Golden Time Episode 14: The polygon mutates again

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Well, the atmosphere tenses up at Mitsuo reveals that he’s actually spending time with Linda. Ghost Banri hasn’t said anything yet, but I’m sure he can’t be happy about that. Of course, I still haven’t discounted the very likely possibility that Mitsuo will also be friend-zoned by Linda, but that isn’t all that important right now.

Anyway, it’s time for obligatory beach episode next week. I guess you could call it team bonding? It’s too bad Linda couldn’t go along…that would have made things immensely complicated. I dunno how to feel about all of this. On the one hand, New Banri is a jerk for messing with both Kouko and Linda’s feelings, but on the other hand…at least he’s not acting all lovey-dovey with Kouko anymore. I suppose I can live with that. Anyway, will Ghost Banri make his move next week?


Golden Time Episode 13: Well, that was awkward, Banri

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After much break, we’re back with the second half of this show. It looks like this half will feature the Ghost Banri declaring war on New Banri. It looks like both Banris realize that they can’t really co-exist, so they’re both fighting for control. If Ghost Banri can really influence the events happening around the New Banri, it seems as though he’s at quite a large advantage, though. New Banri can barely perceive him.

Anyway, new season brings new opening and ending music. The opening song was pretty jarring to me. I feel like the music was overpowering and didn’t do enough for trying to take so much control. It might have just been the encoding I was listening to, but it made for a very awkward experience. The ending isn’t as bad, I guess. So are we supposed to conclude from the preview that Kouko ends up canceling her family vacation to stay with Banri? What suffering will Ghost Banri bring this time? Also, that awkward kiss rejection will have ramifications, right?

Golden Time Episode 12: Well, I was hoping for more drama than that…

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Wow, Banri is really walking over both of these girls. It’s quite frustrating to watch as he makes promises he can’t keep to Kouko and ignores Linda while she suffers to give him peace of mind. Remember when I said we should just toss the New Banri and stick with Ghost Banri? It’s because I knew something like this would happen…at least Ghost Banri has his priorities straight.

It looks like New Banri will valiantly try to shut the Ghost Banri out. This won’t be easy, but I’m guessing it will succeed for at least a little bit. Meaning the next few episodes are going to be back to…oh please, have mercy on me. I just got over the last stretch of lovey-dovey interactions.

Golden Time Episode 11: Kouko knows too much. We must eliminate her.

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Okay Kouko. You’re excessively clingy behavior isn’t at all creepy. Of course, we kinda expected something like this to happen. Especially since she’s still mulling over the photo of Banri and Linda. He has a convenient excuse with amnesia, right? All he has to do is switch with Ghost Banri again and he’s in the clear. Easy, right?

Looks like things are gonna get even more complicated next week because Banri will have to do something questionable things to Linda at this sketchy job. The love polygon…progresses? I’m totally looking forward to Kouko killing Linda and Banri in some sort of jealous yandere rage. It would serve him right for all this lovey-dovey crap he’s been making me sit through.

Golden Time Episode 10: Ghost Banri is too strong!

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Well, I guess Ghost Banri didn’t get too much time to do anything with his body before being ripped out. But apparently, he left his feelings for Linda behind when he left. I wonder if that indicates that the two personalities are starting to fuse. Personally, I think we should just sacrifice New Banri and be on our way.

So are things basically back to normal for next week? I’m curious what the state of New Banri’s feelings is right now. Also, the disappearance of the photo of Banri and Linda could be the reason why Kouko was so anxious last week. That means more drama’s to come? No more lovey dovey stuff for a while?

Golden Time Episode 9: Ghost Banri strikes!!

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Finally, he made his move. His powers have been growing throughout this season, and he has finally claimed it. The power of memories has overwhelmed New Banri! And now the love polygon will commence. Especially since it seems like Kouko overheard Banri and Linda out on the balcony. How else can you explain her sudden irrationality?

Next week, the drama unfolds? Ghost Banri will try to tell Linda his feelings before he disappears. But will he succeed? The preview seems to indicate that he’ll get injured in transit and revert back to New Banri. Either way, the love polygon is real and will continue to cause us drama for the rest of the show, right? No more lovey-dovey crap?

Golden Time Episode 8: 2D-kun really wants to be part of the group

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Yeah, I knew they couldn’t resist letting the ghost Banri affect the physical world. He would have been a useless mechanic if they only used him for flashbacks. Well, he’ll make things complicated. The love polygon must emerge! I’m curious what he was asking about going back. Was he asking Linda if he should overwrite the new Banri? Or was he literally asking about going back to the place where they always met?

Hmm…what’s this in the preview? Tension in the relationship already? Maybe Kouko found out about Linda? Man, with most love polygons, you sit there wondering if maybe the other girl will be able to win out in the end (and sometimes she does). But if we look at the opening song…and the ending song…it’s pretty obvious how this is gonna turn out.

Golden Time Episode 7: She’s so clingy…

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Watching those two together…it just warms your freaking heart (I’m not shivering…). Well, it shouldn’t be so unexpected that Kouko’s…tendencies would end up becoming like this now that they’re focused on Banri. However, I suppose I can take solace knowing this can’t last for too long. I mean, they wouldn’t keep those two acting like that around each other for the rest of the series, right? I mean…think of 2D-kun! How will he survive?

Not sure what Kouko meant at the end of the episode about Mitsuo being in trouble. She has a tendency to inflate the truth regarding him. She’s still pretty focused on trolling him after all. Also, now that Linda finally explained everything to Banri, the love polygon is going to start taking effect, right? Ghost Banri will switch places with Amnesia Banri for 24 hours and bring on the drama? Speaking of which, where was that guy this week?

Golden Time Episode 6: Banri broke…


Yo…what’s going on with this release? Why is the sound balance so terrible? It made the episode so much harder to watch. Whatever…it looks like Linda really does blame herself for Banri’s accident. The question now is whether she really is responsible for it. But all of that aside, it looks like Banri and Kouko became a couple somehow? Banri was much more assertive about getting Kouko to accept his confession than I expected…I wonder if that outburst will cost him later.

As stated before, confessions can only happen this early if conflict arises. And what better source of conflict than a love polygon? You know it has to happen soon. Also, is Ghost Banri going to get the opportunity to affect the physicial world or is he just there to play back the past Banri’s memories for us? If so, that’s super boring…

Golden Time Episode 5: Just got friend-zoned

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Well, I wasn’t quite expecting Banri’s disembodied ghost to become visible to the audience and to have been watching over his body all this time. So it really looks like this show is going to become a complex love polygon after all. As for Linda…if I had to guess, I’d say she’s probably hiding herself from the new Banri because she was responsible for his accident. She had a scooter when she met new Banri for the “first time”, after all.

I thought Kouko was pretty entertaining at the start of this episode. It’s pretty obvious she’s trying to make Mitsuo feel bad for rejecting her and I can see the crazy stalker eyes behind her actions. I dunno…if she stays broken, I might find myself having fun watching this. But I assume the drama is going to come forth.