Medaka Box Episode 2

And we’re back with another request from the Medaka Box. This week’s episode seemed to set out to show the human side of Medaka, something I wasn’t expecting quite so early in the show. But when I think back on it, it kinda makes sense to immediately make Medaka a bit more…accessible? The whole thing with the track shoes…yeah…I couldn’t help but love that. Medaka went into Sherlock Holmes mode to solve everything, then explain it, and it was just too much. I grew up on Sherlock Holmes and always love those sorts of scenes. We also had the running gag of the jersey under the student council uniform from Zenkichi…worked decently well. I didn’t think it was all that lame. Pose-copy no jutsu from Medaka never ceases to amuse me, though.

The second request about the dog…was a bit much. Really? Was having Medaka dress like that really necessary? But like I said before, that whole bit with Medaka getting jealous and getting depressed…wasn’t expecting it yet. I especially wasn’t expecting the jealous bit…I mean, I get making Medaka seem more human, but having her show such obvious jealousy so early in the show? As for the ending theme played this week…Vocals probably weren’t the greatest, but I was too distracted by the awesome guitar. It was so simple and so soft, but it sounded great. Still enjoying the show and looking forward to watching more. It looks like a new character next week…should be interesting. Also…Shiranui…what the heck? She knows everything O.o so evil…

And can someone tell me what the deal is with this show only being 12 episodes? That’s so disappointing for such a long manga. Is it just gonna end before the genre shift I heard so much about? I need to know these things >.>

Medaka Box Episode 1

Let me start off by saying that I haven’t read the manga for this show, so I’m completely in the dark about what’s going to happen. I might read it as the show goes on, but for now, I know nothing. The show follows Kurokami Medaka, who is voted as student council president despite being a first year in a landslide victory. She creates a suggestion box to help everyone and drags in her childhood friend Hitoyoshi Zenkichi. When I first heard about this show, it struck me instantly as being reminiscent of Haruhi, and a lot of the first episode made Medaka seem like Haruhi. Dragging the protagonist around, the club leadership role, the bossy attitude, and the natural talent all seemed to match.

But still, Medaka and Zenkichi have a much different relationship, with Zenkichi being introduced as the only character that would even think to worry about the “perfect” Medaka. Also, Medaka seems to be much more blatantly comedic than her counterpart. I was especially amused by her tendency to appear by someone copying their pose. By the looks of it, there are still a couple of more characters that need to join the student council, but haven’t been introduced yet.

We are introduced to Shiranui Hansode, though, a cheerful girl who seems to know more than she lets on (very suspicious…). It also looks like she won’t join the student council (she doesn’t have the same uniform), but she’ll be a constant presense. I’m curious about how this show is going to be in general. In the first episode, we see something in the suggestion box and Medaka goes to lecture people and solves the problem. Is that how every episode will be? Is it just going to be one suggestion after another? Surely not, or I wouldn’t expect the manga to be as popular as it is. It also looks (from the opening theme) as though there is some sort of school organization that will oppose Medaka in the JIB? Is that what that was? Speaking of the opening theme, the song was pretty nice, but upbeat style music like that isn’t really my cup of tea. Those sorts of songs always end up sounding the same to me.