Log Horizon 2 Episode 5: Christmas Eve already?

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Looks like a few days passed before the fight against the intruder and finally the first death scene comes for Shiroe and Akatsuki. I’m not entirely sure I understand what Souji was trying to accomplish by showing the Teaching skill to Akatsuki…if I remember correctly, you learn that skill from a raid, so it’s not like he’s actually teaching anything. Maybe just showing her what the potential of those skills is? But how does that really help if she isn’t the type to go on raids?

Next week, it’s time to loop back to the scenes we were seeing in the first episode. I wasn’t expecting that to happen so quickly, but I guess now we’ll finally learn the significance of that scene. While it’s all fine and good that Shiroe and Akatsuki get their fun little scene together next week, what exactly is going to happen with our samurai friend? Is he really going to be rampaging about in the meantime? Also, what exactly happened with the raid? Did the party wipe? Seems unlikely…

Log Horizon 2 Episode 4: The attack begins!

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I really do agree with Akatsuki’s concerns…I’ve been question what her purpose is for a while as well. Still, given the focus on her in the ending themes for both the first and second season, I’m guessing she’ll eventually find out her purpose and figure out her calling as a true protagonist. Also, was I supposed to be getting hints of the start of a relationship between Akatsuki and Lenessia this week?

It looks like next week will be the first appearance of the Teaching-level skill and it looks like Soujirou will be the one to show it. It’s still too early for Akatsuki to die (should still have a few more days until Christmas), so I’m guessing the “non-suspicious” samurai will make a tactical retreat after Soujirou shows off. What happens after that? I would guess Akatsuki will either figure out what she needs to do (quest time?) or start begging Soujirou to teach her (or some sort of training time).

Log Horizon 2 Episode 3: Raid boss!

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Raids can last a month? Is that how MMORPGs are these days? If so, then it’s definitely a good thing I never participate in them. I’ve played games with smaller-scale raids that lasted maybe an hour or two…I’m pretty sure that’s all my attention span can take, especially if you’re facing and studying the same exact enemy for such a long time. At the end of the day, it’s hard to beat a good PvP match, am I right? On another note, has Shiroe really not died yet in the raid? I understand that he’s always standing by and analyzing the situation, but you’d think everyone on the party would die at least once with all of the failures they’ve been having with the raid bosses.

What exactly was the point of the discussion of skill levels? Is it meant to suggest that the group will have to face a player using “Teaching”-level skills? Or is it something Shiroe will encounter soon? It would certainly explain why Akatsuki dies on Christmas Eve (or why either of the two dies for that matter). Anyway, it looks like the focus might shift back to Akihabara next week.

Log Horizon 2 Episode 2: Raid time!

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I see this show hasn’t given up on the long-winded explanations of MMO concepts at the start of the episodes. Anyway, this week’s episode introduces a new recurring character in Tetra, who seems to have a strange attachment to Naotsugu. So far, it doesn’t look like there’s too much meaning to the fact that she’s floating in the ending animation, but I guess we don’t know that much about her yet. We’ve seen some pretty player-like NPCs already, right? There was also a brief moment this week with Akatsuki walking by the guy in Akihabara outside the weapon shop which seemed important…but would a spy from the South really look that obviously suspicious?

I’ve always been pretty averse to raids. I almost always quit MMOs before I reach the raid-scale dungeons and the ones I’ve actually played extensively limited parties to 8 or so, so I’ve never experience these sorts of large-scale fights. Honestly, they’ve always seemed too chaotic for me to really find much interest. I guess I’m much more interested in skirmishes. It looks like next week the raid starts and I’ll see how these things go.

Log Horizon 2 First Impressions (1): Quest start!

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After a bit of break, this series is back with another season. The first episode didn’t dwell too much on reintroducing the show with some flashback of the events of the last season, which I appreciate, but the festival scenes really ate up a lot of screen time. It looks like the controversy regarding the adventurers in the South will just be weighing as a constant presence for the time being as the main quest seems to be searching for some sort of spring of infinite gold.

I’m really curious about the final scene in the episode, though. It features Akatsuki and Shiroe in casual clothes (normal world-looking clothes) talking about some sort of “failure” on Christmas Eve. Given the nature of the show, it’s hard to predict whether they’re talking about real death or game death, but I’m much more curious why their clothes aren’t game world clothes. Is that supposed to be some sort of flash-forward hinting at the end of this series? Suggesting that this season may be the last?

[HorribleSubs] Log Horizon 2 - 01 [720p].mkv_snapshot_13.13_[2014.10.04_09.21.14]

The opening for this series…well, it’s the same song, so no real comments here (I know Database was popular, but that just seems lazy to me). The ending song is similar to last season in that it features Akatsuki heavily and doesn’t have the same intensity as the opening song. The ending also features a new character pretty heavily, a pink-haired girl who is apparently floating in the air. Another mystical NPC like Regan, maybe? Either way, it looks like next week will be the start of the fighting.

Log Horizon Episode 25 (Final): Second season confirmed!

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Wait, has that been what Shiroe has been doing all of this time? Keeping tabs on the entire world of Elder Tale outside of Akihabara as well as working on the spell to return to the original world? No wonder he’s been so anti-social. It’s always nice to see Shiroe’s plans work out. Honestly, this last episode could have been a lot more of a tease, so I guess we should be grateful for a bit of resolution.

Well, Shiroe has basically declared war against the west by telling Nureha that he will be her enemy, but that will have to be left for the next season, which should be starting in the fall. I’m glad that a second season is announced, though. That’s the only situation where an ending with so many unresolved issues like this one can be acceptable in my eyes. I’d say this was one of the more entertaining shows of this season and last season for me. It’s more than I can say for a lot of shows…

Log Horizon Episode 24: Shiroe steps into the fray

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It looks like Shiroe has finally figured things out. Solving issues with the power of love! He continues to conclude that the attack is the work of the People of the Land, but I still suspect otherwise. An attack from a western noble? It seems much more likely that this is linked to spell cast in the west. Also, the entire time Marves was on screen, I kept asking myself “are these adventurers with him actual adventurers or converted adventurers from Shiroe’s spell?” If they’re actual adventurers, this makes it much more likely in my eyes that this is an adventurer-organized attack.

Either way, it looks like Shiroe will confront the true mastermind next week in what appears to be our final episode for this series. I’m assuming the cat-girl in the preview is also the storyteller that we’ve seen wandering around. An inconclusive ending is guaranteed, but we still have to see how much we’re left hanging.

Log Horizon Episode 23: Looks like things are building up again

[Commie] Log Horizon - 23 [CBC17B4C].mkv_snapshot_19.28_[2014.03.09_11.50.20]

I guess there will be another battle after all. Are adventurers making the move using People of the Land as pawns or are the People of the Land making their own move? The first option seems the most likely, but there is always the possibility of the second option (it would probably be linked to Shiroe’s spell if that were the case).

Shiroe’s on the case, though. Based on the preview, it looks like Shiroe may be backed into a corner strategically when he faces this foe. Judging by the remaining number of episodes, it seems pretty unlikely that this is related to the spell cast in the west that Regan mentioned. My guess is that it’s some unrelated adventurer attack that will be dealt with swiftly. But we did get a brief glimpse of that storyteller walking around Akihabara, so maybe this is the beginning of the cliffhanger ending I predicted. Also…still keeping my eye out for “Surprise Henrietta”.

Log Horizon Episode 22: And now Shiroe is a womanizer to the public

[Commie] Log Horizon - 22 [DEB66449].mkv_snapshot_05.07_[2014.03.02_12.18.04]

Well, so far it’s going as was suggested last week. This episode is fairly light and there doesn’t seem like there will be much more conflict in the rest of the series. I imagine I’ll have less and less to talk about for the rest of the series. All I can really do is make a prediction. Based on what I’ve seen so far, the last episode will be a cliffhanger into another “season”.

So…is love really going to be the point of tension for the remaining episodes? Based on the preview, it looks like this continues next week at the very least. Love rivalry, I guess, is the name of the game. Oh well, next week zooms more on Minori. Theoretically, Akatsuki is the better choice age-wise, but video games tend to remove those sorts of boundaries. And we can’t discount the possibility of “Surprise Henrietta”.

Log Horizon Episode 21: I guess this is where things slow down…

[Commie] Log Horizon - 21 [62388659].mkv_snapshot_04.48_[2014.02.23_12.01.13]

Very interesting. It seems like Shiroe is starting to become demonized in the eyes of others. At the moment, he has some very powerful god mod on his side, but that would only help to turn people against him if it were brought to light. There’s also this issue of the second world-class spell that was cast. Well, Regan never said explicitly that it was world-class magic, but I’m running under that assumption. Was it supposed to be related to the woman that Shiroe saw in the courtyard recounting the tale of how he saved Rudy? Doesn’t really give much of a hint.

A festival? Is that really how they wish to spend the rest of the season? The preview seems pretty lighthearted too. I guess there really isn’t all that much time for another arc unless it was finishing off the Goblin King. I’m just kinda disappointed to see things winding down, I guess. It’s probably also because Shiroe was basically embodied through Minori in the past few episodes, so his role has mostly diminished to that of  the scribe. I kinda liked watching Shiroe, the strategist, over Shiroe, the god mod.