Fate/stay Night Unlimited Blade Works S2 Episode 15: More backstory?

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Oh hey…they really did kill off Berserker and Illya right as Shirou and Rin arrive. I guess those two really can’t catch a break. Oh well…I can’t really say that I’m upset about it. I was getting tired of hearing Illya say “Berserker is the strongest in the world” anyway. On the flip side, this means that Shirou and Rin have to fend for themselves now, right? Does that mean Shirou actually starts doing things in battles other than breaking traced weapons?

Was there a line about betrayal from Archer in the preview section for next week? I’m curious to see what his scheme is, but I doubt we’ll find out next week. Oh yeah…and didn’t Shirou reveal himself to Gilgamesh this week too? How is that going to turn out? Is Gilgamesh just going to realize that Shirou is without a Servant and leave him or will they actually fight?

Fate/stay Night Unlimited Blade Works S2 Episode 2: Random background story

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Aww…they stopped the episode right at the start of the battle between Gilgamesh and Berserker. Now I’m all sad. Anyway, much of this week’s episode was giving background to Caster, so there really isn’t all too much to say. It’s true that I’m starting to understand why she’s so clingy with her Master in Carnival Phantasm, but that background can pretty much be summed up in one statement: “Rule Breaker is the most broken mechanic in the game.” It’s actually difficult to watch.

It looks like Shirou and Rin will arrive in the middle of the fight between Berserker and Gilgamesh (or at the conclusion of it). Given their state, it’s not like they can really help anyway. I kinda want Berserker to lose this fight against Gilgamesh, but having him die right as Shirou and Rin show up asking for Illya’s help is a little bit too troll, right? Then again, would that mean they would have to ask Shinji and Gilgamesh to help fight against Caster?

Fate/stay Night Unlimited Blade Works S2 Episode 13: Confession already?

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Well done, Shirou. I certainly wasn’t expecting the second half of this series to start with a confession. Usually, that doesn’t bode well for the relationship, but given that I know that this is based off a route that focuses on Rin, I’m assuming it’s not a big deal. Another point of fun in this week’s episode is Archer’s betrayal, willingly joining Caster’s side in order to “fight for the stronger side”. Archer has always been the silent and scheming type, so this sort of betrayal scene seems too easy. I’m guess Archer has some sort of larger plan involving joining Caster…it can’t be that simple.

I’m really not sure how I feel about this opening theme by Aimer. The song isn’t bad, but doesn’t it seem too chill of a song for this kind of series? No complaints here about the ending theme, of course…I’m probably way too biased about that band. Anyway, I guess next week is time to gather some new allies…

Fate/stay Night Unlimited Blade Works Final Episode (12): Saber captured

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Yeah, this whole “Saber being captured by Caster thing”…I thought I blocked those memories out. Random note before getting into anything else: I think it’s pretty sweet that the opening from the original Fate/stay Night, “disillusion”, was brought back for this episode. I really liked that song. Anyway, lots of hints about Archer’s identity in this episode as well.

I’m not super surprised about how this “season” ended, but at least it didn’t end in the middle of as big a fight as Fate/Zero did (though it did sorta end in the middle of a fight between Kirei and Caster). Also, the longer episode went similarly to the first episode (which was also twice as long)…the extra time was mostly used for some more Rin service. Anyway, should be fun to watch Shirou fumble around and fight without Saber, right?

Fate/stay Night Unlimited Blade Works Episode 11: What does Archer know?

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Was that bonding I saw this week? I assume Rin and Shirou are officially living together now. Also, I was planning on dumping on Shirou for being so affected by his projection from last week, but Archer’s explanation suggests that it shouldn’t happen the next time, so I will keep it civil for now. Random side note: anyone else chuckle a bit like me when Shirou went on about the “carefree” mage Kiritisugu?

Next week marks the end of this season. Supposedly, it will be an hour long, which means lots of action, right? I’m totally ready. I guess it’s going to be a big showdown against Caster, right? Just like…Fate/Zero’s halfway point. Does the title of “Final Decision” mean that something will be resolved this time or are we headed for the same cliffhanger?

Fate/stay Night Unlimited Blade Works Episode 10: The true Master appears

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I see Gil is still a fan of his 1-on-1 expositions. That aside, was it really that surprising that Kuzuki was a combat specialist? It makes sense for the person who summoned Caster to be a more front-line specialist…otherwise you have two mages trying to fight at the same time, which never works. Also, Shirou finally summoned Archer’s weapons…it looked like he experienced some sort of backlash after it happened, though, so I guess he’s still as weak as always.

The preview bits at the end really sound like another fight between Archer and Shirou may happen…but I guess that isn’t possible because of the alliance. We’re getting pretty close to the end (which I hear is supposed to be an hour long), which means that we’re probably getting a break at the halfway mark. Anyone else having vivid memories of how Fate/Zero’s first season ended?

Fate/stay Night Unlimited Blade Works Episode 9: Break time?

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Pretty chill episode this week to cool down from last week (even though Saber didn’t actually do anything last week). We got a chance to see Shirou’s advanced Master interrogation techniques (what would he have done if he were investigating Sakura instead?). There also seemed to be some bonding moments with Rin this week, but do those even count as raising affection points? I suppose the discussion about Sakura kinda counts…

Sounds like there will be some sort of battle next week from the preview…who are they attacking? Probably Caster, I guess. I’m more curious about when Shinji will make his re-entrance. It sounds like he’s getting another Servant. Who could it be? Is it Lancer? Or is it the mystery Servant that I won’t name because of spoilers (you can probably already guess who it is by now)? I’m heard that this series was intended to be watched after Fate/Zero, so maybe I shouldn’t be so bothered giving things away…

Fate/stay Night Unlimited Blade Works Episode 8: Another one bites the dust

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Oh…Rider was taken out that easily? I guess that means Shirou wasted his second Command Seal. I swear those things get thrown around like candy…Rin even wasted one. It makes me wonder how the enemies use these Command Seals. Did Shinji have any left when Rider was killed? I suppose they don’t necessarily increase battle capabilities, so they don’t really need to be saved like secret weapons…maybe I’m thinking about this incorrectly.

Now that Shinji’s out of the picture, I suppose the focus will shift back to Caster…well, maybe not immediately. There’s still Berserker to beat, right? The preview seems to be showing an argument between Archer and Saber…but that can’t be all that happens next week, right? There’s only so much time left in the show. By the way, my memory of the UBW movie is giving me certain images of Saber and Caster…involving bondage? I’m sure that’s nothing to worry about…

Fate/stay Night Unlimited Blade Works Episode 7: Betrayal

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They’re really laying on the hate hard with Archer, huh? It’s not really working on me because I still think his fights have been awesome so far. Those two are well on their way on the path to being best friends. There was a weird moment this week, though, where Shirou reacts to Archer’s bow materializing (right before he shoots Caster out of the sky). Is there a special meaning to that reaction or was it just something insignificant? Am I just looking too deep into it?

From the preview, it looks like next week returns to the field at school…so fighting against Rider next? I guess they have to give all of the Servants a turn or something. Plus, if Shinji’s participating next week, there could be more mage battles…and since Shirou isn’t exactly equipped for that, Rin would have to step up, right?

Fate/stay Night Unlimited Blade Works Episode 6: Caster appears

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So I’m guessing the point of this episode was to introduce the remaining Heroic Spirits in this Grail War? It seems the focus has shifted away from Shinji and Rider (which I can’t really say is a bad thing). Still, Shirou is continuing to prove himself fairly useless…his Trace doesn’t even work most of the time and it looks like he will be playing benchwarmer in this fight between Caster and Archer. Unless…maybe time to shine? Or is that too optimistic?

Next week, I suppose there will be some battles to watch…Archer vs. Caster and Saber vs. Assassin, it seems. The Assassin in this Grail War always seemed strange to me…you would never expect an Assassin to confront a purely offensive class like Saber so blatantly. But if I remember correctly from the first series, he’s not a normal Servant…what was his thing again? Probably something spoilerific, right?