Persona 4 Episode 5

Alright, guys! Now that Yukiko’s safe and sound, the gang has gotten a short reprieve, which means that this episode has no battles! Instead, this episode focuses on Yu’s social life and social links.

First off, we’re introduced to Ichijo Ko, the basketball club’s leader, and his friend Nagase Daisuke, who’s actually from the soccer club, but likes to help out with the basketball club. Chie and Ichijo convince Yu to join the team, where he also meets Ebihara Ai, the team’s manager.

The next day, Ebihara drags Yu out of class and they go out shopping (it’s basically a date). Later at the club, Ebihara reveals to Yu that she has a crush on Ichijo and asks for his help. Yu talks to Ichijo, but Ichijo reveals that he actually likes Chie. Unfortunately, Ebihara overhears and gets majorly depressed.

Ebihara opens up to Yu, but it leads to her forcing him to go out with her. She starts to drag him around, much to his and Chie’s dismay, so Chie joins the basketball team as a manager as well. Ichijo confides in Yu, revealing that he may quit after their next game due to his parents’ disapproval of basketball.

At the game, Chie and Ebihara come to watch. However, they start to fight (woohoo catfight). Yu manages to break them up and they finally notice Ichijo’s dedication to basketball. After the game, everyone goes to a ramen shop to hang out. Although they lost, Ichijo resolves to stay on the basketball team, and Ebihara decides to leave Yu alone so she can pursue Ichijo.

Pretty cool episode that steps away from the action. I think that last few episodes were starting to fall into a pattern, so this episode does a great job of stepping back and breaking the mold, much like the game. I hope that the bonds with Ichijo and Ebihara give Yu more Persona like they do in the game. It was also pretty funny that they added in the scene with cup noodles at the very end (it’s pretty recognizable if you played the game). Looks like next week, we meet Kanji (who’s quite the powerhouse in the game…it’s actually kind of ridiculous).


Tamayura Hitotose Episode 5

Oh Maon...
The return of Chihiro! Chihiro manages to get off the train too early, so Fu’s mother goes out to pick her up. Meanwhile, Fu finds out about her mother’s motorcycle history. The next day, Fu introduces Chihiro to the other girls.

Basically, most of the episode involves the girls showing Chihiro around the town (she even meets Momoneko). Kaoru’s sister joins in and ends up making them all walk all the way back to wear Chihiro originally got off the train (which takes hours). When they finally reach their destination, Chihiro gives each of them a phone strap that she made.

Another nice episode. Even though she’s introduced as a crybaby, Chihiro doesn’t cry too much in this episode. I think this show does a great job of stepping away from the in-your-face comedy style of most slice of life shows. Look forward to more!

The World God Only Knows

The World God Only Knows

So, this is one of those shows that I initially laughed at when I saw the premise. I mean, come on…a guy who’s forced to make girls fall in love with him? However, when I ended up watching it, it was pretty darn entertaining (and amusing). Basically, Katsuragi Keima is very well known as a capturing god, but only when it comes to dating sims. He hates real girls and spends pretty much all of his time playing his PFP (yeah…). This all changes, though, when he gets a message from a demon named Elsie, who offers him a contract to help her capture girls. Thinking she means video game girls, Keima accepts, but Elsie appears to inform him that she actually means real life girls. She’s been tasked with capturing loose souls, which inhabit the emptiness in the hearts of girls. In order for these loose souls to be captured, she needs someone else to inhabit the girls’ hearts, namely Keima. Naturally, Keima would refuse, but unfortunately, he would die due to the contract he made. So now Keima has to use what he’s learned from his extensive dating sim experience to make real life girls fall in love with him.

This show’s comic level is insane. So many of the scenes left me on the floor laughing. Based on how far I’ve gotten in the manga, the show stays pretty faithful to it. It does a great job of breaking out of the “we finished this arc with this girl, so let’s go on to the next arc with the new girl” style by adding in a few sort of filler episodes that show things like Keima’s gaming life. It’s originally introduced that the girls would forget the events of their “capture” after the loose soul was evicted, but we start to see that each girl retains some of their feelings for Keima.

Story: 8/10

Not that many characters are really focused on in this show other than our two main characters Keima and Elsie, and the girls that Keima captures. Personally, I think this leaves a lot of room for these characters to shine and I think Keima does a great job of this. He’d love to have a cool demeanor, but we see him go from that to otaku mode to just plain silly. I definitely think that the voice actor did a great job of portraying this too. Elsie’s pretty entertaining too, but her character doesn’t change much. She’s always the clumsy demon, but I still liked her. I think that the other girls in the show were also pretty well designed, with some really variable personalities and quirks (Kanon still annoys me, though).

Characters: 9/10

In the animation department, I’d say this show did a great job. There really aren’t any battles or anything, so nothing pops out, but I didn’t find anything bad about them. The music was definitely enjoyable, especially the opening theme.

Animation: 8/10

Music: 9/10

I often joke that Sekirei is just Pokemon with women, but The World God Only Knows is even more so. I’m sure some people may be put off by that premise, but I think that the show is enjoyable nonetheless. Granted, much of the entertainment comes from the comedic factor rather than the actual premise of the story. While Keima is still able to use his video game knowledge to capture the girls, I think that the filler episodes show that he has a much harder time with the real girls than video game girls, which was fun to see.

Final Score: 8/10

Chihayafuru Episode 5

Last week, we left off with Arata telling Chihaya that he’s stopped playing karuta. In this week’s episode, we see that Chihaya has taken the calm and rational approach in reaction, which involves immediately setting off with Taichi to go see Arata (way to keep your cool). On the way, Taichi starts to rekindle the feelings he had for Chihaya.

When they get to Fukui, Arata’s neighbor tells them they can find him at the bookstore. They start to rush over and run into Arata while he’s on his way home. Although Arata allows them to get cleaned up at his place, he quickly asks them to leave. Chihaya suggests they play karuta, but Arata continues to reject karuta.

Chihaya realizes that Arata’s grandfather has died (pretty much like I figured), but Taichi quickly drags her out of the house. Arata’s neighbor explains how Arata’s grandfather originally had a stroke, and eventually died of a relapse while Arata was away at a Class A tournament (well…again, like I predicted).

Meanwhile, Arata reads the letter that Chihaya leaves for him, as well as the memos she leaves for herself. As Chihaya and Taichi are leaving on the train, Arata chases them on his bicycle (they can’t really do much because the train window doesn’t open, though). Chihaya finally realizes that Arata doesn’t really hate karuta and truly does care about the two of them. Taichi then offers to help with the karuta club.

Well, it looks like all of the background stuff is over and done with, so the actual story can start. I suppose some of the things that have happened (and are going to happen) have gone down a pretty predictable route, but I figure those sorts of things can’t be helped in stories about games. Naturally, I suspect that Arata’s in a “Hikaru after Sai leaves” state that will have to be broken. Still, the game itself isn’t particularly overbearing in the plot, which can be a good thing or a bad thing. I don’t really mind it so far, so I’ll keep watching.

Phi Brain – Kami no Puzzle Episode 5

This week’s episode starts off with the POG discussing Kaito’s recent performance. They eventually decide to test his abilities. Bishop flies out to invite Kaito to meet the head of the POG. Kaito agrees, but Nonoha and Gammon join him.

At the POG headquarters, they find out that POG stands for Puzzle of God. They are also greeted by a series of puzzles. Gammon starts to solve the puzzle, as Kaito and Nonoha reveals that Kaito once studied at Crossfield Academy, a famous school for geniuses.

As they solve the puzzles, Kaito starts to remember his time at Crossfield Academy and the similar puzzles he saw there. However, Kaito remembers the final puzzle as the same one that killed his parents. Kaito’s armband starts to glow in response to his anguish, and he starts to blame himself for the death of his parents.

Nonoha gives Kaito some of her cookies to shock him back to normal, but he passes out. A voice then broadcasts over the intercom, saying that the test is over and that they will all be sent back to the academy. Later, Kaito finds himself unable to solve even a simple puzzle.

It was pretty interesting to see some of the background for Kaito. Also, I liked that they cut him down a bit…he was winning too much. Now, he’s got a whole new challenge to deal with.

Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai Episode 5

I think by now, we’ve gotten the pattern. This week’s episode starts off with more of Miyako’s antics. That aside, we’re introduced to Kokoro Fushikawa, who was embarrassed in the first episode by Yamato (a video of it has been circulating around much to her dismay).

She runs into Yamato in the hall and challenges him to a duel, but he just shrugs it off. Kokoro starts trying to come up with ways to get Yamato to accept the challenge, but they are less than successful. Yamato eventually tells her she’s being cute, which leads her to believe he’s fallen in love with her.

Kokoro starts to harass Yamato while he’s eating, but he doesn’t notice. She knocks over the food his friends gave him earlier, prompting Yamato to finally accept the duel. Yamato is severely outmatched in the duel, but he refuses to give up. Kokoro finally apologizes for messing up the lunch, and Yamato concedes the duel (revealing that he was wearing armor the whole time). The next day, it’s revealed that the video of Kokoro has been deleted.

Funny episode as usual. Only focused on one girl this time. Still, I’m enjoying this show.

C Cube Episode 5

Been looking forward this episode. Fear has joined the battle! Konoha is naturally surprised, and she is even more surprised when Fear tells Konoha and Haruaki to destroy her if she ever goes nuts. Of course, Haruaki and Konoha both refuse. They all hide to try and recover, but Peavey kidnaps Kirika and uses her as a hostage.

Fear comes out to save Kirika, but Peavey starts to taunt her, revealing her past with the Waas. Fear is still determined, but Peavey turns around and cuts Kirika. Fear struggles to keep her sanity and manages to keep it, releasing Haruaki from her device at the right moment to allow him to land a finishing counter on Peavey.

Haruaki goes to tend to Kirika, but Peavey reveals a hidden gun that she points at Haruaki. However, she is restrained by Kirika using a strange whip, allowing Fear to finish Peavey off. Kirika reveals her weapon and also pulls what she calls an Indulgence Disk from Peavey’s axe to give to Fear.

The next day, Kirika tells everyone about her Waas, called Gimestorante’s Love, which protects the wearer from any external injury. However, she will die if she takes it off. Kirika reveals that she was the one that gave away Mummy Maker’s peace offering and subsequently caused her death. She also reveals that she was the one that was in Haruaki’s room in the night, wanting to protect him.

Konoha is still suspicious about Kirika’s motives, but Kirika assures her that she only wishes to help. However, Kirika also explains that she is part of an organization, separate from the Knights that Peavey represented, that researches the Waas called Yamimagari Pakuaki’s Laboratory Kingdom. Kirika reveals that this organization is run by none other than her brother. Later, Haruaki inserts the Indulgence Disk into Fear, and she becomes unable to use one of her techniques, leading her to believe that the disks will remove her curse.

I seriously hope that’s the last of Peavey…she’s annoying. I figured Kirika would have a secret like this, but it was still pretty cool. I still like this show, but I’m curious where it’ll go from here. Quest for the disks? Battle against both organizations? Well, I’m sure ready to find out.

Fate/Zero Episode 5

Like a boss, Rider follows up his incredible entrance by offering to allow Lancer and Saber to become his allies if they forfeit the Grail. Naturally, both of them refuse. Lancer’s Master reveals himself, recognizing Waver and realizing that he was the one who stole the relic to summon Rider. Waver cowers, but Rider comes to his defense.

Rider calls out to the ones hiding in the darkness, and Gilgamesh reveals himself. Gilgamesh immediately reveals his Noble Phantasm, and the others recognize him. However, he is interrupted by the appearance of Berserker, who reveals a strange ability to hide his abilities from the Masters.

Gilgamesh turns his attack on Berserker, but it has no effect (my jaw dropped at this scene). Gilgamesh tries to continue to use his attack, but Tokiomi uses a command seal to force him to retreat. Berserker then goes…berserk, and shows that his Noble Phantasm allows him to turn objects that he’s holding into Noble Phantasm.

Saber is almost hit, but Lancer stops the attack. Lancer’s Master chides him for this, but Lancer wishes to defeat Saber honorably. However, Lancer’s Master uses a command seal to force Lancer to work with Berserker. Saber begs Iris to leave, but she refuses, believing in Kiritsugu.

Kiritsugu tries to snipe Lancer’s Master to save Saber, but Rider intervenes, attacking Berserker and forcing Lancer and his Master to withdraw (like a freaking boss). The big engagement finally ends, and everyone goes their separate ways. Meanwhile, Caster resolves to pursue Saber (and I don’t mean in battle), having watched the battle from the shadows.

Wow…that episode was pretty epic. Rider really showed himself off as the King of Conquerors alright, refusing the cheap win and brazenly revealing himself. Berserker definitely looks cool, but I’m assuming he’ll go down because of Kariya. I can’t believe command seals have already been used. Things have gotten pretty serious. More fights! Looking forward to it.

Mawaru Penguindrum Episode 16

This week’s episode starts off with Natsume finding out that Yuri tricked her with a fake diary half. This episode focuses on Natsume, as we see that she runs a company. She sends her maid to spy on Kanba, but she is noticed by the penguin hat.

We see a bit of Natsume’s past, as she constantly has dreams of killing her grandfather (with hilarious English lines in the background). She hopes that her father will be able to come back to their house if her grandfather dies, and she also wishes to save Mario from her grandfather’s overbearing attitude.

Her prayers are granted when her grandfather comes home one day, having caught a bunch of blowfish. He attempts to eat them all raw and subsequently dies due to the neurotoxin in them. Despite this, Natsume’s father doesn’t return.

Also, one day, Natsume finds Mario outside training, seemingly possessed by their grandfather. He forces her to eat blowfish similar to the type that killed him. She is given a call from who I assume to be Sanetoshi.

Natsume finds herself on a train. She sees her father being taken away by none other than Kanba. However, she wakes up, having survived the poison. Not sure what to say about this episode. Fate/Zero soon!

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Episode 4

This week’s episode starts off with Kodaka entering the clubroom to find a girl dressed like a nun sleeping on the couch (so, pretty standard). Yozora introduces the girl as Maria Takayama, the moderator for the Neighbors Club (so she’s actually a teacher at age 10). She explains that Yozora tricked her into being the moderator for the club and tries to force them out, but Yozora tricks her again into staying as their moderator (lol epic).

Kodaka then brings up his concern that he’s being followed by someone to Yozora and Sena (who of course don’t take him seriously). They offer to help him out, but they only see the jealous and fearful stares of the other students. Later, Kodaka runs into the stalker, who introduces himself as Kusunoki Yukimura (yes…that’s actually a guy).

Yukimura explains that he’s been following Kodaka because he’s being bullied and wants to learn from Kodaka. As Yukimura explains how he’s being bullied, it becomes apparent that what’s actually happening is that the other boys are avoiding him because of how feminine he looks. Yozora uses this as an opportunity to trick Yukimura into joining the Neighbors Club.

The next day, Kodaka happens to walk past the science room as an explosions goes off inside. He finds a girl unconscious on the ground and takes her to the infirmary. She later finds him and introduces herself as Shiguma Rika. Later at the clubroom (where Yukimura is training his manliness by wearing a maid outfit), Sena further introduces Rika as a genius inventor who stays in the science room all day. Rika then appears, wanting to join the club.

Rika’s first course of action is to read aloud a mecha magazine she brought with her (and make it sound surprisingly dirty). Rika gets pretty flirty with Kodaka and the other members of the club (minus Maria) are visibly upset.

Finally, all of the characters are introduced (I think). Except for Kobato, they are also all assimilated into the club. I’m definitely interested to see how Kobato is gonna factor into all of this, but it’s nice to have met all of the characters. Rika’s the only one who outwardly expresses her affection for Kodaka, which is pretty entertaining. Maria hasn’t shown her interest for Kodaka yet, but I’m guessing Kobato will affect that since they’re both kids.