Space Brothers Episode 65

[Commie] Space Brothers - 65 [5AD219A4].mkv_snapshot_11.01_[2013.07.19_06.14.30]

And we’re back with flight training and the return of Deneil Young. As usual, Mutta’s drawn the short stick by being in last place again. Looks like now he has to endure the most intense of the training sessions. Funny how that works out, huh?

Looks like the opening song changed again…I think it’s a pretty nice song. The ending is…I dunno…I’m not a huge fan of it. Well, the progression of this training is probably set. Mutta will have his initial trouble flying, but then Deneil will reveal some deep truth about the plane and he’ll understand.

Space Brothers Episode 64

Random moment...
Random moment…

Well, it looks like Sharon won’t be dying for now. Who knows whether she will in the future, but it looks like her time is done for now. She’s had her moment…motivating everyone, but she’s probably going to drop off the radar for a bit.

I was almost expecting them to say she didn’t have ALS after all, but I guess she still has time. Anyway, it’s back to Mutta’s training after that. Kinda seems weird to sweep her condition under the rug, but it ran its course. Now it’s time for flying jets…nothing could go wrong there, right?

Space Brothers Episode 63

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So finally it comes to light. Sharon has the same disease that killed Serika’s father. Doesn’t sound good…Serika is becoming an astronaut so she can find the cure for that disease because it hasn’t yet been discovered, right? How much time does Sharon have left?

It doesn’t seem like it would be enough for Serika to find a cure. This would mean that the most likely outcome is Sharon’s death. I don’t know…did Amanti specifically say she would die? Was she just being ambiguous? I remember her saying that Hibito would suffer the same sadness and that someone would fall ill…was there a death sentence?

Space Brothers Episode 62: Tragedy incoming

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Oh dang…is it really going to be Sharon who dies? It makes sense, right? Someone whose death would sadden both Mutta and Hibito equally could only be her. But how will she die? Could be some adverse side effect from her research. But that doesn’t really fit this type of show…because it would probably invalidate her research if there was some sort of health risk involved. I think it’s safe to say we have until her research is brought to fruition before she dies…not a bad assumption, right?

Well, the most used situation in these types of shows would be that she has had the illness for a while now and has just been covering it up. I can see that happening, but her reaction to dropping the phone seems weird…almost like she was surprised. Either way, next week it looks like Serika finally gets to meet Sharon…maybe she’ll share with us what’s going on.

Space Brothers Episode 61: The hero returns

[Commie] Space Brothers - 61 [5AFE25FD].mkv_snapshot_19.36_[2013.06.12_14.43.15]

Jeez…the way these NASA people talk, it always seems like something bad is happening. Everything looked pretty okay, but their tones made it sound like something was gonna go wrong. Well, it’s to be expected…Pico wasn’t gonna go and fail, right? Plus, Hibito’s not the type to die.

Looks like next week, we’ll finally find out what was up with Amanti’s vision of Mutta from way back when they met. The preview only mentions Mutta looking pained…meaning that it’s just a setback or obstacle of some sort. It shouldn’t cause him to quit or be dropped or anything like that.

Space Brothers Episode 60

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Whoa…they brought Fukuda back? I guess it’s only a small appearance, though. I imagine he’ll fall of the radar for good after this. Anyway, I was almost expecting Team E to win this time…or at the least do the best out of the candidates. I guess they’re just not destined for that.

Now we’re back to Hibito, it seems. Time for Pico’s moment of truth. Will he be brought back when he realizes that he allowed Hibito to land safely? I’m assuming there won’t be any trouble with the parachute. Or will Mutta make his move?

Space Brothers Episode 59: Honestly, what did we really expect?

What's up with the guy on the right's eyes?
What’s up with the guy on the right’s eyes?

So Rick died after all…and now Pico and Vince’s backgrounds are complete. It’s a fairly standard tale, I would have to say. I wonder…just how much of that story did Mutta actually hear? Based on what we’ve seen, it doesn’t look like he knows any of it…the flashbacks were just for us. Well, I’m glad the two didn’t go around blaming themselves for Rick’s death…that would’ve been sappy.

Anyway, Team E doesn’t have it easy as usual. Mutta’s brilliant idea has been broken by freak weather. Now they’ll have to adjust for the water…I’m guessing that Mutta will come up with some other brilliant idea and it will force Pico to re-evaluate himself, thus bringing him back. But what will the idea be?

Space Brothers Episode 58

[Commie] Space Brothers - 58 [1A60AC06].mkv_snapshot_11.40_[2013.05.22_14.28.59]

It really pains me that there are educators in this world that actually act like this. I agree that realistically, there are definitely plenty of things that don’t get done with just hard work. Still, there’s nothing wrong with trying, right? How else can you really know your limits? Gotta bump up against them, right?

Anyway, flashbacks into Pico and Vince’s past together. So what happened to Rick? The obvious answer is that he’s dead…is it too obvious? There’s more to the flashback, so it looks like next week will answer this. Probably something to do with the coal miner parents thing…

Space Brothers Episode 57

[Commie] Space Brothers - 57 [E6461FF0].mkv_snapshot_17.09_[2013.05.15_12.25.11]

Praise the almighty afro! The sponge that will bring Pico back! That rover’s coming along pretty quickly…and by that, I mean it’s basically done. Anyone else think it would be funny if it just randomly exploded during the competition? I mean…more likely they’ll take like second or third place, but who doesn’t enjoy a good explosion?

Looks like Mutta is gonna learn more about Pico now that he’s drinking with him and Vince. Then he can save Pico! Somehow. It sounded like Pico was planning to quit once his parachute deployed for Hibito’s return to Earth, so I’m guessing Mutta will have something to say about that.

Space Brothers Episode 56

[Commie] Space Brothers - 56 [58936897].mkv_snapshot_18.08_[2013.05.08_10.19.21]

Oh yeah…this is all pretty straightforward. As expected, Pico is actually a great engineer…he’s just been screwed by Brian’s death. It’s interesting that he was even able to make the parachute for Hibito’s moon trip after what happened. You could argue that he has the drive to get it right this time, but if that were the case, why is he still moping about Brian’s death?

Yeah…Mutta’s gotta find a way to get Pico to join them in their design. He’s just like that…he’ll get it done somehow. I guess he’ll turn the switch on or something…