Ro-Kyu-Bu Final Episode

Sigh…the end of loli basketball. Anyways, if you remember from last week, the girls were starting to make their comeback in the big game. In this week’s episode, they start off by tying the score. They manage to gain the momentum with an epic reverse shot from Hinata. However, Manaka scolds Miyu for taking the girls so lightly, and she starts to play more seriously. She makes a shot despite having a height disadvantage on Tomoka, showing off her ability to compensate for her height. However, Tomoka then turns around and does the same thing (Miyu had a higher jump), having practiced with Subaru so much that she can also compensate for her height. Eventually, everyone’s stamina starts to run low, but then we see some scenes of each of them remembering what basketball means to them and they manage to hold on. However, Saki misses the final shot, and unfortunately, the girls lose. At first, Saki blames herself for the loss, but Maho manages to convince her otherwise. The other team is also affected by the game, because of the whole playing for fun thing (yeah…kinda cheesy). The girls think that Subaru is a bit down at their morning practice, so they try to cheer him up, but he assures them that he wasn’t depressed, just deep in thought thinking about their future and whatnot. The series ends with scenes of Subaru hanging out with each girl individually leading to a dinner with all of the main characters together. Well, it’s been a good run. Now I have even more stuff I have to right real reviews for.

Mawaru Penguindrum Episode 11

Finally got a working copy of this episode…that’s actually HD. Anyways, we start this week’s episode off with Kanba showing up at Natsume’s house. Natsume starts going about love, but Kanba cuts her off and tries to make her return Ringo’s diary. However, Natsume refuses, revealing to him that she needs it for Mario, a boy with a penguin hat like Himari’s. After Kanba leaves, Natsume reveals on the phone to her mystery contact that she only has half of the diary. Meanwhile, Shoma scolds Ringo for giving up the diary so easily, which prompts Ringo to start attacking him for his insensitivity. However, Ringo tells Shoma that she still intends to continue with Project M using the memories she has of what was written in the diary. She tries using another frog, creating a drink that will supposedly cause Tabuki to fall in love with her. The next day, Tabuki drinks it and it seems to work. However, as the two are lying together in bed, Ringo starts to cry and finds herself unable to sleep with Tabuki, but Tabuki starts go crazy. At that moment, Yuri returns and hears Tabuki’s crazed proclamations of love for Ringo. Ringo asks her to break up with Tabuki, and she agrees, but asks if it will truly make Ringo happy. She asks Ringo if she actually wants to be with Tabuki, or if she loves Shoma instead. With that, Ringo returns home, but finds Shoma and Himari there waiting for her. Shoma gives her some food he cooked for her as an apology for his behavior earlier, but Ringo hits him again. At that moment, the penguin hat appears on Himari, and she tells Ringo to let out what’s bother her. So, she starts to tell the story of Momoka, who died when she was born. For this reason, she believed she was the reincarnation of Momoka. She then blames Shoma for ruining her fate, but he strangely agrees. He reveals that he and Kanba were also born on the day that Momoka died, and the episode ends with him saying that it was because of them that Momoka died. Well…my mind was just blown…I may need like a week to recover from that. Why is this show so awesome??

Mayo Chiki Episode 12

If you remember last week’s episode, it ended with Jirou being knocked out by Konoe, who is on the run. This week’s episode starts with Usami waking him up, having been called there by Kanade. Usami gives Jirou a ride and Jirou finds Konoe back at the spot where she “confessed” to him. Jirou is able to talk Konoe into returning, but she wants to stay away for at least that day, so they stay together at the inn. That night, Konoe asks if Jirou would want to do anything past kissing with her, which he of course interprets as meaning sleeping with him. Turns out she just meant literally sleeping with him…as in, next to him. The next day, Jirou arrives at school to find that Konoe has transferred to another school. However, a new transfer student arrives at the school, Takanashi Punyuru (you remember that name? yeah…it’s Konoe). After recovering from the initial shock from seeing her, Jirou asks Konoe -err, Punyuru to have lunch with him. At lunch, Konoe tells Jirou that her job as a butler was what supported her, now feeling lonely as a normal girl. Hearing this, Jirou decides to take matters into his own hands, going to the S4 to ask for their help. Together, everyone starts a petition to have Konoe stay a butler. We see a very touching scene where Konoe realizes how much everyone cares about her, and she returns the next day as a butler. That night, Konoe calls Jirou to meet her alone. Konoe thanks Jirou for helping her become a butler again (she’s dressed in female clothing), and kisses him. This week’s episode almost seemed to have the feel of a last episode, but there’s another one after it, so I wonder what will happen.

No. 6

My first review of something I was posting about while it was airing. This shouldn’t be awkward. Anyways, this anime is set in a futuristic society, with utopia-like cities, including the title city No. 6, as well as ID bracelets and the like. Shion is a bright student in No. 6 who leads a rather privileged life. However, one night, he has a run-in with a strange boy who calls himself Nezumi. Nezumi is a fugitive, but Shion chooses to help him anyway. However, Shion is caught, and his life is basically ruined because of it. Fast forward a few years and Shion is working for the government because of the incident with Nezumi. One day, he and his co-worker find a strange man dead due to an unknown illness. Returning to their workplace, Shion’s co-worker soon dies of the same thing. However, Shion is taken into custody by the authorities of No. 6. Nezumi appears as Shion is being taken away and frees him from his predicament. Together, the two embark on a journey to uncover the dark secrets of No. 6. Honestly, I liked the story of this anime. I’m always a sucker for those Big Brother style shows with utopian societies. Unfortunately, I felt like the anime was too short, and the story resolved too quickly.

Story: Score 8/10

The characters in this show seemed a little lackluster to me. We find out all about Shion and Nezumi, with their complicated pasts and developing personalities, but the supporting staff remains a mystery for the most part. Of course, this probably has to do with how short the anime was, but I had a bit of a problem with it.

Characters: Score 7/10

The animation of this show looked okay to me. Nothing really jumped out at me. I noticed near the end that the fight scenes had some interesting camera focuses on Nezumi, but I didn’t really think much about it. The music for this show was good. Mellow opening and ending themes weren’t bad, but they’re not the usual sort of thing I listen to.

Animation: Score 8/10

Music: Score 8/10

So, this show wasn’t completely impressive. The premise is something I have a soft spot for, but I feel like it was rushed too much and just not that great. Shion is also really annoyingly naive.

Final Score 6/10

Kamisama Dolls Episode 12

Thanks to the wonderful people at AT&T, I’m having internet problems again. However, I was still able to get a hold of the latest episode of Kamisama Dolls. If you remember from last week, a man that the gang saw on the way to the village came to watch over Hibino, who had been kidnapped. As the episode ended, he started to move in on her, and that is how this episode starts. Hibino manages to kick him, but he busts out a taser on her to stop her from struggling. Meanwhile, Kuuko has infiltrated the apartment complex, freeing Aki (who didn’t actually need help). Kuuko also manages to reach Hibino’s room before she is raped, knocking out the assailant. They try to make their escape, but Takeshi shows up with a gun and Kuuko locks Hibino out on the roof, leaving her alone with Takeshi and the gun. As Hibino is about to rush away to get an ambulance after hearing a gunshot, she is stopped by Mahiru, who is deeply depressed from being rejected by Kyohei. Meanwhile, it is revealed that Kuuko isn’t dead, but instead Takeshi was shot. Mahiru is angered by Hibino, who clearly understands Kyohei better, and hurls her off the building. However, Kukuri arrives just in time for Kyohei to catch her. With everyone safe, Mahiru starts a fight with Utao. Mahiru seems to have the upper hand, but Utao catches her off guard when she tries to set up a barrier and Kukuri is able to stab Magatsuhi cleanly. Mahiru loses control of Magatsuhi as it grabs Hibino, but she is able to overcome it. However, she is unable to regain control, and Magatsuhi grants her last request, which was for Hibino to stay out. However, Utao stops Magatsuhi from getting away, but Magatsuhi starts to fire with attacks that Mahiru never knew about. Kyohei tries to jump on and save Hibino, but Magatsuhi attacks him, which triggers not only Utao, but also Kirio to attack. However, Magatsuhi grabs Kukuri and uses it as a shield and Takemikazuchi stabs Kukuri. Kyohei flashes back to when he left home, and becomes enraged that the village may take Hibino away from him as well. However, before he is able to do anything, Magatsuhi hits him on the back of the head and he starts to lose consciousness. The episode ends with Kukuri reactivating with a different song. Who is controlling Kukuri now? Could it be Kyohei? It would make sense because the last episode is called “Kuga Kyohei, the Seki.” Man, the last episode is gonna be pretty awesome.

Yuru Yuri Final Episode

Yeah...I know it's a preview pic from last week, but I don't care.

Final episode bringing out the big guns! Mari doing the intro! Anyways, as for the episode itself, we start off with everyone planning an overnight stay in the Amusement Club room (and by everyone, I mean everyone…even Matsumoto and Nishigaki). While Matsumoto and Nishigaki are setting up what ends being a bathing area outside, everyone else has an Amusement Club vs. Student Council contest. However, since there are five Student Council members to the four Amusement Club members, Kyoko recruits Matsumoto for the final challenge, which ends up being one of Nishigaki’s experiments. However, the experiment explodes (of course). While everyone is bathing, Akari’s “tub” malfunctions (you have to see it…really) and she rolls away, leaving Kyoko and Ayano with only one tub that they have to share. While they’re bathing outside, Chitose shows off one of her hidden powers: the Yuri sense, as she has her yuri fantasies without even seeing that Kyoko and Ayano are together. Later, when Kyoko offers her a chocolate, Chitose kisses Ayano. Chizuru arrives to reveal that she is always like that when she eats chocolate, as Chitose continues to kiss the other girls. In order to stop Chitose, Yui comes up with the idea to force her to have nosebleeds until she’s worn out, which also means that Ayano has to kiss Kyoko. The series ends with another one of Nishigaki’s experiments blowing up and making everyone think Akari is dead (which she isn’t). Sigh…it’s over. Chitose really is the hero of this show…it’s not even right.

Ikoku Meiro no Croisee Final Episode

Sigh…another show reaching it’s end. Keeping it simple, this week’s episode starts with Claude and Yune walking together in the Galerie. Back at the shop, Claude is still visibly bothered by what Oscar said about Yune leaving in the last episode. Yune takes a glove, but Claude suddenly becomes angry at her for touching it. Oscar explains to Yune that the glove used to be Jean’s glove. Later, Yune hears a bell and concludes that it must be the cat that another shop owner, Yannick, had mentioned earlier. Claude comes out to see that Yune has gone, chasing after her. After running into Alan, he becomes worried that she has run away from the Galerie. He runs into Alice, who of course berates him for not knowing where Yune is, but she joins him in the search. Claude goes to see Yannick, who tells him that Yune has passed by, and Claude sees Yune on the roof. Claude tells Yune that the cat that she is looking for has been missing for ten years, having run away when Yannick put the bell on it. Just then, a strong wind blows, and Yune falls off. The glass below her starts to crack, and Claude is reminded of his father’s death, seeing an image of him falling. Claude is able to reach Yune, though, and pulls her back up. Yune apologizes again for the glove incident, but Claude tells her they weren’t that important. But Yune tells him that she has noticed that he treasures them. Claude then promises to take Yune to Grand Magasin, revealing that the reason he forbade it before was because it was where his father died. Claude then tells Yune that it would be enough for him if Yune just lives in peace, which was super cute, and Cluade carries Yune back due to her lost shoes (oh those two…I guess they couldn’t exactly kiss, so this works). The series ends with Yune returning to see everyone had come out to search for her, realizing that she’s become part of the Galerie’s family. Well, another one’s done. A review of this will probably pop up some time soon (I’ve got a lot on my plate now that stuff is ending). This series was pretty cute (if a tad predictable at times). I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did. Yuru Yuri ends later today…look forward to it!

Dantalian no Shoka Episode 10

Kinda late…I know. But I wasn’t sure if anything would come out today, so I had to make sure I had something to post about (and I’m a bit lazy). Anyways, this week’s episode starts out with Huey playing the violin for Dalian (very poorly). A strange woman appears and asks to see the violin when Huey blames it for his poor sound. Just then, a man rushes on the scene, introducing the girl as Christabel (not gonna lie…it’s kind of an epic name). He then asks to see the violin himself, saying that it’s broken and then fixing it on the spot. He then gives it to Christabel, who plays a few cacophonous notes before playing a beautiful piece. A crowd then gathers, confirming her identity as Christabel Sistine. The man then introduces himself as Dallaglio Hayward, asking Huey’s permission to borrow the violin for a bit and running off. Later at the bookstore, the owner tells them that Christabel performed a piece of Guillermo Baldini, who was rumored to be able to sway his audience’s emotions with his music, similar to a narcotic. His works are also supposedly impossible to play, causing all who attempt to perform them to die. The owner calls the scores Phantom Scores. The two set off to see Christabel, but are unable to get into the concert hall, so they sneak in through a back alley. They follow Hayward, who they spot sneaking around, but they are ambushed and Huey is knocked out. He awakes to find Christabel, who is about to play Utopia, one of the Phantom Scores, with the accompaniment of a mechanical keyboard. She is interrupted by Hayward, who asks Huey and Dalian to help Christabel escape. However, he is interrupted by a Director Kendrick, revealed to be the one who tied up the two. Kendrick reveals that he has been using the song’s effects to convince people to do whatever he asks, including building the concert hall. He wishes to use the music to control the world (it’s like Lelouch’s Geass on drugs…uncool). Huey realizes that Christabel is a machine, but Hayward insists that she has her own will. However, Hayward is shot, and Kendrick leaves to avoid hearing the song himself. Hayward then reveals that he made Christabel in order to honor his father, who made music boxes. He frees Huey and Dalian before dying. However, Christabel doesn’t play Utopia, instead first playing a warning to escape and then playing Twilight, which is meant to be a more destructive piece. The concert hall is destroyed, but all of the audience members survive. Christabel is destroyed in the collapse, and Huey and Dalian realize that she truly did have a will of her own. A very interesting episode, but the premise didn’t feel as original as the other episodes. Also, we’re nearing the end of this series and the other man and Biblioprincess pairs haven’t come into play…this kind of annoys me. Oh well, we’ll see how it ends up.

Kamisama no Memochou Episode 11

That sounds oddly like a confession

FALSE ALARM, PEOPLE! AYAKA IS NOT DEAD. I apologize for any confusion. Although it turns out that she did leap off the roof of her own free will, she is hospitalized and unconscious with low chance of recovery (which usually means she’ll recover in anime). Everyone is noticeably shaken with what happened (even I’m shaken) until Narumi finally returns to the ramen shop, asking Tetsu to teach him how to fight properly. Narumi then asks Alice to help him, with her once again warning him about the burden of this knowledge. Alice tells him that she knows why she would want to kill herself, but doesn’t know why she chose the school roof, which was too low to ensure death. Just like Narumi, Alice blames herself for not stopping Ayaka, but Narumi is able to comfort her. She then officially makes Narumi her assistant for this case. The next day, Alice orders Narumi to go to the greenhouse, where the Fourth is waiting. Narumi finds out from a teacher that Ayaka was growing some rare flowers in the greenhouse, but there were none there when he was in the greenhouse. Narumi realizes that they may have something to do with Angel Fix and rushes to Alice to check. However, Alice first shows him a picture of Hakamizaka Shirou, who Narumi recognizes as the person who was talking with Toshi last episode. She concludes that he is the man who created Angel Fix, having mutated a flower that he found while studying abroad to create it. Toshi was one of Hakamizaka’s distributors, using Ayaka to grow the raw ingredients. The Fourth mobilizes everyone under him to create a giant search party for those responsible for Angel Fix. Narumi later tells the other NEETs his theory that Ayaka overheard what they were talking about before and realized that she had been helping grow narcotics. He believes that it is possible that Ayaka spoke to Toshi that night, so he resolves to find out, sending the NEETs out to find him. That night, Narumi receives a call from Toshi from Ayaka’s phone, confirming his theory that they met. Toshi sounds crazed, but he tries to arrange a meeting with Narumi. Then, he suddenly starts to regret what has happened, begging Narumi to help him before Hakamizaka beats him up. Hakamizaka then issues a challenge to Alice as the episode ends. This show is really getting good. Too bad it ends next episode (I think). Oh well, it should be good…so much drama.

Ro-Kyu-Bu Episode 11

Alright, if you remember from last week, Maho ran out of the gym when she found out that they can’t compete in tournaments because they didn’t have enough members and more importantly, because she found out that Tomoka and Subaru knew this. The other girls decide to let Maho be alone and continue with the practice. After playing a bit with the other team, Saki runs off to find Maho. Saki berates Maho for her attitude, and the two end up having a duel to see who is better. The other girls end up joining in as well. In the end, everyone has a good time and all are forgiven. With that done, everyone starts getting prepared for the upcoming match (with a lovely sauna scene with Subaru and Aoi courtesy of Manaka). After a nice touching scene between Aoi and Subaru the next morning, Aoi joins in with the coaching of the girls (about time). Finally the day of the big game arrives. Things start off rough, with the other team scoring an easy first shot. Maho starts getting frustrated about the other team’s captain, and loses focus. Subaru changes Saki to point guard and the girls start to make a comeback due to Saki’s analytical skills. Alright, I think we all know what’s gonna happen next episode (pretty sure it’s the last one).