Tokyo Ghoul Episode 4: Well, that was…something

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Is this Tsukiyama Shuu guy supposed to be an ally in the future? The bit at the very end of the episode seems to suggest that he will be a recurring character that is, for some reason, really interested in Ken’s body (interpret that however you want). Anyway, Ken is still proving to be relatively useless so far…I’m waiting for the moment when he stops becoming a sniveling lead character. He’s supposed to be getting combat training now, right?

It looks like the main enemy for this series will end up being the one-eyed ghoul (the natural one). It was mentioned this week that they occur very rarely and more importantly, it was mentioned that they are more powerful than pure ghouls. That might mean there’s one actually running amok and Ken will be the only one to fight it, being a one-eyed ghoul himself (it’s possible he has the same strengths?). It was already suggested that Rize’s death was intentional, meaning that it’s very possible this main antagonist is the real culprit.

Tokyo Ghoul Episode 3: Nothing like watching a little girl devour a corpse, right?

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It looks like this week, Ken gets a chance to be more human by helping cheer Hinami up. He’s trying to make the best of his situation. The censorship in that scene was actually pretty funny to me (they focus on the ground to show some corpse or something, but we can’t actually see what it is). I’m sure most people would find it an impediment, but I guess I just don’t care. I’m much more curious about what the ghouls really are and why they exist. We saw that a ghoul child is possible, so presumably they breed somehow? Or are they “created” from humans?

I’m sure “Mr. Fabulous”, who showed up at the end of the episode should be introducing some more trouble into Ken’s situation. Presumably, next week he should also be getting that mask that he’s shown wearing in the opening song (I thought he might get it this week). I wonder…is this show supposed to be about suffering (every good moment Ken has is snatched away somehow) or about hope?

Tokyo Ghoul Episode 2: First ghoul death? Or is he still alive?

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It looks like Ken has joined Anteiku, but I still don’t understand what they’re doing. Touka was quick to save him from eating Hide despite forcing him to eat food at the start of the episode. I’m guessing Anteiku is simply an organization that tries to coexist with humans by stealing meals from other ghouls to survive. That way, they don’t have to murder innocents themselves. We still don’t know much about the true nature of these ghouls. We learned that a kagune ability exists, but we don’t really know it’s limitations or nature. I still feel like I’m in the dark.

I’m cool with the opening and ending songs for this show as a first impression. I think they’re both slightly above-average songs. They seem pretty mellow for what’s going on, though…would have expected at least one of them to be punk rock or something. Anyway, presumably next week is when we find out more about Anteiku or something. I’m still waiting to see what exactly is still human about Ken, especially considering we don’t know what exactly a ghoul is yet.

Tokyo Ghoul First Impressions (1): Well that escalated quickly

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This show seems like an interesting one to start the new season. The setting seems to be a near-apocalyptic Tokyo where man-eating “ghouls” are always lurking in the shadows. The main character, Kaneki Ken, is nearly devoured by one of these ghouls, but the ghoul is killed before finishing the job and her organs are transplanted into Ken, making him half-ghoul. It’s a strange setup…mostly because we aren’t really given any information about why the ghouls exist and what their nature really is. So, it’s hard to tell in the first episode how exactly Ken’s life is balanced between his two halves. He seems to possess ghoul characteristics, but what part of him is human?

Most of the show seems like it will revolve around Ken’s reaction with Kirishima Touka, who is also a ghoul, but seems to be part of some sort of group called Anteiku. Presumably they’re trying to coexist with humans somehow (or at least minimize their impact on humanity). It looks like an interesting start, if a bit gruesome. I don’t really relish in the gore, but I’ll see where it goes for now. There was a song playing at the end of the episode…if it’s an opening/ending song, it didn’t sound too bad from what I could hear (maybe it was just because the voices were softened).