Log Horizon 2 Episode 15: Quest time

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Well, time to switch to the new players, I guess. I’m not sure how entertaining this will be…it’s a bit worrisome. On the bright side, this week’s episode gave me at least a little bit of hope…I don’t know why, but I actually found Rudy pretty funny this week. Maybe there’s hope for this group? On the other hand, I still find Serara pretty much unbearable to watch…something about her personality irks me, I guess.

Next week, the journey begins and the battles will return (probably the return of overly explained MMORPG mechanics too). Also, it looks like there will be a new character potentially joining the cast…some sort of Shiroe look-alike. Is that a form of respect or just a coincidence? I say “potentially joining the cast” because it looks like this character only appears in the opening theme (unless I missed something in the ending).

Log Horizon 2 Episode 14: Time for war?

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So this episode seemed pretty strange and jarring because of how they just shifted the focus to a completely new area and a new set of characters. Also, I guess they were trying really hard to make the ninja turtles reference with Leonardo…he’s even into pizza (yes, I know he’s actually a frog). I’m not really sure how much more I can say, though…this episode just felt like they were showing off the new team.

There was something about this episode I didn’t fully understand, though. A lot of the time, they discussed the Apocalypse happening strictly to the Japanese server…does that mean that everyone else isn’t necessarily trapped in the game? That doesn’t really make much sense, though, since Leonardo talks about the benefits of having a physical body in the game. So maybe everyone is trapped, but the Japanese server is in deeper?

Log Horizon 2 Episode 13: Valentine’s Day

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I would have preferred to cover Fate’s final episode today, but it’s an hour-long and my lack of solid wifi connection made this show a better choice. The reasoning is simple…this week’s episode was mostly filler. Sure, they brought back some jokes from the first season, like Shiroe’s cake buffet date and the “we’re having curry” scene, but the episode was mostly boring for me. The only really suspicious scene for this episode was Rudy’s disappearance. They made it a point to show some people sneaking around in Akihabara while Isuzu was looking for him, so maybe he was in on their secret meeting or something?

Next week marks the return of Kanami, the leader of the Debauchery Tea Party. This wasn’t that hard to predict given how much they talked about her this week. I actually thought that maybe Nureha was secretly her or something, but it looks like she’s just playing on a different server. Also, it looks like Nureha may become a potential enemy for the future? Not sure what to make of that scene yet.

Log Horizon 2 Episode 12: Being Naotsugu is suffering

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The raid is finally over! As expected, the encounter with Kinjou ended up just being a discussion/negotiation. Everything got wrapped up nicely, I suppose. Demikas even found love…ish. Random game mechanic note: Shiroe mentions already adding William to his friends list…which means that the game probably has a system where you can add anyone you want to the list, but it only “activates” when both players add each other. I’ve played in systems like that and I personally prefer the request system…even if you get random guys pretending to be girls adding you every now and then.

So I guess it’s time for another story arc. But first, it looks like there will be some distraction filler episodes (can I skip them?). I guess it’s finally time for Shiroe to face the music…he must choose! I say this knowing full well that next week’s episode will end with some half-sincere response from Shiroe to both Akatsuki and Minori (and Henrietta too?). Can we just skip the next episode and get right to the “meetings in dark rooms” business that was briefly shown this week? Of course, knowing this show, that will probably make its way into the filler episode…

Log Horizon 2 Episode 11: The true culprit?

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Wait…let me get this straight. You can just walk past the raid boss and enter the final level? Why doesn’t everyone just do that? I mean, I understand if you really want rare items or swag points, but this raid boss seemed almost impossible. I guess it was proven that these raid bosses are pretty intelligent, so maybe they just follow you. That’s the only explanation that makes a lot of sense to me. The idea of the raid boss adapting like Luseat was pretty cool…they almost seem  human! That sort of thing would definitely make me more interested in playing in raids. In their current state, I lose interest because it just feels like you can script too much of the fight.

The goal of this raid was get the gold, right? So is Shiroe planning on fighting the last raid boss by himself? Seems quite unlikely. Based on the preview, it looks like he might just negotiate the usage of the gold river with Kinjou. But what will he have to give up in return? Is there even anything that Kinjou really needs? It must be another alliance like the Round Table.

Log Horizon 2 Episode 10: Pep talk

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Well, they certainly did spend an entire episode motivating themselves up to try the raid again. That’s a pretty long and drawn-out way to say “I’m a nerd gamer and proud of it.” Apparently, this was much more important of an event than the time spent between Akatsuki’s resurrection and the defeat of the berserk Royal Guard. Shiroe mentions that a week has passed…were they just restocking? And the raid didn’t reset while they were doing this? They plan to finish by January 7 (the wipe happened on Christmas Eve, so that means it’s approximately New Year’s Day), so there’s no way all the bosses respawned.

Anyway, next week is the second try against triple raid boss room. Now that everyone’s had their defeatist moment, I’m sure this raid boss will be resolved either next week or in the episode after that. That aside, William brings up the Debauchery Tea Party this week…now that I think about it, we still don’t really know what happened to them. Is that ever going to be relevant?

Log Horizon 2 Episode 9: The raid is no fun without a challenge, right?

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So now we have Shiroe’s side of the death scene. His death experience seems to have been much longer than Akatsuki’s, though (with much more focus on his real face…). Anyway, I guess he’s figured himself out or something. There was quite a bit of focus during the fight on Demikas as well…now that he’s saved Shiroe, is he officially part of the main cast?

But now the question remains: what happened to Shiroe in the time when Akatsuki was fighting the crazy Royal Guard? All we know is that they revived at about the same time and that Shiroe calls Akatsuki after her fight saying that the group will “try again”. From the preview, it looks like everyone respawned in the dungeon…so maybe there’s a chance the entire dungeon didn’t reset. I guess they spend all of that time dealing with their insecurities before they resolve themselves to fight the raid bosses…but does it really take that long? I thought Akatsuki’s fight takes at least two days…

Log Horizon 2 Episode 8: Raid boss down

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I must admit, Akatsuki’s Teaching skill is probably the best one that’s been revealed so far…the type that I would want to use in battle. Maybe it’s just because I’m more combat-focused in games. It looks like gaining the Teaching skill involves augmenting a skill by adapting that particular skill’s purpose. It makes sense given how much the game world is becoming real…I suppose it’s the same as the whole cooking thing from earlier in the series.

We finally get an update on Shiroe’s situation. It looks like everything is fine on their end…but what did he mean when he said that the group would try again? Does that mean the full raid or just some specific raid boss? Surely they’re not doing the whole thing again, right? Based on the preview, it looks like we’re going to go back to when Shiroe and Akatsuki died next week to get his side of the story while the Akihabara raid was happening.

Log Horizon 2 Episode 7: Training mode

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Just a lot of training and bonding moments this week. As with last week, I’m still curious about what’s going on at Shiroe’s end (since he should have respawned at the same time as Akatsuki, but hasn’t checked in with Marie yet). Another important bit is that Crusty still hasn’t respawned either, meaning that his disappearance isn’t simple death. Future arc to save him from another dimension, maybe?

It looks like next week will be the final battle against Mr. Samurai. The preview says that Akatsuki will finally be able to unleash her Teaching (in the heat of battle, as expected). I’m curious what the trigger is, though. Is it going to be the power of friendship that was being built up in this episode or will it simply be the new weapon from the blacksmith? Is it really so simple? Also, given that Lenessia has agreed to drop the defenses around Akihabara to cripple the enemy, what happens with Akihabara moving forward? Will they have to have nightly watches to protect the city? It’s starting to become more and more like a real town, instead of a game town.

Log Horizon 2 Episode 6: It’s Akatsuki time?

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Now that Akatsuki is relying on others and attempting to learn the Teachings skill, does that mean she will finally be useful? It would be about time, right? I’m also curious about what memory she lost in death…the strange part was that she seemed to notice the memory missing, which shouldn’t theoretically happen unless it left a hole in a larger memory. Maybe that was just the show’s way of illustrating how the memory is lost?

It also looks like the world is becoming more and more realistic, with flavor text (normally benign things that I never read in games *whistle*) now starting to become much more relevant. Presumably, the “Disaster” weapon has caused something worse than death to happen to Krusty (if it were simple death, I’m sure it wouldn’t be that important). Is he locked in another dimension or something?

[HorribleSubs] Log Horizon 2 - 06 [720p].mkv_snapshot_14.59_[2014.11.08_12.40.43]

Also, we saw what happened on Akatsuki’s end when leaving the “death” realm, but what happened on Shiroe’s end? He should have theoretically left at the same time, which would mean that he and Naotsugu shouldn’t have missed their check-in with Marie. It looks like we won’t be finding out too soon since the preview looks like the focus will remain on Akihabara and the samurai.