Psycho Pass 2 First Impressions (1): Back again

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It’s definitely true that the ending of the last season of this show felt incomplete to me. But in a way, it also felt resolved, which makes this new season awkward for me. We return with more crime-fighting with Tsunemori Akane, who is now a more mature inspector with the same naive morals, and Ginoza Nobuchika, Akane’s former superior who will presumably be taking the role of Kougami Shinya in this season. The adversary revealed at the end of the episode feels like a wannabe of the last season’s main antagonist, manipulating the system to his advantage, but we’ll have to see.

I’m torn about how I want this season to end up going. On the one hand, it would be satisfying to see them beat the Sibyl System whose secret they discovered in the last season, but on the other hand, the ending of the last season of “the system is corrupt, but it does good and we have to live with that” was also very interesting. In the end, I guess it just makes this new season worrisome.

Psycho Pass Final Episode

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Well…to be fair, you can’t dismantle a system like Sibyl in a day…or an episode for that matter. It makes sense that they chose to keep everything the way it was for the end. It’s not the most exciting way to end the series, but it’s logical. And the only way we could have an ending like that is if Makishima is killed…which was something only Kougami could do.

So from here, I guess Akane and Kougami go their separate ways, dispensing their own forms of justice. Akane follows the system while Kougami, I assume, tries to help those that the system cannot protect. Something like that. The wheel turns and the next generation of Akane appears…thrown into the world just as she was. Personally, I don’t think there’s enough for a second season…I assume this is supposed to be an “ending”. Even though there’s still the task of destroying the system, I really don’t know how they’d make a season out of it. It would probably seem completely different from this season.

Psycho Pass Episode 21

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Yeah…someone had to die for Akane’s mistake. The son even loses the same arm as the father. Of course, that’s not necessarily all…we do have someone left in the control room who entrusted her life to Akane. That smells a bit like death to me. But that aside, it’s the final battle over the hyper oats.

How will the ending play out? Ginoza must have revenge on his mind. Kougami is determined to end everything with Makishima…and Akane isn’t at the battlefield just yet. Is it going to be simple? Will she make it just in time to stop him? I dunno…Ginoza feels like he needs a role in this.

Psycho Pass Episode 20

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Seriously? Hyper-oats? I need to get over this. Anyway, it looks like learning the nature of Sibyl plus Kougami’s departure has forced Akane to unlock her true ability as a detective. I guess the flashback in the middle was to show us that she always had the capability, but was maybe sheltered with the help of Kougami. Once he left, she was forced to grow on her own.

I think I said before…I foresaw Akane eventually turning into an Inspector like Kougami, but without falling from grace. It’s starting to look a lot like that’s the case. The final battle is upon us. Makishima will be defeated, but I’m much more interested in the nature of the Sibyl System at the end. Will they be forced to leave it alone because of what it does for society? Surely they can’t topple it in two episodes. Or will they all be silenced by the system in some sort of surprise grim ending?

Psycho Pass Episode 19

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Akane…the one whose Psycho Pass is stable almost like Makishima’s. Of course she would be the next one they try to recruit. When she learns the truth, what will she do? Will she accept their proposal in a way that lets her work as an insider? Or will she cut herself off to join Kougami? Personally, I think she should stay and work with Ginoza from within the system.

Can’t believe they found out Makishima’s plan so easily. Do he and Kougami really think so similarly? Or has Kougami just become so obsessed with catching him that he allowed himself to start thinking like him? An interesting question, I think. But yeah…now we must save the hyper oats! They hold the key to society!

Psycho Pass Episode 18

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And so the counterattack begins with Kougami. That scene with the chief is very intriguing. Despite the fact that she visibly changed the function of the Dominator, no one really brought attention to it. That suggests one of two possibilities…either they already suspect the truth and know they must work around it or they are too afraid to question her actions.

Ginoza and Akane…what will they do now? They have to help Kougami somehow, right? But I assume they have to find a way to do it from within the system. That means either a last-minute betrayal or some other method I can’t come up with right now. Spotlight’s on you, Ginoza…make something happen. You’re the closest to the higher-ups.

Psycho Pass Episode 17

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Yeah…that’s the only thing that could have happened. The Sibyl System had to have been controlled by humans somehow for there to be controversy. I wasn’t expecting them to reveal its nature so quickly, but I guess it made sense. I also figured Makishima wouldn’t succumb to the system so easily…he enjoys playing the game too much.

So what kind of ending will they strive for? If they try to reform the system or try to destroy it, then Makishima may become an ally. If they try to protect the system and it remains as it is in the end, then…what kind of ending could come to pass? Is that kind of ending even possible?

Psycho Pass Episode 16

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So we’ve come a long way and finally reached the scene from the first episode. What a crazy episode. I can’t be too surprised that Akane didn’t kill Makishima despite Kougami’s request. You could really call her the saint of the show. The one with the stable Psycho Pass that’s sort of opposite to Makishima. I guess I expected Kagari to die, but it still kinda sucks that he did…it couldn’t be helped, though. He saw the truth and there was no other way to keep him quiet.

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So what did they see? My guess was that a human was in charge making the decisions somehow. The room was pretty small, so it’s sorta possible. Maybe it has something to do with the robot chief as well? I don’t want to believe that Makishima is just a robot too, but it would explain his Psycho Pass. A very climactic episode…I wonder how it will all play out. It’s looking more and more like they will have to defeat the system now…possibly with Makishima’s help if you really think about it.

Psycho Pass Episode 15

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I’ve always wondered about self-defense. I think that in our current society, self-defense has too vague of a meaning. I personally believe that self-defense is void once you do permanent physical damage…no matter what the initial circumstances. I believe that self-defense is simply regaining the advantage mentally by putting fear into the attacker. I dunno…it’s not the most solid argument because I can never know how I’ll act until I find myself in the situation, but it irks me when people rush to self-defense to justify themselves so easily.

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It’s strange…why are they attacking the core of the Sibyl System already? Isn’t it still fairly early in the series? That being said, I can’t say I’m unhappy that they’re trying to get to the heart of Sibyl. I’ve been wondering exactly what the nature of the system is…I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a sham. There also has to be a reason it’s all concentrated in one location…maybe it’s actually a person? No…but that can’t be, right?

Psycho Pass Episode 14

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I think it’s pretty cool that this show tries to focus on humanity rather than the Sibyl system itself. In normal situations, a system as powerful as that would be turned evil or something and try to eradicate its creators or something…that’s a motif I tend to find boring. But using it to look at the complacency of humans who trust this system…that’s something else. If I remember correctly, Makishima had a different Psycho Pass than the hostage when Akane found him, right? Does that indicate that he isn’t using something like the helmets?

Of course, there’s also the chance that he just distributed a weaker form to entertain himself more, but that seems like a stretch. Anyway, I assume that’s not the end of the helmets, right? Are we just going to see a string of cases involving them that eventually lead to Makishima?