Mayo Chiki Episode 9

Everything is late…totally not my fault. Anyway, this week’s episode starts off with Jirou helping Usami out at the restaurant where she works. He flashes back to the summer festival, where Konoe tells him to forget what she said about wanting to be more than friends. He walks out onto the floor to see Kanade sitting at one of the tables, having come to tease Jirou and Usami. Meanwhile, Konoe is frantically searching for Kanade, who slipped away from her into the cafe, but is dragged into a restaurant filled with butlers. Just as Kanade is leaving, Narumi and Kureha come into the restaurant, having been hired as temporary part-timers. While this is happening, Konoe is being forced to work off the price of a door that she destroyed at the other restaurant. Jirou tries to get away from Kanade and the others and ends up tripping and grabbing Usami’s breast (random). He ends up passing out from his gynophobia. When he wakes up, Kanade manages to convince everyone that Jirou has a maid fetish, which provides some laughs. Just as Kanade has convinced Usami to test Jirou’s claim to not have a maid fetish and just as Jirou is losing his resolve, Konoe walks in to retrieve Kanade. Jirou runs after Konoe to ask about what happened at the summer festival, but Konoe just plays it off, saying that she just meant that she wanted them to be best friends (pfft…yeah, right). Jirou comes back to the restaurant to find Usami, who thanks him for helping out and rushes off, dropping her cell phone. He remembers her mentioning before that he had his own ringtone, so he checks to see what it was, just as Usami is coming back for it (lol). Oh, this show…it’s just so refreshing sometimes.

No. 6 Episode 9

Straight into the action, this episode starts off with Inukashi crossdressing to fool a man who turns out to be a No. 6 official. Nezumi and Shion are there to capture him and tie him up. Nezumi is able to get a map of the correctional facility from the official. The next day while Nezumi and Shion are walking about, the Western District is attacked by a bunch of weird tanks with strange wave guns. Shion tries to save a baby by strapping it to Inukashi’s dog and telling it to rush back to Inukashi, but he exposes himself in doing so and a tank finds him. Before it is able to fire, Nezumi appears and throws up his hands and surrenders. Later, Nezumi reveals that getting captured was part of the plan as they are taken to the correctional facility. Meanwhile, back in No. 6, Yoming reveals to Karan that the hospice where Safu’s grandmother lived is actually an execution chamber for those that are no longer needed. He starts to tell Karan about his plan to send out a message calling everyone out to rise against No. 6, but Karan tells him that he reminds her of the ones that created No. 6 and he leaves. Safu hears Elyurias calling out to her, and we hear the scientists saying that she has “awakened.” However, something goes wrong (we’ll find out about that next week, I suppose). The episode ends with Nezumi, Shion, and the other captives being dumped down a shaft at the correctional facility. Things are certainly coming to a close. This show has a nice Dune prequel series/1984/Brave New World feel to it. It would be nice if it wasn’t so short, though…Just feels weird. One question still bugs me, though: Is Inukashi a girl or a boy??

Ikoku Meiro no Croisee Episode 9

Well, this is super late. Anyways, back at the Blanche mansion, Alice takes Yune outside to show her that she has set up a Japanese style area for tea. Yune ends up having to show Alice how to prepare the tea, but Alice has trouble with the sugarless tea (just like I’d expect from a European). She also has trouble sitting in seiza, which brings some laughs. Meanwhile, Claude continues to flashback to his time with Camille. Although she’s very playful with Claude at first, Camille slowly starts to refuse his more childish suggestions (despite still being a child) and never leaves the house with him. Claude slowly takes on a similar attitude as well. Camille also flashes back to a time when she was anxiously waiting for Claude and went to the Galerie du Roy to look for him. She arrives at the Enseignes du Roy to find Claude working with his father, peering at them through a window. Claude notices her though and she runs off. Claude catches up to her, but she tells him that her nannies are keeping Claude a secret from her mother on the condition that she never leaves the house. After talking with Yune in the present, Claude realizes that Camille was carrying a burden as a child because she cared about Claude. Sigh…Claude is kinda dense, huh? This show is entertaining for a reason I can’t quite place.

Kamisama Dolls Episode 9

Alright, I’ll do Ikoku Meiro no Croisee tomorrow, so let’s finish up for the day. This week’s episode starts with the detective (father of Kuuko) coming into the restaurant. He starts to ask Utao some questions and Utao answers nervously, which causes him to suspect her. Meanwhile, Aki is still staying with Kuuko, who is hacking her father’s computer to find more information. Moyako makes a surprise appearance at the restaurant and checks up on Kukuri. She notices that Utao used Kukuri’s left hand (it’s how she shot up Takemikazuchi) and reveals that Kyohei was the first in centuries to be able to open Kukuri’s left hand. When Kyohei and Hibino return, Moyako tells them that she came back because Koushiro asked her to bring back Takemikazuchi in a rush. She refused to return it until it was perfectly repaired, so Koushiro paid for her to finish the work in Tokyo. Kuuko continues to try to get information out of Aki, but he refuses to say anything. However, her father shows up to check on her. He searches around and finds nothing, but Aki escapes through the window. Kyohei calls Koushiro and asks about how Kirio is doing, but Koushiro tells him not to worry. Kyohei tries to ask him about his business in Tokyo, but Koushiro won’t talk. Kyohei organizes a time for Kirio and Utao to meet and Kyohei and Koushiro make Kirio promise not to fight with Utao anymore. However, at that moment, a girl Seki appears, who Koushiro recognizes as a girl named Mahiru, and hugs Kyohei as the episode ends. Everyone’s interested in Kyohei. Well, I guess we’ll see where this goes.

Yuru Yuri Episode 9

Finally, I’m back. So, in this episode, the girls are trying to beat the heat, but are rather unsuccessful, so they go to the student council room, which has air conditioning. There, they find a girl that they don’t recognize and assume she’s a ghost, due to the topic of their recent conversation. The four run away in fear, and we are introduced to two more characters. First off, the girl in the student council room, Matsumoto, is actually the student council president. Secondly, we have the mad scientist, Nishigaki, who is friends with Matsumoto. Matsumoto is soft-spoken, which gives Ayano a hard time when she tries to hear what she’s saying, however Nishigaki is able to hear it. Nishigaki, on the other hand, is banned from the science room, so she runs her experiments in the student council room with Matsumoto there to discuss her ideas with. The other girls return to the student council room just as Nishigaki is blowing it up. Chitose formally introduces the student council president as Matsumoto Rise, and reveals that she was with them all along, including during the beach trip. Ayano then asks about how Matsumoto helps with Nishigaki’s experiments, which causes her to blush (with the yuri fantasy mode background…hmm). The episode ends with Akari showing up to reveal that she was never with the girls that day, suggesting that the Akari in this episode was actually a ghost. Pretty entertaining episode and a nice one to welcome me back home. I can’t believe they’re introducing more characters, but I can’t say I dislike it. Also, more character songs for the commercial breaks were win!

Sengoku Basara

Sengoku Basara

Another one of those series that got recommended to me by the same guy that recommended Black Butler. This story is pretty simple to understand. Date Masamune and Yukimura Sanada are two rival warriors that are forced to join together to face the threat of the Devil King Oda Nobunaga. It’s set in the past in an age of swords, spears, and random ninja (although firearms are present). Other than that, there really isn’t much to the story. I would have liked to see some twists or something, but everything really ended up being fairly straightforward.

Story: Score 7/10

The characters of his series are for the most part amazing. Date Masamune is the leader of his own gang of warriors and is known as the One-Eyed Dragon. He becomes a sort of focus for the series, with Yukimura kind of tagging along. Date fights with 6 swords (at once if that wasn’t obvious) and is a very inspirational leader. He’s an interesting character that tends to include random English in his speech (if you’re watching dubs, you’re totally missing out). Besides him, we have Yukimura Sanada, an overzealous and hot-headed follower of Takeda Shingen (maybe even slightly obsessive). Although his strength is able to rival Date’s, he often loses and sort of falls into a bit more of a secondary main character role. Without going into the rest of the characters too much, I just wanted to point out that Kasuga, a ninja serving Uesugi Kenshin, annoyed the crap out of me. Yes, I understand that she’s in love with her lord, but for Pete’s sake, stop making unnecessary scenes with her (feels good to get that out of my system). Other than that, the other supporting characters are pretty cool, although none of them have much depth.

Characters: Score 9/10

The animation of this series was really enjoyable. Being originally a video game, we see video game-like attacks coming out of everyone, but they’re all well done. I’m also not sure if this is because of the video game precursor (VG animation was still fairly low tech back then), but there didn’t seem to be much blood for a show about war. The music wasn’t bad and I enjoyed the opening and ending.

Animation: Score 9/10

Music: Score 8/10

While this series looked nice and was pretty exciting, the ending was very predictable and some of the points in the story didn’t really interest me too much. It’s the kind of show I’d watch with like teenagers for the action and the violence, with minimal splatter. There wasn’t much in character development and everything just seemed the same at the end (which set the stage for a sequel that was structured exactly the same way).

Final Score: 7/10

Kamisama no Memochou Episode 8

Picking up right where we left off, Narumi rushes to the hospital in response to his call telling him that the Fourth was attacked. He is in unstable condition and unconscious, which Narumi relays to Alice. Maki calls from the concert to ask Narumi to email her the concert documents. However, when Narumi goes to do it, he finds an email from the Fourth addressed to him, half done and telling him that he’s in charge if something were to happen to the Fourth. Narumi goes back to the ramen shop to find the rest of the guys ready to go out and kill Renji, but he is able to stop them from dirtying the Fourth’s name and they acknowledge him as leader. Later, Alice warns Narumi that Renji had miscalculated because of Narumi and that he will come after him soon. Narumi goes back to his job helping with the concert and the day of the concert arrives. Narumi isolates himself and has the vocals of the band wear a replica of Renji’s shirt to lure him out, which succeeds. Alice appears to reveal that the embroidery on Renji’s real shirt is the same as that of Narumi’s concert shirt. She concludes that they must have been made by the same person (wait…what???). Alice reveals that Hison survived, but lost her womb in the incident, and that she is actually the owner of the shop Narumi had visited so many times, having taken the name Yoshiki. Renji asks why the Fourth hid everything and Alice responds that he was trying to protect Renji from the information that Hison was with the Gotouda Group’s leader and pregnant. The Fourth then shows up in his injured state to confirm everything. The Fourth and Renji get into a fistfight and finally resolve their issues. The concert goes off without a hitch and Narumi later returns to the ramen shop to find Renji’s sunglasses there. Narumi grabs them and rushes off to Alice, who tells him where Renji is and gives him Renji’s shirt. Narumi finds Renji, asking him to stay in Tokyo, but Renji insists on leaving. Narumi returns Renji’s shirt, but with the embroidery finally finished, and Renji leaves.

Sigh…I feel like I should have seen this coming, but for some reason, I didn’t. Anyways, a nice way to finally end this arc.

Just FYI

So, I’m going to be leaving (in about 30 minutes) to go to Rhode Island to meet with my family. I get back on Tuesday, so until then I won’t be able to make posts. However, I have a post on Kamisama no Memochou that I’ve scheduled to release tomorrow and a review that will come out on Monday, so you can still read your daily posts while I’m gone. When I get back on Tuesday, I’ll have Yuru Yuri, Ikoku Meiro no Croisee, and Kamisama Dolls done, so you can enjoy those too. Sorry for the trouble, but I hope you enjoy the posts that are scheduled!

Ro-Kyu-Bu Episode 8

This week’s episode starts off where last week’s left off, which Aoi showing up at the girl’s practice to find Subaru. Mihoshi shows up to explain to Aoi that she asked him to coach the girls. Aoi notices Airi as she’s dragging Subaru off, and later reveals that she’s jealous of her height. Later, Aoi is trying to give Subaru some notes for the upcoming tests and finds out that he has gone over to Maho’s teach Airi how to swim again. She shows up at Maho’s mansion and kicks Subaru into the pool. Aoi tries to get Subaru to leave, but Subaru refuses, explaining what coaching means to him and asking her to leave them. However, Aoi challenges them to a game…in swimsuits (lol). The elementary school girls take an early lead, but Aoi turns it around when he figures out Subaru’s coaching style. Aoi points out to the girls that the only way to match her is with height, which depresses Airi. Airi finally decides to help and tries to guard Aoi. Aoi taunts Airi before making her shot and Airi brings out the courage to block it. Aoi concedes after that shot and allows Subaru to continue coaching. Finally test day comes and while Subaru’s taking his tests, Airi successfully swims across the pool at her school. The episode ends with Aoi and Subaru watching a video of this and with Subaru returning some notes that Aoi gave him.

Dantalian no Shoka Episode 7

This week’s episode starts with Huey and Dalian buying some famous buns to eat. However, just as they get them, a woman rushes into the store and begs Huey to save her from some people who are chasing her. Dalian refuses, so the woman grabs their food as collateral. Huey tries to stop the men, and the woman tries to escape, but trips. Later, Huey and Dalian are talking with the woman’s father, who reveals that she is actually a talented perfume maker named Fiona. He mentions a book that Fiona used to create her most famous perfume, which interests Huey and Dalian. Huey asks to talk with Fiona, and she surprises Dalian with her acute sense of smell. Huey and Dalian are asking Fiona about the Phantom Book when a deranged man knocks on the door begging for something called Relic. He reveals that men from the Padauk Firm are trying to kill Fiona’s father and the three rush off to find him dead. Two men named Noth and Vance reveal that they are there to steal the recipe for Relic, a narcotic perfume, and kill all that know it. Huey starts to fight with Noth, but is at a disadvantage because Noth is numb to pain. Fiona takes a stab meant for Huey and then hits Noth with a different perfume, a sort of Anti-Relic. Noth passes out from the pain and Fiona hits Vance with a hypnotism perfume. Huey reaches into Dalian’s chest to grab a Phantom Book to heal Fiona. Fiona agrees to return the Phantom Book, but then hits Huey with a perfume that knocks him out. He awakes to find Dalian tied up and Fiona gone. Huey realizes that Fiona has gone over to Padauk firm and the two rush over to find everyone dead. They find Fiona shot, but they can’t use the Phantom Book again and she dies. The episode ends with Huey and Dalian burning down Fiona’s lab and discovering the scent that she had been looking for, the scent that made everyone happy, washing over the town.

A pretty interesting episode, but it reminded me too much of Getbackers.