Hyouka Episode 12

Holy crap…a bunch of break dancers? What kind of school festival is this? Why don’t other anime series do this? Poor Eru getting sidetracked so easily when she was supposed to go see the committee president (hey…I’d stop to watch some guys playing karuta too!). I guess this episode was a random fluff episode focused on Eru. Not that Mayaka (who has become strangely timid this week) or Satoshi (who’s just goofing around) are any help.

Not to worry…based on the preview, it looks as if Houtarou will be there to save the day as usual for Eru. Curious about the title of the next episode, though…corpse? Is it gonna be another mystery that isn’t mystery? And solving the mystery sells the anthology? Could be cool.

Nice catch, bro…
The new ending is kinda funny to watch, featuring Mayaka and Eru as detectives chasing after Houtarou and Satoshi…I’m actually having trouble paying attention to the song (I think it sounded good?). New ED this week…does that mean new OP as well next week? Hope it’s a good one…the first OP has kinda grown on me. Final note: was that bit with Houtarou seeing the students asking about missing apple juice supposed to be significant? Was kinda random.

Hyouka Episode 11

Another mystery arc wrapped up. I’d say there were some things in this episode that may have been a bit excessive. For example, Mayaka going “you were wrong.” Then Satoshi coming along and going “yeah, dude…you were wrong.” Then Eru finishing up with “I’m pretty sure you’re wrong.” Yeesh…way to whack a guy while he’s down.

Also, Houtarou’s reaction to Irisu after figuring out the truth. It’s natural for someone to be that upset about being manipulated so much, but I don’t think it was necessary for him to so fervently question her words on “talent” last week. It almost made him seem desperate to confirm his talent.

In all, the Hyouka mystery was probably better. I’d say that this was probably one of the better ways to end this arc…probably. I guess the interesting thing was at the end where Irisu is talking with who I presume to be Houtarou’s sister. She seems to be quite the manipulator…wonder how far that will go. She also seems to be fairly adept with deduction herself…runs in the family? As for next week, I assume it’s gonna be back to the shorter mysteries. Or maybe just some random festival antics. We’ll see.

Hyouka Episode 10

Wow…that was truly impressive. Houtarou presents a conclusion that explains everything to the point where the beginning of the episode makes it seem like it concludes the arc. I was almost ready to justify the ending if I had to (you could argue that the ending he proposes challenges preconceptions by almost making the audience reject an obvious solution, then affirm that it is the solution). But something about it nagged at me…it didn’t seem good enough, and Mayaka voices that at the end with just one word: ROPE.

It’s an interesting idea. Because of the smaller mysteries in between, I didn’t quite expect this arc to go the same way as the first Hyouka arc, where Houtarou’s initially proposed conclusion is actually incomplete. But if the pattern holds, I have trouble seeing how the rope doesn’t completely derail his theory. In the first situation, he got most of the stuff right, but just missed some details. If they want to create the same thing with this movie, I definitely want to see how they do it.

I also like what Fuyumi said to Houtarou. Chalking repetitive success up to luck is almost insulting to those without the same talents. It was surprising that someone other than Eru is having this much effect on Houtarou’s character, but it’s still cool. I’m not sure if the whole “Houtarou, you are the chosen one. Embrace your power!” bit was necessary, but it was amusing to watch.

Also, I’ve seen some people around asking why no one just goes and asks Hongou what the ending should be. If she’s at home sick, then we can assume that at least three days have passed based on the progression of the arc. If she has been gone for more than three days, it’s not some normal illness (usually that would only affect you severely for one or two days). What kind of insensitive bastard goes to a sick person’s house and starts asking “What’s the ending to that story you were writing for us?” Seriously, who does that?

Either way, next week will likely solve everything, so I look forward to seeing how they decide to resolve it. I have high hopes! But one final question: aren’t there four characters in this main cast? Must be a heck of a hangover…

Hyouka Episode 9

Poor Eru…drunk off chocolate and amusing as hell. I’d say it was pretty predictable that all of the theories presented this week were wrong. It’s not like we can have other people solving stuff…it’s gotta be Houtarou. A lot of people seem to suspect Fuyumi, but I wonder…I don’t see how anyone in this show could have malicious intent. It just doesn’t seem to fit with how the show is structured. Still, that last scene where she meets with Houtarou is fairly suspicious. I wouldn’t be so quick to jump to conclusions, though…she could just lead Houtarou to the right answer with her conversation (similar to something on House).

I really look forward to seeing how this mystery is solved. Everyone seems to assume that the writer create an amateurish mystery, but I’m sure that in the end, everything will be revealed as intentional. Honestly, it just makes everything more interesting. Personally, I wonder about the floor map. It looked like there was some sort of gap in the wall of the room. Might be my misunderstanding, though. I had thought that maybe someone had accidentally grabbed the master key, but that doesn’t work because then the key they were intended to pick would have been left, which wouldn’t open the locked door. Still possible, but not in the way I was thinking. Either way, it looks like the mystery should be solved next week…should be interesting. Side note: points to Satoshi for being a Sherlock Holmes fan.

Hyouka Episode 8

Hmm…I stand corrected. Turns out this week is the start of an arc after all. I’d say that theoretically this arc has potential for two reasons. The first reason: even though it’s only a film, they’re attempting to solve a murder, which tends to be a bit more exciting. Second reason is that there is a second team of detectives…although the Classics Club is only intended to be observers, there’s definitely the possibility for a competition. It would be cool to see if Houtarou bites.

The film itself was pretty hilarious to watch…students trying to be dramatic is surprisingly amusing (fake scream had me in fits of laughter). Still, the girl in charge of it brought up an intriguing idea. I wonder if this is the start of the Classics Club becoming a sort of pseudo-student detective agency that others can call for help. Might give the show something to hold everything together.

Final random note: Eru on the computer was pretty funny too (L is a pretty cool nickname for her not just because of how it relates to her name but also the relationship with Death Note’s crime-solving L). With the name and the computer newbie typing, I should have realized it was her, but it made it even funnier when I found out. Either way, the mystery continues next week. I look forward to seeing how this arc steers the show.

Hyouka Episode 7

I’m not completely sure what happened between last episode and this, but Houtarou looks pretty smitten with Eru. That being said, I guess it’s not so far-fetched…maybe I’d buy it. There was a moment, though, where I thought Eru was holding back her glowing eyes because she was trying to give Houtarou, who she believed was sick, a break. But I doubt that was the case.

I’d say that if you compare to last week, the mystery this week was better. The conclusion was explained a lot better and the hints were a lot more pervasive through the episode. Something in particular that I wanted to point out: when Kayo runs from Houtarou, Eru attributes it to fear of grown men, but it was likely a fear that came from Houtarou’s demonstration with the dessert. Kayo likely feared being ratted out by him or something (just something they didn’t touch on later).

I have to say I’m worried. I sure hope that every other episode isn’t just small mysteries…that wouldn’t be so entertaining. I say this because next week looks to be another small mystery. Not much information as usual, but I will say this: if the team is forced to solve the mystery with only the video evidence of some incident, that might be pretty interesting.

Hyouka Episode 6

This week’s episode was a bit…confusing(?) to me. I’m not sure if it’s because of the cool down from the big mystery or if it was just because of the way the episode was. The first part, with the philosophical analysis of sin and balance in humans…not bad, but meh…nothing new to me.

In the second part, where Eru talks about the incident in her class, I was having trouble. First off, how is Eru’s memory so flimsy that she forgot why she got mad? To add to that, do they ever figure out the answer to that, her original question? Houtarou comes up with a theory, but he can’t confirm it and keeps it to himself.

Also, with the actual mystery itself, I have trouble accepting their explanation. While it’s true that the lowercase forms of A and D look similar, why is it that a math teacher is more likely to write them in lowercase? I consider myself a math person, but I would always favor capitalizing both, especially with a class designation.

Still…I dunno…I don’t find this episode particularly bad. It keeps up with the style and the stuff about Houtarou was particularly interesting. For example, they bring up this idea that Houtarou is emotionless, but never expand on it. Maybe it’s something to keep in mind as the show goes along. Anyways, next week is some sort of hot springs episode?

Hyouka Episode 5

The mystery is solved! So, it looks like Hyouka is only a beginning, not the main mystery of the show. That definitely makes me sigh a huge sigh of relief. I would have hated to watch them drag this mystery on longer. I’m also a huge fan of how they finished everything.

Houtarou wasn’t wrong, he was just missing one piece of evidence: the one question he asked the librarian. It’s amazing how much the story changes when Seikitani Jun is changed from a voluntary martyr to a forced martyr. I had also been worried about the crying bit with Eru…thought that the true story may have been much darker than it actually was. Glad the shame didn’t come from her uncle killing someone or something.

But the mystery is only part of the story this week. I really liked the stuff that Houtarou was saying about motivation. It’s easy to look at Houtarou as just a depressing guy who needs to smile more, but he’s the kind of person who is just unable to find something that he can truly feel passionate about.  It was cool to see him start to discover it through the solving of Hyouka.

Five episodes to set the stage. Another mystery for next week. More short ones for spacing or will they jump straight into another arc? Maybe mysteries to explore the other characters too?

Hyouka Episode 4

Well, the mystery of Hyouka is solved. Game over, guys…let’s all go home. Show’s over. Pfft…yeah right. At the end of the episode, Eru asks herself a similar question to what I was asking throughout Houtarou’s entire explanation. While everything makes sense logically based on the data everyone gathered, there was something missing.

Eru’s uncle nearly refused to tell her what happened. If all that had happened was that he was expelled for keeping the culture festival five days long, why would he be ashamed? Nah…there’s more to this for sure. Still, the way the show is…the answer almost seems acceptable (maybe “fitting” is the right word), because of how small-scale the answers to the other mysteries have been.

But what more is there? There are 21 episodes scheduled and episode 4 has proposed a possible solution. If Hyouka is meant to be the main mystery, how do they expect to keep it interesting throughout that whole period? Will it just be peppered with the little mysteries to take up time? There has to be more, but I don’t see how they can possibly keep it up. Unless, of course, they dive into the supernatural and Hyouka is only the beginning. Hmm…now that I think about it, that could be pretty intriguing.

Story aside, though, I really like how Houtarou is being done as a character. When it was his turn to present his findings, it didn’t seem so much like “oh, this is so much trouble and I don’t want to do it.” It was almost as if he truly wanted to be able to present like everyone else, but couldn’t because of his nature. Definitely an interesting character…one to watch. As for the show in general, I’m still pretty curious about what’s going on. It keeps me watching…that’s for sure.

Hyouka Episode 3

This week’s episode starts the main story of the show. As expected, Eru approaches Houtarou with a mystery from her uncle. For some reason, she can’t remember the secret that he told her about the Classics Club (he was in it too years ago…as I predicted last week). This is pretty interesting…is her memory loss supernatural or did she just forget? I can’t really see either as a likely scenario.

She remembers the incident distinctly as the one time when her uncle was reluctant to answer her questions, but she can’t remember what it was? Even though it made her cry? But the show doesn’t seem like the type to favor the supernatural….I’m stumped. What do you guys think? Naturally, the issue that they need to solve everything is missing…

Ignoring the main mystery of the show, the mystery that Houtarou solves this week is slightly leveled up from the others…although it’s still fairly small, he actually had to deal with slightly ill intentions. I’ve come to a conclusion about why I think Houtarou is awesome. It’s not just his attitude, it’s what it allows him to do. A normal person would get flustered and distracted in those situations, but he just sits back, conserves his energy, and uses it where it counts for observation and deduction.

It’s probably true that he’s a bit brighter than the others, but his style certainly helps with that. I just really like how he solved stuff this week >.> It was cool to watch.  As usual, not much info from the previews…looks like further investigation of the anthology issues. Maybe a date for Houtarou and Eru (my train of logic: the checking the watch thing -> appointment -> the two search together).