Chihayafuru Episode 2

The story is still in flashback mode, as Chihaya arrives at school the day after going to Wataya’s house to find that everyone is ignoring her. She stands up for Wataya in front of the entire class, praising his ability at karuta. This inspires Wataya to speak to the class, saying that none of them could take a single card from him in a game. With that, a karuta tournament begins. Initially, Taichi does well, but then Wataya amazes everyone with the same speed that he showed against Chihaya. Taichi and Wataya end up making it to the finals. However, Taichi finds a chance to steal Wataya’s glasses before their match. Despite not having his glasses, Wataya is still able to use his normal speed, having memorized the positions of the cards. However, Taichi switches two of the cards and Wataya makes a mistake, allowing Taichi to take a card from him. Wataya starts to fear that all of the cards have been moved, so he starts to hesitate and Taichi keeps scoring. However, Chihaya knocks Wataya aside to take his place. Chihaya has a marked disadvantage because she hasn’t memorized all of the cards, but is still able to score on the first one (making a scene in the process). Chihaya starts to use rather cheap tactics, knocking away cards that Taichi is looking at to ensure that she gets the right one. They go down to the last card, but Chihaya doesn’t recognize any of then at first. However, she realizes that one of the cards is the Chihayafuru card, which (since it’s an anime) is the card that is called and she wins. Wataya praises Chihaya’s talent after her win, telling her she has the potential to be the Queen for karuta. Later, Chihaya tries to tell her family, but they are uninterested. Also, Taichi’s mother scolds Taichi for losing. The two then find Wataya practicing by himself. When Chihaya rushes off to once again look for Wataya’s glasses, Taichi returns them to him, reluctantly admitting to stealing them, but begging him not to tell Chihaya, fearing she will hate him. The episode ends pretty cutely, with Wataya finding the courage to call Chihaya by her first name. So yeah…I’m guessing this is the end of the flashback part (I’m sure there will be bits and pieces in the future episodes). Hopefully, we’ll go back to high school (high school Chihaya looks better). So far, I’m finding this show entertaining.

Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon Episode 2

First off, I believe that the girl that Tooru was going to “confess” to and identified as Horizon is actually a living doll of some sort, not the real Horizon. In this episode, we have a class where the history of the world of the series is revealed (something about two worlds and fighting and stuff). We are also introduced to the character Masazumi, who talks with Horizon able her past, especially her mother’s murder. She also backs down from the student council president election because of Tooru. Meanwhile, Tooru enlists everyone’s help in his plan to confess to Horizon. So, I’m finding this series hard to follow, but I will admit it’s pretty funny to watch. To be fair, I didn’t understand much of Code Geass from the first few episodes, so I’ll give Sunrise the benefit of the doubt.

Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai Episode 2

This week’s episode starts with the gang heading out to perform a high-priority mission of…finding a dog. With little success finding the dog, they all return to the school (and bathe >.>). The dog shows up in the bath, and they all give chase again. While they’re chasing the dog, they stumble across a munitions warehouse and are surrounded by armed men in black. The girls take them all out with ease (I say girls because Yamato is useless >.>). When Momoyo is trying to question them, masked women appear to attack. Unlike those men, they are skilled and a match for the girls. The girls notice that they use techniques from the Kawakami Academy. However, the masked women are signaled to retreat and they get away. Despite this, the gang is able to find the dog. So…still trying to figure out what this show is about…

Phi Brain – Kami no Puzzle Episode 2

Little recap from last episode: after completing Orpheus’s Contract, Kaito and Nonoha are trapped in a room filling with water. Kaito’s unable to solve the puzzle to save them, but then his armband starts to glow and he solves the puzzle. However, he passes out after doing so. The next day when Kaito gets to school, someone calls him a moron over the intercom. Kaito goes to the roof to find him, and he introduces himself as Sakanoue Gammon, having the title of Galileo. Kaito is then taken to see the principal, who tells him that the armband is the Armband of Orpheus, and it marks him as a Solver. The principal tells Kaito that he must face the Givers of the POG, an organization that creates Sage Puzzles and seeks to solve the Divine Puzzle, with the title of Einstein. Kaito refuses, though, having no interest in the POG. He gets into a macho contest with Gammon, finding out that people with titles can eat for free (basically, they have special privileges). Kaito is sent another puzzle by a Giver, but Gammon grabs his device and runs off to solve the puzzle himself for money. Kaito decides to go as well with Nonoha. At first, the Giver doesn’t allow Gammon to enter the puzzle, but he allows him to go with Kaito when he arrives. Gammon solves the puzzle himself, which surprises the Giver, and he locks the puzzle, so the three can’t escape. With time running out, Kaito activates the armband and solves the “unsolvable” puzzle, saving everyone at the last second. Kaito decides to take the title of Einstein. This show’s pretty interesting…I really do enjoy it.

Gundam AGE Episode 1

Been looking forward to this one too. This series starts off with the main character having a dream about his mother’s death, when she entrusts him with a device that she says he will need in the future. Back in the present, the main character Flit, an intelligent student, goes to school with his friend Emily, as well as Haro (woot Haro). Apparently, this story is set after the other Gundam series, as Gundam and mobile suits are treated as legendary machines of the past. At school, Flit gets into an argument with the teacher, insisting that the UE, an organization believed to be comprised of aliens that attacks colonies, follows a pattern which he has figured out. Based on that pattern, he concludes that Nora, where they all live, is going to be the next to be attacked. However, the teacher just ignores him, despite his fears that the UE will do the same to Nora that happened in his own hometown of Ovan. That night, Flit reveals to Emily that the device that his mother gave him were plans to create a Gundam, believing he is meant to build it. Just then, the city is attacked by the UE. With the city’s defenses being overwhelmed, Flit insists they send out the Gundam, but Vargas, the engineer, refuses. Flit decides to take matters into his own hands and jumps into the Gundam. With it, he’s able to take down one of the UE units, but the other units run away. All seems well, but then the units attack again from outside the colony as the episode ends. Well, so far, I haven’t seen too much to differentiate this series from the older ones. This first episode seems pretty similar to Gundam SEED, with Flit basically being like Kira and Largan seeming like Mu La Flaga to me. Oh well…hopefully it gets better. I really like Gundam shows.

C Cube Episode 2

Harem time. This week’s episode starts off with Fear getting a last name, Kubrick, and being permitted to go to high school with Haruaki (I really dig this opening…not just the music, but the actual animation too). When they get to the classroom, we meet another one of the heroines, Kirika Ueno, the academy representative. Fear is instantly popular in the class due to her cuteness (yeah…I understand). Meanwhile, the weird blond lady from the end of the last episode has a secret meeting in the basement. Haruaki takes Fear to the sea, and she asks him if he really wants to know more about her. Before he can respond, they are interrupted by the blond woman, who introduces herself as Peavey Barowoi from the Prodigious Knights aka Valencie. She explains that her organization is in disagreement with Haruaki’s father, believing that the Warth, or cursed tools, should all be destroyed before they become human. When she attacks Fear, Fear knocks Haruaki away and fights back. Valencie reveals that Fear has killed people in the past, calling her a killing tool but Fear insists that it wasn’t her will. At that moment, Konoha jumps into action, using her hand as a pseudo-blade to attack. However, she’s not strong enough to defeat Valencie. Finally, Haruaki jumps into action, taking hold of a transformed Konoha sword as Konoha’s surname is revealed to be Muramasa. Haruaki unleashes a hidden technique, destroying one of Valencie’s claw. However, Valencie doesn’t bothered at all. It turns out her weapon is a cursed tool as well, hurting Haruaki in the process of his attack. At the sight of Haruaki’s blood, Fear’s expression completely changes as the episode ends. Finally! A harem protagonist who isn’t completely useless! Haruaki can fight! Anyways, things seem to be getting interesting, and cliffhangers for the win because they’re super effective against me.

Bakuman Season 2 Episode 2

This week’s episode starts off with Azuki being berated by her manager because she doesn’t want to be in a photo book, as it would be good for her career as a voice actress. Meanwhile, the studio is uncomfortably silent, disrupted by the arrival of Shujin and Miyoshi. However, they soon fall back into silence, but Ogawa breaks it to release the tension. Miura comes by to discuss the fourth chapter, not wanting to change the first three chapters. Saiko gets worried that he hasn’t heard from Azuki, so Shujin asks Miyoshi to talk with her. The next day, Takahama (one of the assistants) stays behind to finish some extra work after the other two leave. Normally the most silent of the assistants, Takahama opens up to Saiko, telling him his dream to work at Disney. Takahama explains that his silence comes because he can’t relate to the other two assistants, who are content with being assistants. He looks up to Saiko, and the two are able to bond. The next day, Saiko sends a text to Azuki to check up on her, and she replies telling him about the photo book. Azuki’s responses worry Saiko, so he tries to call her, but she won’t pick up the phone. Saiko then rushes off to Azuki’s house, despite Shujin and Miyoshi’s protests. Shujin then calls Azuki himself, telling her that Saiko has rushed off to see her and asking her to stop him. Azuki calls Saiko before he is able to reach the train, apologizing for her behavior and forcing him to finish his manuscript. Saiko is still worried about the photo book, so Azuki asks his true opinion about it. He admits that he would hate for her to be in a photo book for others to see, so she decides not to do it. Despite her refusal, she gets another audition. The episode ends as Shujin answers a call from Miura with the early results from Trap’s first chapter. I’m not sure if I like the pacing of this season yet…So far, they haven’t gotten so far. There’s so much better material later in the manga, but it seems like a distant dream for the anime…it’s a pity. Oh well, I still love this series.

Fate/Zero Episode 2

Back to shorter, more manageable 20 minute episodes. This episode starts off with Waver using Rider to steal some books, which Rider uses to find out the world has changed since his time. It is revealed that Rider is King Iskandar, as Waver almost uses a command seal to force him to be more respectful, but chooses not to waste it (smartly). Iskandar then demonstrates his powers, calling forth a chariot carried by oxen (he is Rider, after all). Meanwhile, Kiritsugu is playing with Illya (who is super cute, by the way). Meanwhile, Saber talks with Iris, surprised that Kiritsugu is so soft-hearted, having seen him as a cold person. Apparently, there was some friction when Saber was summoned, since King Arthur was supposed to be a man and Kiritsugu found it hard to believe Saber was the same person. We move to another scene where a serial murder is drawing something on his victim’s floor. He introduces himself as Uryuu Ryuunosuke to the boy he has tied up on the ground. However, a seal appears on his hand and the pentagram that he drew on the ground starts to glow. A Servant appears, introducing himself as Caster, and the two make a contract. Caster lets the boy go free, but the boy is then mutilated by tentacles when he reaches the front door. What a fun way for Ryuunosuke and Caster to bond >.> Caster then introduces himself as Bluebeard. Kirei then reveals that Caster was the seventh Servant, so all Servants have been summoned (he summoned Assassin if I didn’t mention it earlier). Kirei orders Assassin to infiltrate the Tohsaka house and kill Tokiomi Tohsaka. However, Assassin is found out by Gilgamesh (Archer), who takes him out with ease as the episode ends. Well…maybe that death was fake. We know what’s supposed to happen. Anyways, I really dig this series…It’s so intense.

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Episode 1

Another show I’ve been kinda wanting to watch. Our main character walks into a classroom to find Mikazuki Yozora talking to thin air, a complete change from her normal silent attitude. He walks in and she instantly becomes silent again. When he asks, she admits to talking with an imaginary friend. Anyways, he introduces himself as Hasegawa Kodaka, telling Yozora that he also has no friends. They have a bit of a conversation about the nature of friendship and how to make friends and whatnot. Kodaka mentions joining a club and Yozora suddenly leaves, having come up with some idea. Kodaka thinks back to his first day at the school, when he was late and scares everyone with his hair and appearance (his hair is part blonde because of his mother’s influence). Yozora pulls him aside the next day, telling him her idea to start her own club, the Neighbor’s Club, as a way to make more friends. They start to put up posters about the club, all of which have a secret message of finding friends. When they finish, they return to the clubroom to await new members. Very quickly, they hear a knock on the door, which turns out to be Kashiwazaki Sena, probably the most popular girl in the school. However, Yozora quickly closes the door on her and locks it, refusing to let her into the room. Sena finally gets a word in, actually wanting to find friends, and Yozora lets her in. Sena explains that she wants to actually befriend someone, rather than have people fawning over her. Kodaka suggests that Yozora and Sena be friends, but the two start to argue. Music is interesting and the animation looks nice. Sena’s situation was a bit predictable, but the show seems okay for now.

Mawaru Penguindrum Episode 13

With all of the fall excitement, you may have forgotten what happened last week. Just a reminder, Himari died and Kanba was unable to save her. At that moment, a man walks in with two briefcases of weird apples, then pulling out a vial that he says is able to save Himari. Meanwhile, Shoma remembers back to three years ago, when the police come to the door asking about their parents. Their uncle asks them to leave the house, but they are reluctant, finally relenting to stay at a hotel. Sanetoshi tells Kanba that the medicine to save Himari comes at a price, and Kanba tells him that he will pay for it. Back in Shoma’s flashback, Kanba receives a call from their uncle, and they find out that their parents are suspected of causing the explosions and their house is being searched by the police. At that point, Himari wakes up. Afterwards, Sanetoshi thinks back to 16 years before, when he met a girl that was like him. However, she ended up rejecting him despite their similarities. Meanwhile, Natsume gets a call from (I’m assuming) Sanetoshi, who tells her that he knows who has the other half of the diary. Ringo talks with Tabuki and seems to be over her thing with Momoka. So…this series still confuses me…Waiting for the explanation.