Zetsuen no Tempest Episode 4

Wow…Mahiro as a child was crazy paranoid. I suppose if you grow up in a wealthy family, you would have to be wary of people trying to get to you. Still funny that Yoshino decided to help him…even funnier that he actually found something. Personally, I think that would be quite a fun way to get a friend…solve a mystery together (hopefully it wouldn’t be at the expense of my injury though! hit the other guy with the motorcycle). Yoshino’s revenge with the essay was hilarious, though…what a genius.

Well, that was a nice little background on our main characters…also setting up the brain vs. brawn duality for them, with Yoshino being the calculating one and Mahiro being the brawler. It’s a very common combination, but I always like it (especially prefer it over the weak main character that manages to win all the time). Anyway, next week might look more into Mahiro’s sister (they flashed a scene), but the main thing is going to be more battle. Should be interesting. Random note: I may be reading too much, but if Hakaze’s night coincides with Mahiro and Yoshino, that would mean’s she’s geographically not that far from them, maybe?

Zetsuen Tempest Episode 3

I guess that ends the little intro-ish part of the show. Got a lot of explanation about magic in this episode…I like this idea of maintaining world logic and magic that isn’t inherently destructive. The only type of magic that I’ve ever liked in any way was the more passive forms like telepathy, augmentation, and such. I think people get too bogged down in throwing fireballs these day. I even fell into that trap when I assumed stuff about mana when Hakaze was trapped on the island.

Anyway, it seems Yoshino is fairly bright…guess it makes sense when he’s paired with the more battle-hungry Mahiro. Still wondering whether Aika is truly dead…I guess they ID’d a killer, but my brain says it’s never that easy. Either way, next week looks to be a step back into the past of Yoshino and Mahiro…probably get some ideas too on where the show is headed.

Zetsuen Tempest Episode 2

So, after watching both this show and K, I’ve decided that this will be the one I cover, despite the Shakespeare references that I just don’t get (I know I’ve read Hamlet, Othello, Macbeth and Romeo and Juliet, but do you honestly expect me to remember these things?). If there are any diehard K fans out there, I promise that I watched both of them before picking…that show’s just too ridiculous for me. Of course, this show features a crazy sister obsession, but meh.

Anyway, I’m still pretty sure the sister is alive, but I guess I misinterpreted Yoshino’s girlfriend last week. And I still stand by my prediction that Evangeline will become a future ally…she’s already on the track. Mahiro is having an interesting magic fight now too…not sure how he wins that considering he has no weapon, but there have been crazier turnarounds I suppose. And I guess next week will be Hakaze explaining the details of Samon’s plan? That’s what it sounded like from the preview.

Zetsuen no Tempest First Impressions

Oh boy…what am I watching? This first episode felt kinda weird because of all of the flashbacks, but I guess the setup is fairly simple. I’m not completely sure who the main character is, but I guess it’s Fuwa Mahiro, the vengeful guy with new magic powers, courtesy of the stranded princess Kusaribe Hakaze. If I had to guess, Takigawa Yoshino may take the role of the observer telling the story, but he may be given some sort of power too. If I had to guess further, I would guess that Yoshino’s power will derive from his girlfriend (pictured behind him in the poster for the show).

Everything so far seems to indicate that Yoshino’s girlfriend is dead (or soon to be dead)…but based on my theory before, I’m not completely sure. This show worries me…all the female characters dropping out so quickly (with the exception of Yamamoto Evangeline, who I assume will be a future ally). It leaves a lot of room for the questionably near-BL content that I predicted while previewing this series. Sigh…don’t do this to me. Also, my preliminary theory is that Fuwa Aika (Mahiro’s sister) is still alive, but I’m still working on that. Also, the opening song sounds pretty cool…the English sounds good for a Japanese band and the music is pretty solid.