Jormungand Episode 3

Back with more Koko (who is apparently loco). This week’s episode breaks the episodic pattern by ending in the middle of a chase. This sort of episode had to happen eventually. The type of person Koko is, it’s only natural that she would develop enemies and have assassins come after her. Although, her pursuers are pretty nuts…maybe even rivaling her own craziness. I mean, seriously…music of bullets? And you firing something as noisy as an AK-47? Gimme a break. Also, not sure how I felt about that first bit with Koko and Valmet…was just kinda “uhh…okay…” throughout that whole thing. It was kinda amusing that Jonah ditched school like any other boy would. I was kinda expecting them to do a scene where he shows off true mathematical knowledge on the battlefield, but I guess that’s a bit cliche.

Taking a step back, Jonah suddenly becomes a lot more talkative this week. He didn’t seem it at the beginning, but after he saves Coco, he doesn’t seem to have that soulless tone he normally has. Was this just a result of that laugh from last week? Or is this an adaptation thing where an arc is left out? Because it just seems so quick and out of nowhere that he’s changed like this. Honestly, this whole episode made me feel like I had maybe missed something. Also, I wonder about Lehm…does he act as a sort of “de facto” leader on the battlefield? He seems to be able to orchestrate the situation without having to consult Koko in any way. Next week, it looks like this Orchestra business should finish up. It also looks like Koko is gonna mess with Chinatsu a bit before it’s all done.

Jormungand Episode 2

As Koko decrees...PEACE!
Back with more of Koko’s antics. Not as much action in this week’s episode…most of it was just the helicopter part and the knife fight (which was awesome, by the way). Valmet’s obsession with Koko is still creepy, but I respect her skills…so pro. I’m not sure if it’s just because we’re still in a sort of introductory phase for the show, but the story still seems random and chaotic…no idea where it’s going. I mean, seeing everyone do missions is fun and all, but it would probably be more fun with a overarching story in the back. Maybe I’m just over-analyzing things.

Pretty much the most hilarious moment in the episode is Koko just randomly deciding to betray the other arms dealer team and running off with her own team. After what you see, it starts to look like the two teams will call a truce to make it out alive, but Koko just decides “screw that” and runs off. Jonah laughing was kinda weird, but I guess he’s well on his way towards developing out of being an emotionless mercenary boy. Still comical to watch Mildred mess with him, though. I assume Mildred and Lew will be recurring characters…since they survived and all. Was I nuts or were there more comedic scenes in this episode? I definitely enjoyed it…Koko really does a good job of bringing the funny. A new rival team next week? Not sure…looks like possibly more Jonah development, though. Should be fun.

Jormungand Episode 1

So, let me preface my thoughts of this show with the fact that I think that these sorts of modern-day battle shows (if I can call it that) are a pretty interesting spin on things (it’s why I thought Black Lagoon was interesting). The show follows Jonah, a kid who hates arms dealers and weapons due to the loss of his parents to some new type of weapon, joining an arms dealer named Koko Hekmatyar. As opposed to the Italian mob boss you might expect, Koko is a fairly carefree leader who actually acts as a sort of comedic relief in the show. This first episode was just a mission that served to introduce us to how Koko operates and how the different members of her team do their thing. I thought the action was pretty cool…I surely wasn’t expecting Jonah to redirect a missile with a grenade.

As for the music, the opening theme sounded really cool and fits the show nicely. The ending theme was a bit surprising, a really peaceful way to end the show. I’m sure it wasn’t a bad song, but those types of songs don’t usually keep my interest long enough for me to finish listening. The background music in the show also had a sort of “mission start” feel to them, if that makes sense. I’m not sure how they’re planning on organizing the show…if it will just be mission-by-mission or if there’s something going on in the background. Still, they’ve got me interested…should be fun to see what happens.