Robotics;Notes Episode 2

So, this Elephant-Mouse Syndrome that Akiho apparently has…I’m not completely sure how to interpret it, but the description Kai gives makes it sound like one second to Akiho feels like five minutes (time slows). But he also likens it to fast-forwarding, which suggests that maybe it’s the other way around (five minutes feel like one second to her). I’m not sure which one is actually right, but neither sound really serious to me, sorry to say. What’s the big deal? Maybe you’re losing time in your life, but narcolepsy seems much worse than this.

And what’s going on with Akiho’s sister? I assume she was the one who ignored Akiho’s call at the very end. I suppose the best guess is that there is some problem between the two regarding the accident that Kai mentions. Did their father die or something (I think Kai mentioned Akiho’s mother)? Anyway, I’m still wondering what the show hopes to accomplish…I suppose whenever that mystery girl from the end of the first episode pops up, we’ll get into that? For now, I guess I would predict that maybe they get the creator of Kill-Ballad to make the controls of the robot similar to the game, so Kai can rock it.

Robotics;Notes First Impressions

Another one of the more anticipated shows of this season. A relative of Steins;Gate, this show starts out similarly carefree. Of course, it has the difference of being set in a school environment…and you know, it’s about building a robot. Senomiya Akiho tries to build a copy of an anime mecha named Gunvarrel while dragging along Yashio Kaito, who only wants to play games. Oh right…and they’re in danger of being disbanded…that usual club scenario in anime.

The opening and ending songs are pretty solid…probably stuff I’d listen to, but nothing particularly impressive I suppose. Strange girl appears at the end of the episode and is the focus of the ending animation…maybe she’s a robot? I assume she’s the focus of the show. Sad to say, but this show has a lot to live up to…I feel almost bad that I will likely be judging it comparing to Steins;Gate. Still, the appearance of the divergence meter at the start of the show was cool. I think it’s the same ratio as the Steins;Gate world line from the end of the show, so will we see some remnants of that show? It’s only nine years in the future, I think.