Date A Live Episode 2: Hundred waifus? I think I know that guy!

[FFF] DATE A LIVE - 02 [D30B878D].mkv_snapshot_17.38_[2013.04.13_13.47.14]

Urgh…Tohka’s behavior just seems so weird to me. Doesn’t it seemed forced or something? It makes me feel funny watching the way she acts. Maybe I have a problem with how she cracks. So I propose the question again…is Tohka the only spirit Shido has to capture? There are other characters in the opening. Also, great logic from out flying mecha forces…she’s just sitting there with a shield on. If we keep shooting, eventually it has to break through, right?

[FFF] DATE A LIVE - 02 [D30B878D].mkv_snapshot_09.30_[2013.04.13_13.35.06]

Dating and stuff next week…fun fun. I imagine it will be a lot of “Shido, what is this contraption?” that you would get when you’re going around with an alien (or whatever she is). Though I imagine it wouldn’t be fun having three options pop up for the decision points in your life, I think it would kinda fun to try it out once in a while. Is someone working on that?

Date A Live First Impressions: Loose Souls?

[FFF] DATE A LIVE - 01 [0D301EFB].mkv_snapshot_02.34_[2013.04.06_11.30.54]

Wait a second…how many spirits is this guy supposed to date? You’re telling me he has to fill in the gap in their hearts so that they can capture them? Isn’t this just like another show I’ve watched…what was it again? But I could have sworn I liked the protagonist more in this hypothetical other show.

Either way, we’ll see next week with this first spirit…whether or not there are multiple – let’s use the word “conquests” – or only one. Surely it can’t be multiple spirits, right? How does he keep them from getting jealous of each other? It’s not like he could have some convenient memory erasing or anything, right?