Nobunagun Episode 3: Training seems to be going well…

[HorribleSubs] Nobunagun - 03 [720p].mkv_snapshot_06.31_[2014.01.24_06.35.20]

Those soldiers are just a little bit creepy. Anyway, nothing all that new here. Just standard overbearing training for a new recruit. Apparently, Shio doesn’t know the basics of hitting a moving target (don’t shoot where they are >.>). Anyway, this episode progressed in a pretty predictable manner with the soldiers dying after befriending Shio. Also, the trainer asked the same question I had…why exactly did she choose the name “Nobunagun”?

I wonder if Shio will have vengeance in her eyes next week. Maybe it’ll cause her to finally apply the things they’ve been saying in training. Anyway, I would guess that the training period will end next week. Hopefully they don’t dwell all too much on it. So far, I haven’t seen anything too crazy from this show. Still kinda waiting. Also, it looks like Jack the Ripper is joining the fight again next week. What exactly can he do in a hurricane?

Nobunagun Episode 2: Hooray for secret organizations saving the world!

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Oh, so that attack in Taiwan was the first instance. I thought it was one of those situations where Sio joins a group of people that have been facing these aliens all along, but she was just coincidentally at the location of the first strike. Anyway, there should theoretically be some other E-Gene holders, right? Because the current lineup is not instilling any confidence. Jack the Ripper seems very limited to close-range, single-target fighting, Newton seems fairly useless, Gandhi only has a defensive ability, and Nobunaga is a newbie. Hardly seems like enough to fight an army.

Next week, the training camp starts to whip Sio into shape, I suppose. I still don’t understand what exactly the alien rabbit did to create these E-Gene holders. Apparently, it extracted genes from historical figures and somehow distributed them to future generations. Did it infuse the genes into some random people? There’s no logical reason why a descendant of Nobunaga would coincidentally have this power. But then, why would they be surprised to find an E-Gene holder? Also, the ending theme to this show makes my ears bleed…just saying.

Nobunagun First Impressions: Worst…name…ever…

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Nobunaga + Gun = Nobunagun…*facepalm*. Well, that aside, this show is apparently about people who possess the DNA of some historical figure and use that to fight some sort of alien creatures. Well, at least it’s not focusing on Sengoku era. But what exactly is the criteria for these historical figures that they’re choosing? Obviously if they’re choosing someone like Gandhi, it’s got nothing to do with combat strength. And Jack the Ripper isn’t exactly the most iconic figure in history.

I dunno what to say about this show. Was that credits song the actual ending song? Because if so, that was…uhh…let’s go with “not my taste”. Anyway, I’m not entirely sure whether I want to cover this. I already hate the main character Shio Ogura and what exactly is this semi-yuri relationship she has with Asao? And this E-Gene mechanic is sure to make the biology major within me cringe.