Danmachi Episode 3: Potential

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I really don’t remember this battle being quite this dramatic when I was proofreading it in the manga. Anyway, this week’s episode introduces us to just how overpowered Bell is as a character. Even if he has hyper scaling, this level of growth just seemed insane to me. I didn’t really get far enough in the manga to figure out whether this ends up being a problem. I did have one key problem with the knife, though. It was introduced as a weapon that grows with the user, so it should have theoretically started out pretty weak. I guess the argument is that the status update in battle gave it the initial stats, but doesn’t that just seem too thin and convenient?

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Anyway, next week’s episode introduces the concept of the supporter in the dungeon. It’s also the point where I stopped proofreading for the manga (it wasn’t the manga content’s fault…I just got tired of doing it). Something I’d be interested to see in the coming episodes is the concept of a main enemy for Bell. I honestly don’t think Freya counts yet. Where is the final boss for this series? If there isn’t one, the show honestly just becomes harem building, which is infinitely less entertaining. I guess we’ll see.

DanMachi Episode 2: Dramatic death scene already?

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Am I crazy or does this show seem to focus on the weirdest things? For some reason, I remember the chest size battle between Loki and Hestia being shorter and I remember the conversation between Loki and Freya being longer. This adaptation seems to be going through the manga story pretty quickly, which kinda bodes well for me, since it means we’ll get to content I haven’t seen before fairly soon. As a side note, I honestly thought that the “dogeza” thing with Hephaestus and Hestia went much longer in the manga than it did in this anime…maybe because coming up with good ways to localize a conversation about “prostrating” is ridiculously difficult.

Anyway, back to the story. One of the biggest problems I had with this scene involving the escaped monster that attacks Hestia is simple: throughout the entire fight, Hestia is literally holding a knife made by Hephaestus…why not just give it to Bell? Anyway, next week Bell will finally get the knife from Hestia…if I remember correctly, it has some sort of ramping ability suited for Bell’s status as a newbie.

Dungeon ni Deai no Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka First Impressions (1): Long names are all the rage, right?

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Like I said in the preview post, I was proofreader for the manga form of this show, so I have little choice but to check out the anime. It’s a pretty simple premise, set in a world that is pretty much modeled off of an MMORPG (as opposed to an actual MMORPG like many of the “trapped in game” series). Bell Cranel, the main character, is a newbie adventurer with pretty much the perfect harem skill, his stats grow faster when he has strong feelings towards someone. I’m not a huge fan of the skill, but I do like how the series tries to incorporate many of these RPG elements into a “normal” lifestyle.

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One issue I had with the manga was that Bell’s default state was pretty much just “training in the dungeon”…meanwhile, all sorts of things are happening with the other characters. Maybe I just didn’t get far enough into the story, so we’ll see how the anime goes. Music-wise, I’m not sure whether the song at the end was supposed to be the ending song or the opening song, but I would classify it as “only okay”. Maybe it was the vocals, but I just can’t imagine myself listening to that over and over. If I remember the story from the manga correctly, next week’s episode should have to do with a monster escaping into the city? I think that’s what the title Monster Festival refers to…