Charlotte Episode 3: Fun with fire

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So this week’s episode introduces a new character, Nishimori Yusa, who has a fairly mundane ability of being possessed by her dead sister Misa. However, while possessing her sister, Misa is able to use her own power of pyrokinesis, which raises a few questions about the nature of these powers. In most cases, supernatural powers are manifested within users based on their body’s physical structure (for example, I believe mutant powers are coded in DNA in X-Men). Because of that, powers should not generally be transferable.

So how is Yusa able to use Misa’s ability while possess? This fact suggests one of two possibilities. For one, they could both have the “potential” to use the powers, but only Misa knows how to execute it. The second possibility is that the ability is linked to something ephemeral, like a soul. While this possibility is harder for me to swallow (I’ve done an entire post on why I think the soul is bogus), it makes more sense in this world because you already have to accept the fact that Misa has to be able to linger around her sister somehow.

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I’m sticking with this show for now just because it seems like the best of my options in this season. That’s not to say that a lot of the other shows in the season are bad…they can be perfectly enjoyable without being post-worthy (my MyAnimeList account shows everything I’m actually watching). However, this does mean that I will probably be spending each week harping on the supernatural elements of this show…fair warning.

Charlotte First Impressions (2): Still on the fence about this one

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This show really decided to get serious quickly, huh? I didn’t expect them to explain Nao’s background so soon. Does that mean her character drops in the background from here? More importantly, I feel like the show glosses over details a bit too much. I’m left with a ton of questions regarding the capture of the photograph guy. For example, if he can create the photo of Nao so quickly (remember he had only just met her for the first time), why didn’t he just do it again after the photo was taken? Also, given that Nao can only hide herself from one person, why didn’t the archery club members think it was weird that she was standing in front of their president with a camera?

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Finally, I just want to mention that I personally think that Joujirou has the most interesting power of the group (some form of super speed). I think it’s mostly because he keeps presenting it as teleportation even though it’s very clearly not. I’m curious, though…does he have quicker reflexes as a result of this power? The obvious answer would be that he doesn’t since he’s unable to control himself while he’s moving and he was unable to react quickly enough to grab anything but a single type of sandwich. But he was able to react to an arrow being fired at point-blank range (it was fired accidentally, so he couldn’t have prepared for that). Isn’t it interesting?

Anyway, I’m probably going to wait for the next episode to make my decision on this show…if they keep presenting powers in an interesting way like this, I might be curious.

Charlotte First Impressions (1): Worst cheater ever

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While it’s normal for Key works to have some form of supernatural mixed in, this show seems to want to embraces it by focusing on a school of students with special powers (this inspires more confidence than Little Busters). The main character, Yuu Otosaka, has the ability to possess another person within his line of sight for five seconds at a time, an ability he uses mostly to cheat and manipulate others.

That being said, they could have at least made him a little bit realistic. I’ve seen people compare Yuu to Lelouch online, but that seems like an insult given how awful of a cheater he is. A normal cheater can’t possibly get a higher grade than the person they’re copying, so there’s no way he could make perfect scores. He’d have to be really lucky in that he would possess people in time to see only the questions they got right.

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Of all the powers introduced in the first episode, (while they have their uses) none are the type of power that I personally would want to have. I do like the idea of introducing a flaw with each person’s power. I like that sort of restriction. My general assessment of the show: I think I’ll keep watching because I’m a bit curious about the premise, but I’ll let the next episode be the deciding factor on whether I keep posting about it.