Noragami Aragoto Episode 3: Betrayal everywhere

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Kugaha is really laying on the crazy. I’m still not completely clear on what his intentions are…is it just to make Bishamon fight Yato to return a status of “god of destruction”? It seems like an easy answer, but it feels like he’s going pretty far out of bounds to achieve this to me. Maybe part of it is some sort of jealousy towards Kazuma? The part about Kugaha’s name not being effective was also interesting…does it simply mean he got a different name somehow? Or did Bishamon always intend for his real name to be secret?

It looks like Yato will have to fight Bishamon next week. I’m assuming that we’ll also find out more about what really happened between the two in the past. Based on what the Regalia were saying this week about their effectiveness without Kazuma, the battle should be even enough. I look forward to watching it. I suppose Hiyori’s role in this season is being reduced to “damsel in distress”…seems like a pretty steep demotion from last season.

Noragami Aragoto Episode 2: Betrayal?

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So I guess the story of this season is that Bishamon is being betrayed by one of her many Regalia. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting to see Suzuha so brutally murder so quickly. And after seeing Suzuha killed in that fashion, I was really expecting the blame for his death to be shifted to Yato immediately. I haven’t fully given up on that possibility, but I would hope that someone on Bishamon’s side would be smart enough to point out that it would be stupid for Yato to kill Suzuha because it would piss off his own Regalia. That being said, it looks the main focus of this season will be Yato making up with Bishamon by saving her from one of her own.

While this week’s episode seemed to show a lot more weakness from Yukine as he finds out that he may be forgotten, the preview for next week’s episode seems to suggest that he may be the stronger of the two main characters as he tries to find out what happened to Suzuha. I’d like to see the roles reverse as Yukine has to cover for Yato, but I won’t discount the possibility that he breaks down again after finding out that Suzuha is dead. Let’s see how far Yukine has come from the first season.

Noragami Aragoto First Impressions (1): Return of the delivery god

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So we’re back with another season. The first half of this episode goes as you would expect, reintroducing the main cast with another one of Yato’s jobs going wrong. With that aside, though, the episode shifts its focus to Bishamon, who is supposed to be the main focus of the season. We get a display of how incredibly different Bishamon’s battle style is to Yato’s, relying on combinations with multiple Regalia…kind of a cool battle style if you ask me. Given the trajectory of the season, I’m curious how much Hiyori’s condition is going to be put on the back burner. I guess it really isn’t important.

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There are a few routes this season can go, it seems. Bishamon will find Yato either through figuring out what Kazama did at the end of the last season or through this Regalia from her family that has befriended Yukine. I also wouldn’t be surprised if Yukine is the reason that Yato and Bishamon eventually reconcile (friendship across battle lines, I suppose). Speculation aside, let’s talk music. My initial impression of the opening song is pretty good so far…it’s got a good groove to it. The ending song isn’t terrible, but the music sounds a bit chaotic for my taste. One last side note related to music: anyone else really miss the song that plays in the preview? I’m really glad they kept that.