Tokyo Ghoul Root A Episode 2: The aftermath

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We got a much slower episode this week. I guess everyone needed to recuperate after being on break for a season. There are really two main things happening in this episode. First, there is the introduction of Amon’s new partner, Mado Akira, the daughter of his former partner. Given her behavior, she either turns really dere or goes into a berserker mode in battle (maybe given the right conditions). That’s just my guess.

The second thing in this episode really isn’t much…but based on the events of this episode, it’s pretty likely that Yoshimura (the manager of Anteiku) is the “Owl” that the investigators constantly reference. Also, the current Owl is probably his descendant…probably the girl in Aogiri who keeps sitting around and laughing. Anyway, no preview info for next week…the title isn’t super helpful either.

Tokyo Ghoul Root A First Impressions (1): Troll beginning?

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I’m still not really expecting to cover this season, but the first episode should be fairly harmless, right? This season starts off right where the last season ended (which was in the middle of a big fight -.-). I don’t really understand why they had to interrupt the battles with a season ending when they were just going to have all of the fights stop prematurely in the first episode. And how exactly has Kaneki changed from the events of the last episode? He’s joining Aogiri, but is it just to find out more about Touka’s brother?

The opening song for this season sounded pretty strange…were the piano and vocals supposed to sound so clashing? It made the experience too jarring to enjoy. The ending song is actually pretty solid, though. My questions for this season will be exactly the same as last season: how does Kaneki Ken’s human side manifest in his half-ghoul state? What advantages does it give him? I still haven’t really gotten a good answer to those questions.

Tokyo Ghoul Final Episode (12): Ending, but not really

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So, after much suffering, Ken finally decides he’ll be useful just as the season ends. I know that this series is all about the corruption of humanity and whatnot, but I definitely had a lot of trouble getting through the first…three quarters of the episode. I realize that there was no way to resolve everything in one episode, but I wasn’t expecting them to devote the entire episode to just the interaction between Jason and Ken…

I’m not really sure how I feel about so much time being devoted to torturing Ken if he just ends up becoming similar to Jason in the end. Presumably, he will be “saved” by his human side and end up just becoming stronger, but there’s always the possibility that he just snaps for a bit. Either way, a second season has been announced, so I guess there’s more to come.

Tokyo Ghoul Episode 11: I guess this is the final fight

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And so the attack begins. There was a lot of torture and whatnot this episode as well, but I’m not super interested in that. I haven’t really paying much attention to the fact that this is the episode before the last one, so next week is the final episode. There are still quite a few loose ends that haven’t been resolved yet. The battle between the investigators and the one-eyed ghoul should go by pretty quickly (it’ll likely be a massacre). But after that, Ken should probably at least meet the one-eyed ghoul after being rescued.

There was also that bit where the accident that killed Rize was supposedly intentional…I assumed it was the one-eyed ghoul that caused it, but I don’t think that’s been revealed yet. Also, they have to deal with this Jason somehow. There’s also the fight between Touka and her brother. Plus, doesn’t Amon need to resolve his issues with Touka? So either they cliffhanger the series on Ken meeting the other one-eyed ghoul or they cram all of that in the final episode.

Tokyo Ghoul Episode 10: The invasion begins

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The ghouls from the 11th Ward have introduced themselves. Presumably, Banjo and Touka’s brother will end up being future allies, if not all of the characters that invaded Anteiku in this episode. I was under the impression that the 11th Ward was trying to escape into the 20th ward, but it looks like everyone will be moving back to the 11th Ward based on what we’ve seen.

I guess everyone from Anteiku is being dragged back to the 11th Ward to rescue the captured Ken, where they will have to face the mystery ghouls from the start of the episode. Is the ghoul from the start of the episode the legendary half-ghoul that will act as Ken’s counterpart? Either way, it looks like next week will just be a rescue op.

Tokyo Ghoul Episode 9: War approaches…

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Mostly flashback scenes this week…we get some background on Amon and Touka. There really isn’t that much to go on, though. All I really got was confirmation that Amon is going for the vengeance route after all and Touka really did have a simple reaction to finding out that she had destroyed a family.

It looks like the ghouls of the 11th ward are converging on the 20th ward, where all of the main characters are. What’s so important about Rize that everyone’s so interested in her? I guess next week, some new enemies will be revealing themselves. Wasn’t there supposed to be a legendary half-ghoul that wasn’t Ken? Whatever happened to that? Was that just misleading me?

Tokyo Ghoul Episode 8: Vengeance

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Well, I have no problems with that particular investigator being killed…he was clearly nuts and not an interesting character in my eyes. It looks like Hinami got her moment…showing off that she apparently had a combination of her parents’ abilities. I wonder if ghoul inheritance is always like that or if Hinami is just particularly talented. It’s still very frustrating that we know very little about these ghouls.

How will Amon react this time? He’s lost another of his allies, but he was spared by the ghoul he was fighting. Will he continue the circle of revenge and continue to attack the group in his rage? It seems like the most likely outcome. I’m also curious about Touka’s reaction when she saw the ring on the dead man’s finger. Was she simply distraught that she had destroyed someone’s family by killing him? Or is this something else from her past?

Tokyo Ghoul Episode 7: Time for battle

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I can’t believe Ken ran back with Hinami just to watch Ryouko die. My opinion of him as a character will be in the toilet for a while unless he does something redeeming…this is highly unlikely considering the fact that he still refuses to kill humans. Anyway, it looks like this week’s episode was a call to arms for both sides…Amon seems to be much more motivated as well.

Next week, Ken gets another chance to prove himself. Given how badly Touka was beaten by just one of the investigators, I question how well they’ll be able to do against two. Maybe we’ll see just how strong the legendary half-ghoul really is. I’m also curious whether Hinami will have a role in this fight…maybe she’s hiding some strength we haven’t seen yet.

Tokyo Ghoul Episode 6: Oh family love

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It looks like the battle with Tsukiyama ended pretty quickly once Touka gained her full strength. And now Nishiki has joined the Anteiku as expected. I really don’t know how I feel about Touka’s sudden withdrawal after Kimi told her that her ghoul form was pretty. I’m sure this is leading towards some sort of internal conflict where she wonders whether her friend Yoriko would react similarly.

I guess the big question for next week is whether or not Hinami’s mother will survive. It looks like she has already lost her father, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they killed her mother just to up the drama some more. Either Ken makes it to the fight in time to save Hinami’s mother or he arrives with Hinami just in time to see her die…I have my guess already.

Tokyo Ghoul Episode 5: This guy is way too nuts

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I’m not sure how much more I can handle of Tsukiyama…he’s way too suffocating of a character. Unfortunately, evidence suggests that he will be recurring. Anyway, I guess the point of this episode is to show that Nishiki isn’t such a bad guy or something. Assuming he survives this episode (it looks like he will), he should join the party.

Next week should finish up whatever conflict remains with Tsukiyama. I’m surprised that the single bite was enough to bring Touka back to full fighting ability. Nishiki seems to do something similar, but it doesn’t fully heal his injuries. Just how exactly do these ghouls work? It’s still so hard to process these things when it’s not so clear what a ghoul is.