Rozen Maiden (2013) Episode 3: Mission successful

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So future Jun finally managed to finish Shinku through the power of friendship and believing. Of course, this came with a flashback of the reason Jun became a shut-in in the first place. Weakling can’t handle basic grade school teasing…what a wimp. What kind of main character are you making me watch?

Anyway, next episode is still on this future Jun, so I guess this is a legit arc. Looks like he’ll have to team up with Shinku to save his past self. Is this some sort of time skip to force the new story to start? Seems like we should be getting an episode soon where they flashback everything that leads up to this…doesn’t look like it will be next episode based on the preview, though. Maybe after they save kid Jun?

Rozen Maiden (2013) Episode 2: What is this random dimensional contact?


So the guy in the preview was Jun from the future, huh? But what role does he play in the story? Is he really the creator of Shinku? Or is he creating a replacement for Shinku, who has died somehow in the other timeline? That would be a cool twist. But how is he supposed to finish the doll without the head?

It looks like we’ll continue with future Jun in next week’s episode. Looks like he decides to make the dress for Shinku himself now that the books have stopped coming to do everything for him. Is he going to somehow make the head himself? Does it maybe involving the girl that has been floating around him?

Rozen Maiden (2013) First Impressions: At least I don’t have to deal with Hina-Ichigo, right?

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Alright, I have decided to enter this show as one who hasn’t seen the original series (well, past like episode 2). Based on what I’m seeing, I’m not alone in this…I guess it’s a pretty old show. Basic gist is the show’s about a bunch of dolls that fight to become human in the Alice Game. Stuff moves pretty fast in this first episode…the battles seemed rushed…almost like they’re trying to get them out of the way…meaning they’re probably just a setup.

Opening theme is ALI PROJECT, who did the openings for the original series. They have some decent songs, but I’m not a huge fan of their style…or of this song. The ending song is much more mellow…not bad. Anyway, what’s up with this totally random character in the preview? Looks like he’s some sort of doll enthusiast.