Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Episode 16: Well, that was easy

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As expected, Tatsuya ended beating Masaki’s team. The fight ended up being pretty straightforward…no random interruptions as I might have thought. I’m not completely sure I understood what the military people were talking about when they were observing Tatsuya, though. Was Tatsuya using Flash Cast when he cast the restoration spell or the sound amplification spell? Or was it both?

Presumably, all that remains are a few more official events and the fight against the No Head Dragons. I’m still curious whether Masaki will choose to join that fight. Also, how important was that comment that was made about the patriarch taking notice of Tatsuya from the this fight? Is he going to make a move in the next few episodes?

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Episode 15: Preparations for the fight

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It looks like this week’s episode was just the exposition of the two sides and their skills. This all seems too simple so far. The military has mentioned that Tatsuya is holding certain skills back…it’s naturally a correct tactic in this situation, but the final can’t be such a simple case of Tatsuya revealing one of these techniques and besting Masaki, right? That’s just too easy of a finish. Plus, Tatsuya’s the kind of guy that would use more…flourish?

Next week is finally the face-off between Masaki and Tatsuya. Presumably, the No Head Dragons should be making a move pretty soon as well. Just how much of Tatsuya’s power will we see next week? Are we finally going to learn just how strong he really is or will he remain an awkwardly-kept military secret (he’s been doing so well so far!)?

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Episode 14: Epic face-off time

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Well, it looks like Tatsuya has finally joined the fight. It’s to be expected, since Masaki and he need a reason to duke it out. However, given that Azusa is already figuring out that Tatsuya is Silver, just how much will be revealed to the public if Tatsuya competes? He’s starting to feel like the military’s worst-kept secret of all time. Also, it makes sense that he would choose Leo given the fact that he just gave him a new weapon…that thing needs some combat experience.

Halfway point in the series means that a new opening and ending have arrived…these songs weren’t very interesting, though. Next week, the battle begins between the two military vets. Will this be the battle that gets interrupted by the crime syndicate? Or is that still much further down the line? Honestly, if it weren’t for the fact that this battle basically determines the first place school for the Rookie division, I wouldn’t have been able to discount the possibility that Tatsuya loses.

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Episode 13: Tatsuya’s showing off some more

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It looks like the sabotage of First High was a one-time thing. This week’s competitions seem to go by smoothly. That being said, Tatsuya voiced concern about his identity as Silver being revealed and it looks like Third High are already starting to notice. He seems safe enough now as a nameless engineer, but he might be blown if he enters one of the competitions. Also, were the bookies that claimed responsibility for the incident in Mari’s competition supposed to be part of the crime syndicate? Or are they just some other factor altogether?

Miyuki finally got to compete this week, but Masaki’s abilities are still shrouded in mystery. Presumably, next week he’ll finally join the spotlight. I wonder if his competition will be the one that gets interrupted by crime syndicate activity. Those guys are supposed to be relevant at some point, right?

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Episode 12: Tatsuya’s getting all the ladies

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It looks like the sabotage is finally starting. I’m curious, though…when they said that the spells had to have been cast by a third party, did they just mean that someone outside of the competition was interfering? Because the most probable candidate for these things is always whoever is number 2, which would be Third High in this case. It also makes sense because it puts Tatsuya at odds with Masaki, who attends Third High. But we have to considered the crime syndicate, after all…

I didn’t realize Miyuki was competing in the rookie competitions…that explains why she hasn’t been doing anything. Anyway, it looks like she’s in the real action now. Is this Mirage Bat competition where Masaki will enter the fold by facing off against Miyuki? Or are all of the competitions unisex?

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Episode 11: This competition seems easy…

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From what we’ve seen, the competition seems to be going well…though it seems like the troubling competitions are happening off-camera. I wonder why we’re only seeing such easy victories. Another interesting thing that was brought up this week was that Tatsuya is also known as Ryuuya Ooguro by the military. Pushing multiple identities on a mysterious character is the sort of thing I would do and it makes him more interesting to watch.

I’m curious to see what Tatsuya has created for Leo next week. Presumably, Leo isn’t competing, so it’s probably something that will come into play in the inevitable battle against the crime syndicate in this arc. We also haven’t seen Masaki’s role in the arc yet…and I’m sure Miyuki’s competition will need some focus. Still plenty to see…

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Episode 10: Tatsuya’s always lurking in those shadows…

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Even in another bus, Tatsuya still managed to show off by cancelling the conflicting magic sequences. That bus scene was swept away pretty quickly. Was it related to the syndicate that Tatsuya was ordered to investigate? If so, the night attack Mikihiko intercepted at the end of the episode is likely also related. Was there supposed to be a reason for that syndicate’s attacks? Maybe they’re targeting the patriarch? Speaking of the patriarch, I’m curious how he was able to tell that five people detected his magic. Also, Tatsuya didn’t immediately notice it…he first thought there was some sort of mistake. How does that compare with the other four?

Masaki had a brief moment this week, but I still can’t tell what his role will be in the coming arc. The best prediction I have is that he’ll be beaten by Miyuki, then help Tatsuya fight against whoever attacks the competition. The show seems to be focusing more on Mikihiko, which is a bit jarring for me because of the way Masaki is presented in the opening. Based on the scene with Mizuki last week and the brief flashback from Mikihiko this week, I’m guessing Mikihiko’s the star of this arc.

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Episode 9: Looks like the competition is starting early

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It looks like Mizuki is pretty important because of her eyes. Is she the chosen one and the true protagonist of this show after all? Some interesting moments regarding Tatsuya’s past this week. The confirmation of the Taurus Silver link to Tatsuya was to be expected, but it looks like Tatsuya’s abilities might be somehow artificial…or at the very least, the subject of extensive lab experimentation.

I’m not sure what to make of the last scene in the episode. Why was Watanabe trying so hard to stop the students from using their magic to stop the car? Was it simply because there was someone in it and they would probably severely injure him in the process of stopping the car? If so, then Miyuki’s power should handle the job next week. Or is there some nefarious plot linked to the car that she’s somehow realized? She called them idiots when she was trying to stop them, so it clearly has to be something obvious, right?

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Episode 8: Tatsuya’s showing off again…

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Oh hey…you got a major problem making a flying spell? Don’t worry, Tatsuya’s got the answer. That was kind of a random way to end the episode. Considering how easily he figured out the flying spell and the reactions Miyuki had in the student council room, Tatsuya has to be Taurus Silver. I don’t think we can call it speculation anymore.

It looks like the next big enemy is an international crime syndicate this time. I wonder if the school is even really necessary in this show. It seems like most of the major arcs involved militarized organizations dragging Tatsuya in. Anyway, what are the odds that Tatsuya’s role as the engineer in the Nine Schools Competition ends up pulling him into the competition itself? Also, did anyone else notice how close Tatsuya got to escaping the student council room before being forced to become the engineer? Poor guy…

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Episode 7: That attack was easy…

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We finally meet Masaki, the mysterious guy from the opening theme shown opposing Tatsuya. It seems as though he is different from the Kazama person that was mentioned to Tatsuya by Sayaka’s father, who seems to be some sort of link for Tatsuya to the military. Oh right, there was also that whole deal with assaulting the Blanche HQ this week too. Huh…that ended pretty quickly. Looks like it wasn’t all that important.

Presumably, the next arc will feature Masaki. He seems to use the same gun CAD that Tatsuya uses, so do they actually have a history? It looks like the next arc will be some sort of inter-school competition, so maybe Tatsuya will be put in the running to represent his school? That’s probably how he ends up fighting Masaki…