Owari no Seraph Episode 4: New friend?

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This week’s episode introduces Shihou Kimizuki, the over-achieving student trying to join the Moon Demon Company to save his sister. Also, Mikaela is revealed to have been revived as a vampire by one of the top vampire nobles…for some reason (amusement?). It might just be me, but I’m starting to feel like this show is going at a snail’s pace. Assuming it’s a 12-episode adaptation, we’re a third of the way through and still nowhere close to the point where I am in the manga (which is only like 20 chapters in). Just how far in the story do they expect to go with the anime form?

Anyway, it looks like next week might finally be the episode where Yuuichirou gets his weapon and officially joins the Moon Demon Company…hopefully that doesn’t get stalled out further. I’m getting a bit tired of this school setting. I can’t remember whether Mikaela’s reason for helping the vampires is also revealed next week…I feel like it’s still too early.

Owari no Seraph Episode 3: Demons

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Oh yeah…I forgot that Yuuichirou had to deal with the random demon this week before he got his own weapon. Anyway, this week’s episode introduces a bit more the cursed weapon that Yuuichirou needs to fight the vampires. It also shows that despite his vendetta, he has a surprisingly strong heart (unusual for a character like that). The final reveal is that Mika is still alive and on the side of the vampires…which actually isn’t too surprising because of the opening and ending (which I still believe doesn’t count as a spoiler).

So next week’s episode is going to be the events that I thought were going to be in this week’s episode. A new character in the main cast will be introduced and it will be revealed why Mika is still alive and on the side of the vampires. Part of the reason is that he believes he needs to “save” his family member Yuuichirou, which is something that was hinted at this week. I’ve been curious about what that actually meant for a while now…

Owari no Seraph Episode 2: Making friends

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“You have to make a friend to rejoin the army.” Just looking at it, it’s a pretty cheesy idea…that being said, I thought it was a pretty funny request given the setting of the show. Anyway, this week’s episode introduces both my favorite character in this show, Hiiragi Shinoa, and my least favorite character, Saotome Yoichi. Shinoa is pretty much always trolling the group, so I’m looking forward to how she will be adapted in the anime.

Next week is the introduction of the cursed weapons, the ones that will need to be used to fight the vampires. If I remember correctly, a third main character in the show should also be introduced next week if Yuuichirou and Yoichi are getting their weapons. That would leave only one character left in the main group, so the real fighting can commence. And as a side note, how great is the music in this show? For me, it’s an absolute delight.

Owari no Seraph First Impressions (1): This one should be fun, right?

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This is definitely one of the shows for this season that I’ve been looking forward to watching. It’s set in a post-apocalyptic world where vampires have effectively have effectively taken over the world. The main character Yuuichirou Hyakuya is a child held in captivity by the vampires who escapes to join the remaining humans fighting against the vampires, fueled by his desire to avenge his family (sound familiar, anyone?).

This show definitely has quite a lot of potential. Post-apocalyptic stories are among my favorite types of stories and the soundtrack is done by Hiroyuki Sawano, who pretty much always has solid soundtracks. I’m not fully caught up with the manga (I stopped reading when the anime was announced), but what I’ve read so far has been interesting enough. I really do hope this show will be worth the hype and it’s pretty much guaranteed to be covered on this blog. Next week, we see how the humans are fairing in this new world of vampires. We’ll also get to see a bit more of Yuuichirou’s new personality after losing his family…I actually found him kinda insufferable in the manga, so don’t get too hopeful.