Golden Time Episode 4: So that was the trigger

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Well, Mitsuo finally decided to reject Kouko. It’s about time. And as expected, Banri was there to be the rebound guy. But of course, a confession never comes this early in a show unless there are going to be serious complications. This is where the drama begins, I suppose.

First off, Kouko still hasn’t completely gotten over Mitsuo, so she isn’t quite ready to take the rebound (which is surprising considering what happened this week. Looks like she’ll still be on him next week. Also, Banri has found out his love life is slightly more complicated than he expected, as Linda was apparently a former love interest. Looks like next week, he’ll continue to dig up his past, with some possibly dire results?

Golden Time Episode 3: One of us…One of us…

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Oh 2D-kun…you just can’t catch a break, can you? So…not exactly the fun and romantic class trip I was expecting. I thought that religious cults were all about secrecy and trying to make sure that only the select few join them, as opposed to running around abducting people in the hopes that one of them sticks. Also, I guess I was write to think that the “I’m lonely” stuff Kouko was doing last week was intentional…though maybe not as intentional as she says.

The gears are in motion…the love is building. That sort of thing. They escaped from hell together…that’s bonding, right? So, now that that’s done, can we go back to trolling Mitsuo? I’m still curious what she’ll do. Or maybe she was too moved by Banri’s self-sacrificing behavior (which I assume stems from his sense of “lack of identity”).

Golden Time Episode 2: Clubs are pretty important, huh?

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I’m not all that sure how to feel about this episode. In the first episode, I was spending most of my time thinking “what kind of crazy stuff will this girl do to catch the guy she likes?” I had hoped she would entertain me with devious plots. But this episode was more like “oh this poor girl is always alone because she’s too busy hunting someone to notice anyone else.” I still can’t tell if she was trolling Banri with the “I’m lonely” stuff.

I guess these first few episodes are designed to form the relationship between Kouko and Banri. Next week features the two alone together on some trip. The lack of Yana means probably fewer crazy stalker moments…sigh. And what exactly was up with the scene at the start where Banri’s running off from a hospital?

Golden Time First Impressions: I was not expecting crazy stalker chick

I felt like I was watching a horror movie. Don't turn around! She's behind you!!
I felt like I was watching a horror movie. Don’t turn around! She’s right behind you!!

Wait…they were both following the same people and didn’t notice each other? They were in a back alley…are they blind? But anyway, it looks like this show will follow the story of Tada Banri as he falls in love with the Kaga Kouko. But it turns out she is trying to win over Yanagisawa Mitsuo, the first friend Banri makes after starting college. This can only end well. To be fair, though, it looks like there will be a few other girls acting as distractions for Banri. It’ll likely give him an excuse not to pursue Kouko…since, you know, she’s interested in someone else.

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Well, I have no affections for the opening and ending songs. They’re exactly the style of song that I avoid. While we’re on the topic of music, though, did anyone else notice that the soundtrack was a bit too loud in comparison to dialogue? Was it just the encoding of the episode I was watching? Anyway, silly Banri. Why would you fall for that crazy stalker chick? You know that she’s just going to turn her obsessions on you when she falls for you. As for the final scene in the episode, I’m not sure whether to interpret it as “Banri is actually injured in some way” or “Banri has an hospitalized friend”. Knowing anime trends, it’s likely the second.