Natsuyuki Rendezvous First Impressions

So, this show was surprisingly interesting. Basic idea is that the main character, Hazuki Ryuusuke, is in love with a girl, Shimao Rokka, who is still not over her dead husband. Turns out her husband, Shimao Atsushi, is a ghost that only Hazuki can see and hear. It was nice…Hazuki sorta confesses to the girl and issues a direct challenge to Atsushi (kinda like “what are you gonna do about it?”). Not what you’d typically expect from a male lead in a romance (especially a whacked out love triangle like this).

Nope…nothing suspicious going on here!
Opening sounded great to me…ending not as good, but not bad. They both seem like songs that would fit this sort of thing. There’s a lot of stuff this show can do…I’m curious what it will choose. For example, they can have Atsushi remain exclusively visible to Hazuki or he could show up to some of the other characters around the shop (though not to Rokka, of course). Not sure if I’ll cover the show, but I’m interested enough to keep watching.