Shingeki no Kyojin Episode 15: Whodunnit?

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So…Eren’s first day in the Legion. Understandably, he’s still being abused by Levi. But I guess we get an extended introduction to Hanji. I wonder if she’s in any way related to Eren’s father…they both pretty extensively study the Eotens after all. Then again, she should know Eren’s last name, so she probably would have noticed the relation by now.

I would have thought that the two test subjects would have been killed by some quirk in their anatomy, but they seem to be throwing a lot of evidence to suggest they were simply killed…oh well, I guess we don’t learn all that much from them. The stuff Hanji was saying about their body density is interesting, though. Anyway, not sure what happens next week, but it might switch attention back to Mikasa and Armin.

Shingeki no Kyojin Episode 14: Objection!

That's not weird at all...
That’s not weird at all…

Well, it’s been a while since we saw this show…last week was a recap that I chose to ignore. The show’s back with a new opening song…I’m not a fan of how the song starts, but it gets okay. As for the new ending, I can’t say I’m a huge fan of the vocals, but the music sounds alright. The way the song changes near the end is also a bit unnatural. But getting back to the episode, this one was mostly getting Eren cleared and throwing him with the Legion…basically the legal aftermath of last episode’s ending.

Now Eren’s gotta go on a mission to prove himself…will he be going without Mikasa and Armin? Weren’t they going to join the Legion as well? Or maybe they’re trying to force him to maintain control on his own…or maintain control with only Levi’s brusque behavior to keep in check.

Shingeki no Kyojin Episode 13: Victory at last

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And mankind finally gets their victory against the Eotens. Of course, there were a lot of losses and the Legion had to do their “nick of time” arrival, but a victory nonetheless. Again, Jean must live with the knowledge that Marco sacrificed his life to save him. When are we gonna see the result of all this mental torture on Jean?

Anyway, we’ve reached the end of the first half. Is next week supposed to be a recap? The preview makes it sound like it. As for the overarching stuff…it seems like the plan might be to fight their way, recapturing territory until they reach the outer wall…as opposed to just making a mad dash for the basement. Should be good.

Shingeki no Kyojin Episode 12: Eren sleeps

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Wow…Eren basically slept through that entire episode. What a lazy bum…wasn’t he supposed to be executing some sort of plan? Oh well, it looks like Armin was able to wake him up and salvage the plan somehow. Meanwhile, it looks like Jean is having some trouble…he doesn’t seem like the type to die, so either he uses the dead soldier’s gear to save himself or someone else dies to save him.

Looks like next week, Eren will finally do his job now that he’s regained control of himself. Finally a victory for humanity? Or has he waited so long that enough Titans have managed to slip through the wall? Also, Mikasa asks some interesting questions…what exactly is the true nature of his power? Why doesn’t he heal? Does he need to use his will to activate it?

Shingeki no Kyojin Episode 11: Betrayal

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The operation has begun to retake Trost…the plan seemed pretty sound to me when they were explaining it, but it looks like Eren has thrown a wrench into it by losing control of his new powers. You can hardly blame him…he has no training with it. We still have much to learn about his new powers.

It sounds from the preview like Armin or someone will find a way to salvage the plan, though. How will they manage that? It looks like Armin is going to attack Eren, and maybe revert him to human form. Either the strike knocks him back or he has to transform again…not the best snag in the plan.

Shingeki no Kyojin Episode 10: Armin’s Moment

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Woo…Armin realizes his friends trust him and starts to believe he’s not as useless as he once thought. I still think he’s pretty useless, though…he just got lucky with Pixis. I still haven’t seen any real proof that he’s a strong tactician. Anyway, so the goal is to reach the basement after all. But first, they need to retake the city.

So I wonder just how long it will take to reach this legendary basement. Based on what I can see, the distance from the middle wall to the outer wall is pretty long…if I had to guess, it’s probably half a week’s worth or a week’s worth of travel. I just don’t see how they can traverse that quickly with the Eotens crawling around. But maybe my estimation is just off…

Shingeki no Kyojin Episode 9: Friend or foe?

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Right…so that’s why Eren is different. I had forgotten about that encounter with his father. I guess his father knew quite a lot about the Eotens to be able to create a serum to turn Eren into some sort of hybrid. Too bad he’s also turned Eren into the enemy of mankind.

What will happen now? Will Eren stay and try to convince everyone that he is still on their side? Or will he escape with Armin and Mikasa to desperately rush to reach that basement? Then he should be able to understand everything about his power, right? The preview kinda makes it sound like he stays back, but why would they bring up that flashback if he wasn’t going to try and enter the basement?

Shingeki no Kyojin Episode 8: Back already?

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So that was Eren after all…I had a strange feeling it was. I didn’t expect him to return to human form, though. Or is he actually in human form at all? So the Eotens are actually dead humans…the reason for the weak spot is that targeting that spot kills the human in the cockpit. How many more will be able to return to normal like Eren, though?

What I don’t understand is whether Eren in some way took over the Eoten that ate him or whether he himself transformed into that form. I’m guessing next week will answer that question. How much has he learned from being in that form? What will he contribute to humanity?

Shingeki no Kyojin Episode 7: Mikasa the Chosen One

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So Mikasa got over Eren’s death pretty quick. I guess that’s the heat of the moment for you. Well, at least she didn’t turn out to be a crazed berserker like Eren…turns out survival has always been her major concern. Which makes her the chosen one who will free humanity from the wrath of the Eotens.

Anyway, the big thing this week, of course, is the Eoten that has chosen to fight against the other Eotens. Is this supposed to be some evolution in the Eotens? What could have caused this change? Or was there always rebellion within the Eotens that was just never noticed? Looks like we’ll find out next week…the preview suggests some big revelation is incoming.

Shingeki no Kyojin Episode 6: That scarf’s pretty old

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Flashback episode! Mikasa still doesn’t know about Eren’s death, but we find out why she acts the way she does towards him. Though, pretty much the entire episode to it? I could have guessed that Eren saved her at some point in the past. I dunno…it wasn’t all that interesting.

Anyway, given Mikasa’s view of the world, I’m curious about how her behavior will change when Eren dies. Surely she won’t cast him aside as just being too weak to survive in this Darwinistic world, right? And how will it translate into her actions from now on? My thought was another berserker like Eren, but we’ll see…