Little Busters Refrain Episode 3: Goodbye at the third episode? Should I be worried?

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Well, that was a pretty dramatic episode. This arc seemed a lot more self-directed. Riki didn’t have that much influence. He seemed more like an innocent observer caught in the mix. It seems like Yuiko knows the secret of the world like Kyousuke. I wonder exactly how long she has known…she’s quite the closed book.

So now that the next day has come, I guess the secret of the world will be revealed. The main clues so far are the school trip, the disappearing dwarves, and Yuiko’s goodbye. Sounds like a tragedy to me…with some time travel thrown in the mix. Still have quite some time in this series…must be pretty major.

Little Busters Refrain Episode 2: Time warp activate!

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Wait…what was that scene between Riki and Yuiko? Was that supposed to mean something? Also, what exactly is left in her arc? Also, it seems as though Rin has run off. Maybe it’s time for the focus to finally shift to her? I wasn’t expecting to see her jealous…she showed no strong indications before.

Apparently, time has looped back a day. Who is responsible for this? Kyousuke? Yuiko? Maybe Riki did something wrong when he was alone with her? I assume next week will resolve things or something. Then they notice Rin is missing and go search for her? If so, that’s absurdly short…I would have expected filler before an arc like this (and after it too) based on last season’s patterns.

Little Busters Refrain First Impressions: Spin kick destruction

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Hmm…back with a second season. Interesting that they jumped straight into the arc rather than the multiple episodes of randomness that they had in the last season. I guess it’s more to the point. Anyway, it looks like the focus has now turned to Yuiko for this arc. She seems to have some really irrational enemies that Riki with have to deal with.

The opening song is basically the kind of thing you’d expect for this show…nothing special. The ending theme sounds a bit better, though. Some more flashes about the truth of the world. More suggestions of some sort of alternate timeline where everything has happened before. I guess we still have some time to be teased about that as we go through Yuiko’s story.

Little Busters Final Episode


So the final episode ends up being a peaceful one. Nothing more about the secret of the world. Just Riki affirming himself as the leader of Little Busters and finding his way. Then, you know…they win the baseball game and all that jazz. Honestly, I shouldn’t be surprised that they would want to end this show on a high note.

But yeah…Refrain is coming, apparently. The time when everything will be revealed, I assume. I already have my ideas…guess I have to wait if I want to find out. It was a pretty good series, I guess…as I mentioned before, some characters annoyed me, but there were more to compensate, I suppose.

Little Busters Episode 25

What a corny line
What a corny line

Yeah…Riki picked up on it too. Kyousuke must have slipped. It seems he knew what would happen before it did…very similarly to a certain set of letters that they’ve been getting. That makes him our prime suspect. Sigh…he was so obviously suspicious…how boring. We never got a real handle on his movements and he was always so “mysterious” in the way he said things.

Oh well…full team assembled. We’re gearing up for the ending. It looks like the first baseball game might be what finishes the show. The main question is how it will all end. Will they end on a fairly good note with the mystery still open? Or will something big happen to cliffhanger us all to death?

Little Busters Episode 24


The secret of the world…we’re getting closer, it seems. We know that the tasks are somehow predicting themselves…meaning that whoever is sending them either knows what is about to happen or is actually causing them to happen. The main question I have to ask: have we met the culprit yet? Because if so, my answer is clear.

Wait…right…they were supposed to be playing baseball. I hadn’t noticed that they haven’t actually played a game yet. Are they supposed to be playing against a real baseball team or just some other random group of people? Is anything significant even going to happen next week? How is this show even gonna end?

Little Busters Episode 23


And so Kud’s story is over. Feels like they were kinda pushing it with Riki transporting the gear to her. I wonder if there’s anything more to that…it seemed to cause him a lot of pain to do. It’s very suspicious indeed. I would have ignored it if it hadn’t caused any backlash on him…written it off a brief moment of magic to further the story. But this is just far too suspicious.

Looks like next week is another task about the secret of the world…only a few more episodes left. Time for maybe one more arc after this slight detour of an episode. I’m curious how this will all end. Based on what I hear, there is still a decent amount of content remaining.

Little Busters Episode 22


Ugh…Kud is so small I can’t tell the difference between her in the flashback and her in the present. So we still don’t know if the mother is alive or not. More importantly, though…what was that weird moment with Riki when he was trying to call Haruka? Now that I think about it, he hasn’t had a narcoleptic attack in a while. Whatever happened to that condition? Is this related?

So Kud goes off to handle things on her own. I don’t know what to make of it. The first possibility is that she truly does handle everything without the physical presence of the Little Busters (maybe just some mental encouragement). That just seems weird, though…the other possibility is that someone goes over to help her, but I find that strange given the unknown country situation. Even if her mother helps her, I just find it weird without anyone from Japan being present. Either way, Yuiko notices something when Kud says farewell. I’m sure the curse for good luck actually means something other than that and she realizes this.

Little Busters Episode 21


Back to Kud and space things. The rocket launch failure was pretty predictable…Kud needed to see her mother at least once before she went to space, right? I thought her behavior around her mother was weird in the flashback, though…you’d expect someone like her to be more excited when her mother came around. There must be something to that.

So…Kud’s thing is mother issues? The preview mentions a sad story between the two…is it sad in that Kud feels responsible for something bad or is it some sort of tension between them? I find it hard to believe there’s tension between them, but I dunno…could be. I assume it’s related to the numerous failed launches somehow.

Little Busters Episode 20


I don’t understand why they don’t do this episode before starting Kud’s stuff at all. A weird interruption for no real reason. The only explanation that I can think of is that the letters are some sort of trigger to each girl’s route…but that doesn’t add up. This is the third one, and I believe the first two letters came before Komari and Mio’s routes respectively. Aren’t we missing one?

Anyway, next week is back to Kud. What’s this about doing a strange ceremony? Looks a lot like calling the mother ship to me…I knew she was an alien. It would explain so much. But that couldn’t be it, right? What could it really be?