park and Miku is almost caught up in it, but Hibiki defends her, revealing her Symphogear armor to Miku. Rather than fight, Hibiki tries to talk to Chris, but she refuses to listen. Hibiki then beats the crap out of Chris.

So I guess because Hibiki can’t materialize a weapon, she’s going to just use her fists from now on. It’s kind of boring, but if that’s how it is, that’s how it is. Tsubasa seems to have dispelled all hate for Hibiki, so I guess she accepted Kanade’s death last week. It’s a bit sudden for my taste and almost unprecedented, but I guess I can roll with it. It was inevitable that she would break out of that cold attitude eventually.

Looks like Miku is getting roped into all of this now. Her role just got a bit more important now that she’s discovered the big secret. Also, Hibiki’s reasons for fighting seem standard for this type of show. Honestly, that conversation seemed a bit repetitive to me, with Hibiki just going on about helping people, but it works. Next week, Miku will be filled in and I wonder if Tsubasa will be able to fight again.


Persona 4 Episode 18

This week’s episode starts off with a bit of background on Dojima and Nanako. A hit-and-run incident brings back memories of the death of Nanako’s mother. Nanako starts to wonder about Dojima as he seems to care about his work more than her. Yu talks to Dojima about Chisato (his wife), and asks Naoto to look into her death.

Dojima ends up telling Nanako that he doesn’t have the time to go to her school’s parent observation event, which leads her to finally tell him how she feels. She then rejects him as her real father and runs away. Yu and Dojima go to search for her, finally finding her at the place where her mother died. Dojima talks with Nanako and the two make up.

So the preview last week made it sound like this week’s episode was something different (with the reference to Heaven and a certain line). Still, this week’s was pretty good, finishing up Nanako and Dojima’s social links. The episode I was referencing looks to be a few episodes down the line. It’s starting to look like time is running short for the true ending, but I’m confident they will include it. The opening scene this week with Margaret was kinda weird…is her social link developing with just those little 2 minute-sessions each week? Next week looks to be the school festival, with a certain contest that Yu will have to enter. Should be fun.

Nisemonogatari Episode 6

So after the big ending to last week’s episode, Karen’s fever only goes down a little and Koyomi looks unfazed. He ends up running into Mayoi and telling her about Karen’s condition. They then talk about bit about adulthood before Koyomi goes to see Hitagi. He finds Hitagi preparing to confront Kaiki and insists on going with her.

She initially refuses, saying that she hates Kaiki for separating her parents, so it doesn’t concern Koyomi. However, Koyomi manages to convince her otherwise (with love of all things). Unfortunately, Koyomi returns home to find that Karen has gone missing. Shinobu appears to help and Koyomi sends her to find Karen.

Pretty good episode as usual. Shinobu acting tsundere and Hitagi strangely under the beck and call of Hanekawa. We also have the explanation for Hitagi’s impending haircut, as an attempt to move forward like Hanekawa. Should I be scared? I really like how Shinobu’s character has changed. It definitely makes things interesting. Next week is looking like an arc-ender…maybe? Bakemonogatari had so many shorter arcs, and they’re breaking the pattern for what looks like much longer arcs. Still, it’s a pretty nice thing to see.

Guilty Crown Episode 16

This week’s episode starts off with Argo sneaking into Tokyo to extract Arisa for her grandfather. He runs into a bunch of students, who end up taking him to Shu after realizing he is a member of Funeral Parlor. Shu coldly leaves Souta to die, but Argo tries to go down and save him. Shu stops him, trying to force him to join up with him, but Argo refuses and is detained. Tsugumi fills Argo in on the situation and helps him escape.

Shu and Argo end up fighting and Shu gets owned. However, a section of the roof falls and destroys a girl’s Void, and she dies in the same manner as Hare. Shu then realizes that Yahiro has kept this from him, but kills Argo anyway. Also, Arisa, who tries to tell everyone about the Voids, is killed by Inori.

You’re kidding me. They’re resurrecting dead characters. What the heck? Gai is resurrected at the end of the episode by Haruka and Mana seems to live on in Inori (I predicted that, but it’s still annoying). I’m sorry, but I really hate the idea of resurrecting characters. In my eye, it devalues their death scene. It begs the question “why kill them in the first place?” They better have something good planned to cover for that.

Also, Shu’s gone from wimpy guy I want to stab to mentally insane guy that I still want to stab. Why would you listen to Yahiro? That guy’s clearly nuts. And what kind of evil laugh was that? Shu basically found out that the very reason that he is the most important person in the school is making them completely vulnerable. It almost seems like he killed Argo because he didn’t want people to dethrone him.

Also, something to note. It looks like Funeral Parlor may be forced to fight against their former ally Shu. Similar to how the Black Knights had to fight against a certain former ally. Anyways, I’m gonna stop ranting. This is just ridiculous…and bad for my heart. It’s not that I hate this show…it just would have been a lot better if I hadn’t seen it before.

Black Rock Shooter Episode 2

Picking up from last week, Black Rock Shooter continues the fight in the alternate world while Mato tries to go to the summer festival with Yomi. However, Yomi never shows up, forced to stay home with Kagari. At school, Mato ends up getting angry with Yomi, but later regrets it after talking with the counselor. She goes to Yomi’s house to apologize, but Yomi is again stopped by Kagari, falling down the stairs to stop her. At the hospital, Yomi’s mother reveals that Kagari’s paralysis is mentally-induced.

Mato tries to force herself into Kagari’s room, which causes Kagari to freak out. Desperate, Yomi calls out to Mato for advice, and finally stands up to Kagari. In the alternate world, Yomi and Mato try to force Kagari out, but they are stopped by a fourth person (in red). She then seals Yomi away and then Mato “kills” Kagari. Back in the real world, Mato finally enters the hospital room and Kagari smiles as the episode ends.

Not really sure what to make of this. Did this scene mean that Kagari is back to being a normal girl now? Or is it something more sinister? The alternate world definitely didn’t make it look like a good ending. The battle was alright in this episode. While it didn’t look bad, there was nothing that really stood out. The robot was shooting out macaroons for crying out loud. We’re already a quarter of the way through the show. At least two more characters need to be introduced and I think there’s more to this story, so we’ll wait and find out.

Inu x Boku SS Episode 5

So Banri from last week ends up in Ririchiyo’s class. Ririchiyo starts getting strange texts from an unknown address with stalker-ish messages. Trying to find a way to express her gratitude to Soushi, Ririchiyo decides to write a letter to him. She goes out shopping for stationery, and ends up returning late at night.

Soushi appears, having been worried and she tries to tell him how she feels, but they are interrupted by a masked assailant. He turns out to be Shoukiin Kagerou, Ririchiyo’s fiancee and turns out to be Karuta’s current master and Soushi’s former master. He goofs off for a while in Ayakashi Kan, but leaves almost as quickly as he arrived.

Another funny episode. I dunno what’s up with Kagerou, but his antics were definitely entertaining. So with five episodes done, I guess this show is really just gonna be slice of life with monsters. I’m a bit surprised after how it began, but I still like the show. Next week looks to be focused more on Banri and his relationship with Karuta, so it should be fun.

Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai Episode 5

So, this week is a bit more with the introductions. Yuuta leaves his phone at home and Miu ends up picking up a call from Sako. Strangely enough, Sako is able to use her voice to draw an almost exact portrait of her (that’s a little creepy). Miu and Hina also meet Yuuta’s neighbor, Atarashi Kurumi, who is a voice actress.

Meanwhile, Sora, who went out to return Yuuta’s phone, ends up getting lost. Unfortunately, the weather turns bad and Yuuta teams up with Kouichi to find her. Yuuta ends up finding her, and we also see a memory of Sora’s first meeting with Yuuta.

So, Sora reverts back to calling Yuuta Onii-chan rather than Uncle. As with normal anime protagonists, Yuuta is too dense to notice she likes him. Pretty funny episode as usual. Glad to finally know who that neighbor is…it was bugging me.

Chihayafuru Episode 18

It’s tournament day! Chihaya struggles to control her speed, but continues to use her reflexes. She starts to realize that her opponent is strategically making the game harder for her, and tries to adopt her timing for herself. However, Chihaya ends up losing. Meanwhile, the Class B finals end up being between Taichi and Nishida, and the Class D finals end up being between Kanade and Tsutomu. Chihaya takes the change to watch and learn from Kanade and Tsutomu’s respective styles.

So Chihaya ends up getting owned again. However, the focus drops away from her this week as it looks more into Kanade and Tsutomu, who have been fairly ignored up until this point. Although Tsutomu’s strategy is more my style, it’s lacking in that it works best against opponents he has played before. Meanwhile, Kanade’s style is creative and interesting, but not something I would try for myself. The matches definitely look interesting. I could predict the outcomes of the matches, but I’m guessing by the 50-50-90 rule that I would get both wrong. It’s really up in the air at this point.

Brave 10 Episode 5

In response to Isanami’s kidnap, Yukimura sends out Ana and Sasuke. Meanwhile, Date explains that Kushi-mitama is one of four Mitamas that he plans to collect. Sasuke tries to free Isanami, but she refuses to return to Ueda, still blaming herself for Saizou’s injuries. Ana ends up freeing Isanami, lecturing her for her behavior.

Yuri ends up joining Yukimura out of respect while Saizou remains distant to Isanami. Sasuke berates Saizou for not accepting his weakness, trying to convince him to fight for someone else. With everyone back to normal, Rokurou extracts the events from the underground chamber from Saizou’s memory with his eye.

Well, that was underwhelming. That big capture of Isanami and then Sasuke and Ana just go and get her back in half an episode? What was the point? I guess Isanami and Saizou both get lectured in this episode and that’s supposed to be part of their character development or something. We’ll see next week whether it had any effect. I wonder if Date will try to fight Yukimura or something…that would be something to see.

Ano Natsu de Matteru Episode 5

The summer begins. We start off this week with shooting the first scene of the film. With her infinite script wisdom, Remon has cast Ichika as an alien protagonist. They film a few scenes that are strangely scripted too similarly to Ichika’s true situation. Tetsuro also agrees to help Kanna with Kaito at her request.

The next day, Kanna makes up an excuse to go to Kaito’s house, and the three end up talking. Kanna oversteps a bit, asking how long Ichika plans to stay with Kaito, which gets Kaito thinking about her. However, Tetsuro disrupts this train of thought by revealing to him that Kanna loves him.

Well, it looks like the love polygon is getting serious. I almost wonder if Tetsuro is trying to force the situation between Kaito and Kanna to resolve so he has the chance to be with Kanna. This will certainly be interesting. Also, Remon has got to know something. She just seems like the type and her script is way too close to reality. Still, she’s giving Ichika an excuse to talk with Kaito about hypothetically going out with an alien (hint hint). I’m sure there will be drama next week…let’s see what happens.