Mawaru Penguindrum Episode 6

This episode starts with Kanba visiting Asami’s hospital room (escalator girl) and finding that she has completely forgotten about him. Shouma is helping Ringo with her “Project M” in exchange for being able to look into the diary, and he is forced to help her move everything from her apartment to the outside of Tabuki’s apartment for some reason. Kanba questions the two friends of Asami, but they are each sniped by the slingshot thing before he can get any information. Shouma tries to give up on the apartment moving, but Ringo keeps forcing him to work, but is stopped cold by a fever (get it? hehe). It is revealed that Ringo witnesses her parents arguing about her sister Tomoka when she was young and concluded that if she became her sister, they would stop fighting. She wishes to fulfill everything in her sister’s diary, so that she can truly become her sister. We then return to Kanba, who witnesses the two girls losing their memories after getting shot in the forehead. Meanwhile, Ringo sneaks out and tries to fake a romantic evening with Tabuki while in his basement. The episode ends with the strange girl Natsume on the phone saying that she is helping Project M move along, and revealing that she too has a penguin.

So there was kind of a random Survival Strategy this week, but I’m not sure what it accomplished. This show’s definitely bringing in the mystery, which is pretty cool. Not sure why I had to wait a extra week to watch this, though…sigh.

No. 6 Episode 7

This episode starts with Nezumi asking Inukashi to help him get information on the correctional facility in No. 6. Inukashi initially refuses, but Nezumi begs him to help him, and he finally agrees. We then switch over to Karan inside No. 6, who discovers that Safu’s records have been purged. She starts to talk with an old lady in a park, but is saved by Youming before she reveals too much to the lady, who was actually a spy. Youming then takes her back to her shop, revealing that he has been investigating No. 6 due to his own suspicions (I figured that guy would end up being important). Back in the Western District, Shion is still trying to find a cure for the bee syndrome, but is not having luck finding the necessary tools. Rikiga is touched by his kindness for some reason and decides to buy him some new clothes. At the clothing shop, Shion finds a jacket that he recognizes as Safu’s (dun dun duuuun). Meanwhile, Safu awakes in a testing chamber and overhears some scientists referring to her as a “perfect sample” for their project. Inukashi approaches Nezumi, telling him about the jacket that Shion found. Inukashi reveals that it was actually him that smuggled the jacket from the correctional facility and he concludes that Nezumi is trying to save Safu. He warns Nezumi that Shion will be going after Safu himself, but Nezumi just tells him to keep doing his job. That night, Nezumi talks a bit with Shion and both hide what they truly know from each other. Nezumi finds Shion heading towards No. 6 and proceeds to punch him for his foolishness. He tells Shion about Safu and that he made the preparations to go save her, but Shion punches him back for hiding it from him, saying he wishes to be Nezumi’s equal. This shocks Nezumi, and he finally tells Shion what he means to him (…). The episode ends with Nezumi telling Shion that he has something to show him.

This episode…urgh…I dunno if I can keep watching this show. What do you guys think? Worth my time?

Autumn List

The recently updated autumn chart from Cart Driver.

I’m probably going to watch:

  • Busou Shinki Moon Angel (despite the fact that it looks like an Infinite Stratos remake…5 minutes episodes are gonna be torture, though)
  • Gundam AGE (what can I say? Gundam rocks…Sunrise did a good job with the last Gundam, so I have high hopes)
  • Guilty Crown (Ability of King? Where have I heard that before? Maybe it was Power of King O.O)
  • Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon (I dunno…this just looks interesting. Plus, it’s Sunrise…what’s the worst that could happen?)
  • Fate/Zero (maybe it’ll be better than Fate/Stay Night…maybe)
  • Maken-Ki! (romantic comedy with a school for people with powers…sounds solid)
  • Mashiro-Iro Symphony (sounds like the typical setup for a harem)
  • Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle (hopefully this turns out to be refreshingly psychological)
  • Bakuman 2 (awww yeah…)
  • Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai (well, it just looks interesting as well)
  • Mirai Nikki (maybe…I tend to like the sort of closed game scenarios, kinda like Liar’s Game and I’m not sure if this one will turn out to be like that)
  • Shakugan no Shana III (I’ll probably not post about this one to avoid spoilers of the first two seasons…but it’s about time this came out)
  • C3 (read the description…just read it)
  • Ben-To (this one makes me go “ehh?”, so I gotta check it out…not sure how long it will last, though)

Urgh…there’s a lot on my plate…This could end badly. Oh well, it should be fun.

What will you be watching??? And are there any that you think I should drop/pick up in this coming season??

Kamisama Dolls Episode 7

This week’s episode starts out where last week’s left off, with the Sensei arriving at the village. She sees Aki being ganged up on by 4 guys, one of whom is a Seki named Atsushi. He attacks Aki with Kuramitsuha (which used to be and is currently Aki’s), but the attack is blocked by Kukuri, who is controlled by Kyouhei at this time. Kyouhei introduces the woman as Senou Chihaya, and she begins to lecture Aki, who just ignores her. She ends up taking over for a sick teacher at the local school, but she has no prior exposure to Kakashi (sorry for the term change…this is the Doll) or Seki. Kyouhei later sees Aki, who has been forced to care for a dog by Chihaya, and Aki finds himself strangely unable to disobey her. The Seki from earlier returns to try to ask Chihaya out, but she adamantly refuses and asks him to leave. She is later scolded for raising her hand to a son of the Kuga, which angers Kyouhei. Kyouhei vows to protect her, but she refuses his help. She later runs into Aki, who compares himself to her a bit, in that they both rejected in the village. The next day, someone writes on the chalkboard that Chihaya committed adultery, which causes her to run away from the school, but returns after running into Aki again. Kyouhei chases after her, and ends up talking with Aki about her. Chihaya’s reputation continues to deteriorate and she is once again approached by Atsushi, but Aki appears to protect her. She reveals to Aki that the writing on the chalkboard was true, and that she had indirectly caused the father’s son to get hit by a car. Chihaya tells Aki that he reminds her of that boy and proceeds to kiss him (who didn’t see that coming?). They then make love (O.O ok…that, I didn’t see coming). She asks Aki to leave the village with her, but he refuses, saying that he has to regain Kuramitsuha (I wonder if he succeeds at that). The next day, Chihaya finds out that someone took pictures of her with Aki and they had been given to the principal, who fires her. That night, Chihaya hears Nono (the dog that Aki had been taking care of), but hears it whimper and she rushes out to check on it. She is greeted by Atsushi and Kuramitsuha, who kidnap her. Aki finds the dog dead and a note saying that Atsushi has Chihaya. Aki rushes to save her, but Atsushi is waiting. He attacks Aki with Kuramitsuha, but Chihaya covers him and is fatally wounded. Atsushi gears up to attack Aki again, but Aki somehow stops Kuramitsuha’s attack. As others rush in to see the cause of the commotion, Aki goes crazy and starts killing them all with Kuramitsuha. Kyouhei arrives to find everyone dead and Aki standing there alone, covered in blood. Back in the present, Kyouhei reveals that he eventually found out that Aki didn’t kill Chihaya and that the event caused him to stop being a Seki.

Wow…I really liked this episode. First off, I knew that Aki probably wasn’t all that bad, but I never expected this. I definitely like that Aki is the perceptive one and it was cool seeing the scenes with him acting like a fairly normal boy. It’s hard not to feel sympathy for him after this episode and also for Moyako, who I’m assuming is the girl who is always watching Aki in the flashbacks. I’ve still yet to see what was so dark about Kyouhei that caused him to rage so hard in the earlier episode, but maybe I’m just misunderstanding. Also, I don’t really see the resemblance between Chihaya and Shiba…Chihaya looks more like a grown-up Utao. Seeing Kyouhei correctly use Kukuri was kind of cool and makes me wonder if he’s going to become a Seki again. I can see why he quit being a Seki, though. Kid’s got no balls…didn’t do a single thing. Anyways, looking forward to more.

Yuru Yuri Episode 7

Woot! It’s Christmas!! …wait a second. Anyways, in honor of Christmas couples, Kyoko decides to pair everyone up for dates for Christmas Day (please remember that they’re all girls O.o). And because random lotteries in anime are always indisputably random, Ayano is unable to get Kyoko and gets Yui, Chinatsu is unable to get Yui and gets Kyoko, and Himawari manages to get Sakurako (of course, rounding it off, Chitose gets Akari). Akari and Chitose have a nice chat at a coffee shop. Kyoko takes Chinatsu on sort of a proper date (movie, arcade, etc.). Sakurako and Himawari eat at a family restaurant together much to their dismay. Finally, Yui and Ayano end up sitting awkwardly on a park bench until they talk about their relationships with Chitose and Kyoko and bond a bit. Finally, we see the four main girls each celebrating New Years’ at their respective houses.

Definitely nice to see that the support characters have their own themes for the commercial breaks. Also, it looked like Akari’s sister and Chinatsu’s sister were friends, which I’m sure will come back some time in the future. Interesting episode this week, especially with Chinatsu finally warming up to Mirakurun.

Ikoku Meiro no Croisee Episode 7

The boy from a couple of episodes before returns at the start of this episode. Yune asks him for the candlestick back, but he tells her that he has traded it for bread, which prompts her to give him a piece of bread from her breakfast. In return, she asks that he stops stealing from other people, but he runs off without a response when Claude comes out. Claude lectures Yune for trying to forgive the boy, and ends up raising his voice at her naivete. However, Alice walks in having heard all of this and starts to get on Claude’s case. She then shows off her complete lack of understanding of Japanese items to Yune. Oscar notices that Yune doesn’t feel well, so he asks Alice to leave. The boy comes back again, but Yune is unable to give him more food because of Claude’s scolding before. However, she does try to comfort him, but is once again interrupted by Claude. Claude lectures her again and makes her promise not to get close to the boy again, which brings Yune to tears. She then collapses on her way up the stairs. Yune assures Claude and Oscar that her illness isn’t serious and that she doesn’t need a hospital trip, but Claude fears she is hiding something like she normally does. Claude returns to the front of the shop to find the boy again. He blames him for Yune’s illness, which causes him to run off. Meanwhile, Yune starts remembering a similar situation with her sister comforting her (her sister is basically Yune with longer hair). Claude finally realizes that Yune saw the boy as similar to herself as both of them were trying to find a place to be accepted in Paris. He wonders whether it would be better for Yune to return to Japan and goes to talk with her. However, he finds her collapsed on the floor again, this time grasping the book that he gave her. Claude rushes off to Alice’s mansion to beg her to call a doctor for Yune. He also asks her to teach him how to make rice porridge to give to Yune (lol…how cute). Yune starts to recover and Claude serves up his food and also gives her a flower left by the boy. Claude and Oscar tell her to rely on them more and stop worrying about being a bother so much, and Yune finally feels accepted at the shop.

So this episode. Corny?…kinda. Interesting, anyway? Absolutely! Alice seems to be making more regular appearances as the comic relief. Also, next week, it seems as though we may find out what’s going on between Claude and Camille.

Week of 8/14/2011

Not that much happened this week. I started on Blood+, but I’m not sure how far I’ll get in it. Also, Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi and Sacred Seven have been dropped, which should make things a little more manageable.

Currently following:

  • Ao no Exorcist
  • Ro-Kyu-Bu
  • Kamisama Dolls
  • Mawaru Penguindrum
  • Ikoku Meiro no Croisee
  • Mayo Chiki
  • The iDOLM@STER
  • Yuru Yuri
  • Kamisama no Memochou
  • No. 6
  • Dantalian no Shoka

Plan to watch:

  • Nichijou
  • Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu
  • Spice and Wolf II
  • Kaiji
  • Blood+
  • Hanasaku Iroha
  • Steins;Gate
  • Omamori Himari
  • Amagami
  • Shiki
  • Seitokai Yakuindomo

As usual, I encourage everyone to leave comments or if you have a more general concern/comment, you can check my About page for my email address.

Kamisama no Memochou Episode 6


Everyone’s favorite loli…err, NEET detective is back (man, they need to show more of her). Anyways, last week, we left off with Narumi running into Renji at the zoo. The two have a nice chat about random things and Renji mentions a friend that he used to have in Tokyo. Narumi gets called to go back to work at the concert again, but Renji tries to stop him for some reason. He returns to see the fire trucks, as the venue has been set on fire. Also, Alice shows up, having worried about Narumi because he didn’t pick up his phone and his GPS was by the fire (awww….). The Fourth also calls Narumi to ask him about the fire as well as tell him that they have found the one who stole their t-shirts in the last episode. Narumi shows up to see the culprit, and the culprit starts saying random things about angels and mentions Hirasaka. The Fourth then beats the crap out of him, but later tells Narumi that there was another person that had the key to the room with the t-shirts. He tells Narumi that the true culprit is none other than…Hirasaka Renji (dun dun duuuun). Later, Alice asks Narumi about his strange behavior and he tells her about his meeting with Hirasaka Renji. The next day, he confronts the Fourth and tells him that he met Renji. The Fourth starts to question him, but Narumi refuses to talk, telling him to seek Alice’s help. The Fourth refuses, telling Narumi to stay away from Renji. Narumi goes out with Ayaka and a couple of the guys from the dojo join them for protection. Narumi is able to lose them easily, though, but they end up getting attacked by some guys. However, Tetsu shows up in time to help them out. That night, Narumi gets a call from Renji asking him to meet up and return his shirt. Before he goes, he visits Alice, who tells him about the evil of Hirasaka Renji. Narumi still intends to return the shirt, though, which causes Alice to start throwing things at him. She then gives him one of her stuffed animals, an owl that will “protect” him, and lets him sleep on her bed that night with her (O.O). The next day, Narumi leaves without the shirt, knowing that Renji will just disappear if he just gives it up. The episode ends with him meeting up with Renji, saying that they need to talk.

Urgh…Alice is so darn cute. I love this show…In other news, I’m gonna drop Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi…Taito’s lines are just too lame. Also, no Penguindrum or Ro-Kyu-Bu this week…WHHHHHYYYYYY??????? Man, Penguindrum itself not airing is bad enough…

Dantalian no Shoka Episode 5

This week’s episode starts with a man, Armand Jeremiah, begging Huey and Dalian to give him a Phantom Book. He wants it to satisfy a woman named Viola Duplessis, who demands a Phantom Book from any of her suitors. The two go to meet Viola, who strangely knows a lot about Dalian, even the fact that she’s a Biblioprincess. Dalian tries to question her, but she tells them that she has no memories. As Armand starts on a very bad romantic conversation, they are all interrupted by a strange fairy-looking thing that attacks them and gives a warning to Viola. Huey and Dalian return to Viola’s place on the promised night, the next full moon, along with a slew of other men armed to the teeth in preparation for the count’s arrival. Along with these men are the 5 suitors, each of which has found their assigned Phantom Book. The count arrives, and the men with guns open fire, but it has no effect. The count simply swings his cane and the men all collapse (he has the Death Note!!!). Huey reveals that he turned all of the men’s blood into mercury, but Dalian says that he is not using a Phantom Book. More men continue to fight, but the count summons more of the fairies from the other night and they attack. Dalian tells Huey that the count is actually using magic of his own will without the aid of a Phantom Book as the count finally introduces himself as Melgar. The 5 suitors try to protect Viola, but Viola finally fights back, knocking away a bunch of the fairies. Melgar reveals that Viola is actually a homunculus that he used as an experiment to see how human she became, but she betrayed him. As the count moves to finish them all off, Dalian finally allows Huey to reach into her chest (how many episodes has it been?) and Huey pulls out the real Phantom Books (as opposed to the fake ones that the 5 took). These books turn out to be perfect for fending off the count’s magic and all of the other men are healed. Melgar admits defeat and disappears in a flash of light. With him gone, the 5 suitors finally ask for Viola to make a choice, and she ends up choosing none of them and going for a 6th man (lol). An interesting episode this week. I’m not sure if they explained Melgar’s magic enough, but it was still enjoyable.

iDOLM@STER Episode 6

This episode is like the episode of priceless expressions or something. So in this episode, Iori, Azusa, and Ami are chosen for Ryuuguu Komachi, which is Ritsuko’s project idea. With his competitive spirit engaged, the Producer decides to try his best to give the rest of the girls their own projects so they don’t lose to Ryuuguu Komachi. However, he becomes a tad overzealous and makes a lot of mistakes. He ends up matching girls with jobs that aren’t suited for them. He double books Hibiki, and Miki offers to replace her. She ends up being late, but she is able to learn the dance just from watching Makoto do it once, so the show ends up being a success. The girls all get together to watch Iori, Azusa, and Ami perform and it turns out well. This episode was pretty interesting, especially with surprise genius Miki. To be honest, I semi-expected it, but it was still cool.

I cracked up seeing Hamzou in this pose