Robotics;Notes Episode 12

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Hmm…the story went to Jun for this episode after the break. I expected Misa’s warning from the last one to be swept away like always, I guess. But was Jun’s stuff handled in a single episode? That was sure fast…she’s still scared of robots, but she’s back with her grandfather. There was a brief aside with the Kimijima Report, but that was forgotten once he got to the Robot Clinic.

We got a new opening (which I think is better) and a new ending (which is questionably about the same?). To be honest, I wasn’t a huge fan of the first themes, so I guess I’d call these an improvement. So where exactly is this going? Are we going into the characters problems for now and solving them? Seems kinda boring, but I guess it has to be done eventually.

Robotics;Notes Episode 11

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It’s starting…I think. Finally. The Gunvarrel crew disappeared to silence them from releasing the truth, that the world’s robotics companies were planning to do what was shown in the episode. Use the robots to set off the solar storm…but why? Why would they try something that would surely wipe out humanity? Kimijima Report 3 seems to suggest that they don’t expect it to be apocalyptic…just a “change” in humanity. Something like Kai and Akiho’s conditions, I guess.

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Misaki’s response to Kai is basically what you would expect, but she’s finally taken the opportunity to contact them…squashing any small possibility that she was actually trying to work with Exoskeleton on this…more that she is forced to do so. Anyway, now we keep digging and solve everything.

I look forward to the possibility of giant robot battles with GunPro and the robot minions of the robotics companies. I think the problem so far (other than the incredibly slow pace) is the fact that many parts seem to video game-esque. Oh well…let’s see what happens.

Robotics;Notes Episode 10

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Not all that much happening this week. Random monopole is random…what is it even supposed to be for? Don’t tell me it’s actually going to be used as an engine. Did they just forget about it in the second half of the episode? So yeah…they’re building a different giant robot…Still sitting here waiting for something to happen. I thought surely the monopole should trigger something since it’s such a controversial thing, but nope…just business as usual.

Sure hope the next few episodes are just a repeat of the past episodes with a different robot. It’s almost like they’re trying to make me think nothing’s going to happen in the next few episodes. I really hope I’m wrong…even that bit with Mizuka telling Airi to disappear didn’t really feel that important. I just assumed she means stop reminding her of the past.

Robotics;Notes Episode 9

So the giant robot failed…quite predictably. I didn’t even realize it was so close to being done. But yeah…it’s not like it could work in such a short amount of time. I still don’t understand the point of the giant robot…what it has to do with the story or anything. Are they even going to keep working on it or try to create a completely different model? I don’t even know what to make of Misa’s behavior…does she mean that they changed her design in a good way or a bad way? Did she call it a piece of junk to protect herself or does she really not care anymore?

I don’t quite understand the cheater-checking with Kona either…what’s the point of all of that? Is it just to build a relationship with her or is it linked somehow? I guess I’m just waiting for the point where all of these things comes together and make sense. It’s gotta happen some time, right? It’s dragging on for a while…

Robotics;Notes Episode 8

Man, here I was thinking something was finally gonna happen in this show. They get abducted and all that happens is a proposal was refused? That’s no fun. Also, Kai has to do all of those tasks for the second report and for the last one, he just fakes the number and succeeds? After how difficult the green button thing was? That was pretty anticlimactic.

Anyway, we learn about some secret organization, but still don’t know much about it. It’s clear from the “human experimenting” part of the report that they must have been behind the SS Anemone business…and are likely the ones watching Kai. I’m still under the impression that Akiho’s sister is being controlled by them, but I don’t have any idea what their work has to do with the giant robot. This show is pretty slow, isn’t it?

Robotics;Notes Episode 7

Poor Subaru…finally found out that putting on a cape and a mask doesn’t count as a disguise. I’m surprised he’s back so easily…even if he took apart his robot. I wonder if there’s more to his thing or if he’s just done. We’re starting to get more into the conspiracy of everything now and of course it’s linked to Gunvarrel. Secret organization to abduct them now that they’ve learned too much…who is it this time? NASA maybe? More importantly, who is the person they don’t need in the group (thinks back to Steins;Gate).

Joking, of course…Kona isn’t with the group, so they can’t kill a member yet. Unless she’s the rat…hmm…Also, wonder what’s up with Misaki. She has to be controlled somehow…her behavior changed suddenly and she always seems regretful whenever she does anything. Wonder if she found the same things Kai did and was punished for it.

Robotics;Notes Episode 6

So I guess now we have a full cast. Daitoku and Furugoori have joined the club (close enough) and we know about Airi. So we can get into the good stuff, right? The crazy conspiracies involving this Kimishima  Kou guy…it’s not gonna be aliens, right? Robots and artificial intelligence is much more interesting. Maybe Airi was like a countermeasure that he designed because he predicted his death.

So now it’s time for Subaru, I guess? Time to go into his background and why his father forbids him from building robots. Related to the lack of a mother in this situation? That would be my guess…either that or his father is just really into him taking over the family business…probably the more boring of the two options. Sigh…get through the character development stuff already and go into the conspiracies already!

Robotics;Notes Episode 5

So I guess this is the point where things start going darker…been carefree for far too long. Finally introduced to the AI Airi (how appropriate of a name…I bet it stands for something). I know she had taken a liking to Kai, but it was still funny that she told him that guests weren’t allowed to access the private information, then just immediately gives him the password. Anyway, now I guess he found out about a conspiracy involving NASA and possibly the death of someone that could be related somehow to his life.

Not that we ever had any doubt, but Kai has found out pretty quick that the document wasn’t a lie. But how is it related to him? They’re not gonna just blame everything on magnetic monopoles, right? They’re quite an interesting concept in physics, but I hope there’s an interesting link between them and all of the weird stuff happening around the world (plus the incident on the boat with Kai and Akiho). Also, I guess Kai is being watched by Akiho’s sister too…is it because his Elephant Mouse Syndrome is more interesting than Akiho’s? And when is Daitoku gonna join the Robotics Club anyway?

Robotics;Notes Episode 4

Get it right! It’s headdesk, not facedesk!
Of course Kai has the Elephant-Mouse Syndrome too…that was just too easy. Finally they clarified Akiho’s though by comparing it to Kai’s…he sees things moving in slow motion and she sees things moving quickly, so his reactions would seem quicker while hers would seems slower (yeah, I agree that her manifestation is much more dangerous, for example being incapable of dodging an incoming car).

We’re also introduced to the new character, Furugoori Kona, creator of Kill-Ballad who will be the resident internet otaku, it seems. I’ll wait to interpret her character, because I don’t know how I should interpret her localized fansubbing (sigh…can’t tell if troll or legit).

Back to Kai, I remember pointing out that he was being studied by Akiho’s sister and her boss during the robot battle. Is it possible that Kai and Akiho passing out on the ship was an experiment of sorts and they were the only “successful” results? Anyway, there’s a short introduction as well to the “issue” they’re encounter with Subaru…the fact that his family doesn’t approve of his interest in robots…something for further down the road. Finally, the episode ends with the arrival of who I assume is the mysterious girl from the end of episode 1, who is contacting Kai now. Guess it’s time for things to get serious.

Robotics;Notes Episode 3

Well played, Kai…looks like Subaru has finally joined the Robotics Club, blackmailed with his identity as Mr. Pleiades. I wonder if they made him share the prize money…that would be especially evil. I guess the main things this week were again Akiho’s sister, who seemed to be studying Kai with her boss or something. I wonder if it was just looking at his skills or whether it was some sort of analysis of some sort of power…it looked like they were gathering some strange numbers.

If it is some sort of power, it would explain Kai’s strange feelings during the tournament…could be attributed to simple sleep deprivation, but likely related to whatever the main story of the show is. Don’t tell me he has some crazy sickness too…or that it’s linked with Akiho’s. Anyway, next week going to JAXA…is this Space Bros? And who is this Frau Koujiro they introduced? Looks like another main character based on the opening, but why did Kai react…do they know each other or was he just curious? This show moves so slowly…