Parasyte Episode 14: Shinichi is starting to lose it?

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So Tamiya Ryouko figures out Shinichi’s “secret” about his mother. I’m surprised that even though she realizes that Shinichi has lost much of his humanity, he still wouldn’t hurt the human child that she carries with her. I’m curious what her game is, though…I feel like I don’t have a good sense of what she’s trying to accomplish.

Not sure about next week…Satomi appears in the “preview” section, but how big will her role be? Will she finally be brought into the loop or is she just going to be in the episode for a second to be pissed off at Shinichi? Also, what’s going to happen with that investigator? Has Shinichi somehow found another potential ally? I guess they didn’t leave on the best of terms…

Parasyte Episode 13: Being Shinichi is suffering

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Well, it looks like Satomi has finally decided to confront Shinichi about his odd behavior. But I guess the timing of the man shadowing Shinichi this episode has made him afraid that Migi will kill Satomi if she knows (if not immediately, whenever she becomes a liability). It raises some interesting questions. On the one hand, I’m assuming that his new state will make him too calm to really dwell on losing Satomi…but on the other hand, is it really that easy for him to isolate himself?

It seems Shinichi’s antics have also gotten the attention of the local parasite gang as well. Given that the shadow now knows basically everything, will he keep Shinichi’s secret or will he be too scared to notice that Shinichi tried to save his life? I’m guessing he rats Shinichi out and everyone starts attacking him again. But they wouldn’t throw Satomi into the crossfire, right? It’s too soon for another death like that, I would assume.

Parasyte Episode 12: Kana’s story

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I have to say…I was honestly expecting Kana to have more of a role in the show than this. As this week’s episode progressed, her death became a lot clearer…but going in, I really expected her to be the one that Shinichi could really talk to about the parasites. I guess he’s going to just have to make do with Migi after all.

I wonder if Mitsuo will have some further role in this show. He doesn’t really seem like that important of a character, but I really can’t help feeling like someone has to know Shinichi’s secret. Anyway, as usual, the previews don’t really give me much info about the next episode. I’m assuming the parasite that was elected into office will be important, but it’s hard for me to be sure given how it was shrugged off this week.

Parasyte Episode 11: Parasites are scheming

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Not much happening in this week’s episode. I guess the main thing was that there is some group of parasites that is preparing for war against the humans. And I guess they’re going to start with a run for mayor? Or was that a different group of people? I’m not entirely sure I understand why Shinichi was so apprehensive about seeing them…there’s no way someone in the public eye would be hasty enough to attack, right?

It’s starting to look more and more like Kana will become a confidant for Shinichi. At this point, Shinichi will give himself away and be forced to tell her the truth. The fact that she was asking him for a “final favor” pretty much solidifies that something will keep her from separating herself from him, right? Anyway, we’ll see how that turns out.

Parasyte Episode 10: Another massacre

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Well, Shimada was killed pretty quickly. I guess his purpose was to make the government finally do something. So does Murano trust Shinichi again after he saved her? I would still be suspicious after seeing him jump from the third floor. Is she really buying his story about adrenaline? All adrenaline does is mask the pain…it wouldn’t prevent him from breaking bones or injuring himself.

There was a moment this week where Shinichi was having trouble with his heart that felt a bit strange to me…it looks like something similar will happen next week. Maybe we’ll get an explanation. Also, is Shinichi not affected by this whole thing with pulling out people’s hair? If he’s not worried about it, it must not be an issue…I guess Migi’s cells don’t quite reach his hair.

Parasyte Episode 8 and 9: A new enemy appears

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Apparently, I’ve got two episodes to manage this week…based on what I can see, there should still be another new episode this week, so I’ll do them both at once. Episode 8 brings Kana back into the picture…obviously Satomi needs some competition. If she can sense parasites, maybe she’ll become a confidant for Shinichi. That would certainly deepen the rift between him and Satomi, so it would make sense. I really don’t see why she hasn’t figured anything out yet.

Episode 8 also brings the introduction of a new character, Shimada Hideo, presumably an enemy like A. I’m curious about the scene where he changed his face, though. They certainly made it seem a lot more important that I would expect.

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Episode 9 goes a bit more into Hideo…it looks like he will be involving one of Satomi’s friends in all of this parasite business. I was certain that she would be killed for her investigations…but since episode 9 cliffhangers her death, I assume that Shinichi will make it in time. He’ll likely reveal himself to her, which might cause his rift with Satomi to get even worse if he doesn’t get a chance to explain himself to her. Would that be the sort of thing that drives him to Kana?

Also, when will we finally figure out what these parasites are? I mean, aliens is the obvious answer…but isn’t that too easy? My mind wants to say government accident/project because of the timed outbreak, but shouldn’t there have been some secret meetings going on if that were the case?

Parasyte Episode 7: Shinichi gets a friend

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It looks like taking down Shinichi’s mother wasn’t so difficult after all…well, once he had power in numbers, that is. I guess the show is trying really hard to push the whole “power of friendship” thing. Not only with Shinichi and the new character Uda, but also by constantly putting forth this idea that the human/parasite hybrids are more capable than the pure parasites. I assume the message has something to do with the power of experience…since the parasites are basically newborns.

There’s also this whole story of the pieces of Migi flowing around in Shinichi’s bloodstream. Shinichi asks about effects on the brain, but I’m skeptical…it felt like the mental changes were happening before he was stabbed in the heart. Anyway, now that Shinichi is back home, what’s the new story? From the preview, it looks like there will be some new faces next week. Also, what happened to Uda in all of this? Did he follow Shinichi or is he just gone forever?

Parasyte Episode 6: Final battle time already?

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Well, it looks like Shinichi managed to survive being stabbed in the heart thanks to Migi. I don’t really understand how fusing with his heart improves his eyesight, though. I assume it’s something like Migi is now closer to Shinichi’s brain and can now exert a more positive influence to it (although, nearsightedness is caused by the structure of the eye…so maybe that doesn’t work after all).

I find it hard to believe that the one that Shinichi approaches at the end of this episode was actually his mother…surely didn’t seem like it from the brief glimpses. Whoever it was looked more like a man than a woman, but I guess his mother has short hair, so what do I know? Side note: I assume Migi’s final comment (the one that got cut off) was just going to be that Shinichi’s brain is somehow degenerating and that he’s losing his humanity…not that unexpected.

Parasyte Episode 5: Shinichi’s losing it

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It looks like his parents were attacked after all…not totally unexpected. Honestly, I should have been paying more attention when that parasite was talking about a female host…I just expected Shinichi’s girlfriend to be attacked. But all of that aside, it looks like a new character has appeared that can sense the parasites to some degree. Is it just pure chance or is she related to the “parasite attack” somehow? She certainly doesn’t act like a researcher…

Presumably, the main enemy for a bit will Shinichi’s mother. At a time where he is questioning his humanity, he may be forced to kill his own mother, which should blur the lines between human and animal even more. It looked from the “preview” that Shinichi’s father may have survived, which should make things more complicated. I’m assuming someone will see the moment Shinichi kills his mother, but who will it be?

Parasyte Episode 4: Ryouko looming? Another enemy?

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This dad is so chill…it’s actually kind of hilarious. Anyway, it looks like Shinichi is being put in the awkward position of questioning whether his parents should know his secret…unlike most teenagers, he’s willing to tell them, but is being stonewalled by Migi. I guess he should take this trip of theirs as a brief reprieve from interrogation. Also, there’s the question of whether Ryouko will end up being an ally or an enemy…so far, it seems like enemy to me.

Shinichi’s mother seems to appear in the preview (the burned hand)…does that mean that his parents actually will be in some danger? Will be available to save them or will they actually die? They really seem like they’re asking for it, but I can also sorta see a scenario where he saves them and the show continues on with his parents knowing his secret (Shinichi’s mother has been pushing a lot). I mean, the mother was given a flashback scene, after all.