The Rest of the Season

It’s a well-established fact that I tend to watch too many series every season. Here’s my opinion of some of the shows that haven’t been appearing on my blog regularly (side note: I’m going to try to use my Twitter account to talk about these shows more regularly…if you’re interested).

[HorribleSubs] Hibike! Euphonium - 06 [720p].mkv_snapshot_17.37_[2015.05.14_19.32.08]

Hibike Euphonium

This is a show that I’m really upset that I didn’t continue covering. As a former band student (from my high school days), I feel like I could speak a lot to what’s being said in this show, but I had my usual aversion to covering slice of life shows, so I decided against it (also, I jumped on the bandwagon pretty late because I never expected to be watching this show). It’s actually very easy for someone like me to relate to this show, being that I was someone who was similarly participating in the school’s concert band pretty halfheartedly like the main character Kumiko. It’s interesting to see the other side.

I was never very emotionally invested in competitive band because I decided that it wasn’t where I wanted to put my effort, but Kumiko seems to be going in the opposite direction…though to be fair, it’s starting to look like it’s mostly fueled by peer pressure. A specific part of the series that I wanted to talk about that I haven’t seen mentioned much elsewhere is the choosing of instruments. Hazuki’s experience with choosing tuba for as simple a reason as just having the mouthpiece seems somewhat appropriate. I only chose percussion because my school’s band didn’t have enough people in that section and I couldn’t decide. I also want to mention (though it’s not really important) that my school’s band only had auditions to determine placements (and it actually wasn’t biased towards more senior members). Anyone could join the competitive band, but the director did kick some people out for not having proper motivation.

Shokugeki no Soma – Not really all too much to say here. This series has actually been fairly faithful to the manga (though the foodgasm adaptations are arguably a bit overboard).

Ore Monogatari – Surprisingly, this one’s not bad. It’s goofy enough that I’m not bored even if not that much stuff is going on. That being said, I’m pretty sure this can’t last long. Confession happening too early means they either have to fill the space with excess drama or get creative…

In Fire Emblem News…


I’m a little light on anime-related things to post today, but I noticed some news related to the upcoming Fire Emblem game, Fire Emblem if. As a fan of the series, I figure I’ll give my impressions. It looks like the main gimmick they’re introducing this time is this idea of choosing allegiance to one of the two major kingdoms at war in the game.

I personally would have found it more interesting if the allegiances were determined by decisions made in the game (kind of like Radiant Dawn where you bounce between teams), but it looks like the idea is to introduce a Pokemon-like paradigm where there are two versions of the game, each with its own version of the story. I was really hoping that the two kingdom system would help undermine the lord class, but the fact that there are separate versions just reinforces them. It looks like my choice will be fairly easy…the dark kingdom storyline is the harder one that reduces grinding, so I will probably be choosing that one.

Gameplay-wise, not much is revealed in this trailer. My final takeaway from the trailer is that the game has more of a Sengoku feel to it than many of the previous games, which makes me a bit wary, but might bring some freshness to the classes.

Absolute Troll Post

I really don’t want to cover Absolute Duo. If nothing else comes out by tomorrow morning, I’ll do it…otherwise, I’m just skipping it. On an unrelated note, I’ve made some minor performance improvements on the site that I hope help. I know the images are still scaled, but I tried fixing that and it didn’t really change load speed too much when I first tested it. I’ll be testing that some more before I commit to it.

Hopefully the last filler post

I’m feeling pretty sick today and it doesn’t look like there are any new releases for me to cover today, so I’m going to make this one quick if I can. I noticed that Absolute Duo has been out, but not yet subbed. I’ll probably end up doing a first impressions post for it because of the lack of options…This time of year is way too painful for me. I feel like I’m just desperately stalling.

Getting my brother interested in anime has been going well so far. He just finished watching both FMA adaptations and is currently working on Attack on Titan. He doesn’t just take recommendations from me, though, so his choices can be a bit weird, but his final opinions tend to be similar to mine. He actually asked me whether he should watch Guilty Crown…I considered letting him watch it, but decided it might be too painful.

Random Posts Return


Zestiria coming out yesterday was pretty convenient, but I’m not really feeling anything available for me to watch today, so I’m back to filler (still pretty tired too). Also, my apartment’s internet connection has been dicey today because of the snow, so there’s that. This post’s theme: Doing anime-ish-related stuff on Android

  • This may have just been a rookie mistake on my part, but I downloaded the If My Heart Had Wings game for Android because it was free and I was curious…boy was that a mistake. The app restricts the progress you can make in the game per day with a resource called Wing (I’m assuming the Steam version isn’t dumb enough to do this). I could barely get through a single conversation per day, so I ended up trying to save some up and eventually reached a point where I was told that the rest of the game wasn’t even available yet (I don’t even think all the characters had been introduced yet).
  • Watching anime on my Android phone: Mostly, I use DicePlayer…so far, it’s had the most consistency for playing softsubbed anime. It still goes crazy when typesetting is involved, but at least the video plays. I know the new VLC app just came out too, so that will probably be my next test subject. Or maybe I should just watch everything on the Crunchyroll app…
  • I have yet to find a manga-reader that works to my liking. Manga Rock is what I use, but even it has its issues (slow downloads, no way to mark chapters as unread, chapters that are deleted on the source become impossible to delete through the app). Other tested apps that were rejected: Manga Galaxy (this one wasn’t that bad, but it’s been removed from the Play Store), Aizoban, MangaCloud (also removed), Comic Reader. Almost makes me want to make my own…but that’s crazy talk.

Filler Post 3

This will probably end up being the last post like this. Tomorrow, I’ll be back home, so I can actually watch stuff. Hopefully, the extra time on the plane helps with the whole “watching stuff” goal. Anyway, on to the bullets!

  • What the heck should I watch? More than likely, I’m going to try to watch an anime movie on the plane that I can sorta review.
  • Shows I started this season, but didn’t finish: Cross Ange, Gundam: G no Reconguista, Denki-gai no Honya-san (why did I even start this?), Amagi Brilliant Park (I’m actually pretty close, though). Not a great performance, but it’s better than last season (let’s not talk about last season’s dropped shows, though).

Filler Post 2: Now with less anime!

I still don’t really have too much time to spend on a post today (meeting with some of my family’s Chinese friends for lunch/dinner…not too fun), so another quick set of bullets will have to do. Tomorrow will probably be the same because I’ll be on an airplane all day.

  • Anything fun happen on New Year’s? I spent New Year’s trying to see the Shanghai light show by the river…failed miserably because way too many Chinese people were there (apparently, some people died because of the crowding). If it helps, this is a picture of the Shanghai skyline that I took while we were out walking (I know I suck with cameras):


  • And no, I’m not planning on watching Tsukimonogatari. I’m still behind with the Monogatari stuff.

Filler Post 1

Probably going to have two or three more days of posts like this due to lack of Parasyte episode this week and inconsistent access to the Internet. More random bullets (the non-lethal kind)!

  • The lack of mysteries in airing anime has forced me to turn towards American TV shows like Castle, Forever, and Person of Interest (which doesn’t really count). Reading manga has been sorta helping with this.
  • Site-related things: currently thinking about ways to improve the performance issues with this blog, but I’m still open to other visual suggestions. Also, websites are hard.
  • Now, I should probably switch to anime-related things. What shows are people excited about for the next season? I think Assassination Classroom will be okay, but I’m way too “in the dark” about everything else.

Random Thoughts on Fall 2014 Music

I’ll likely be without Internet access today, so it looks like Fate will have to wait a day. I’m lacking in creativity today, so I’m just making this random post. Again, please forgive my low quality phone posts.

Music-wise, I feel like the opening and ending themes for this season have been really weak.

  • “ideal white” from Fate/stay Night seemed like the type of song that I would really like, but I ended up getting tired of it pretty quickly (“believe” is pretty solid, though).
  • Log Horizon didn’t even offer up a new opening. Just seemed lazy…
  • Other than those, I think the songs from Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso and World Trigger are okay, but I can’t think of much more. I only really listen to the instrumental version for World Trigger’s opening, though.
  • Oh yeah. “Courage” from SAO was also a song I liked. I didn’t expect to like it when I first heard it, but it kinda grew on me.
  • I feel like the vocals mess it up for Trinity Seven’s OP “Seven Doors”.

Placeholder Post Again

Well, today I was supposed to post on World Trigger, but I’m way too jet lagged to do that, so another placeholder post was born. I’m even posting from my phone, so I have no idea how this will turn out. I’ll just go with some more random thoughts.

  1. Chinese food is awesome and you should all be jealous.
  2. Inou Battle started out okay and it has its fun moments, but I really question the use of the super powers. Why do they even exist? Why did they have that episode with the brother introducing the war at all? I still need to watch the last episode, so this opinion might change.
  3. The Android app for WordPress seems pointless other than for comment notifications. It feels a lot more effective to just use a browser to access my site on my phone.
  4. My brother and sister seem really interested in watching anime movies. Any suggestions?