Captain Earth Episode 5: I guess it’s break time from the robot battles…

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That was a pretty slow episode. Not much was accomplished except freeing Teppei’s “father”. Also, the bit at the end where Teppei is told that he managed to escape his captors when he reached Earth seemed really flimsy and hard to believe. Honestly, I was expecting it to be revealed that the “father” actually died in transit or something.

It wouldn’t be a mecha show if there wasn’t some sort of plan to “save all humanity” that involved higher life forms. It looks like that’s what will be revealed next week. I guess the point is to switch over to Daichi and Hana since there was a Teppei/Akari focus this week?

Captain Earth Episode 4: The enemy appears

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Well, it looks like Teppei will be the focus of the show for a while. He certainly has some mystery surrounding him. Although, I’m a little bit more curious whether Hana is a Kiltgang or something above them entirely.  Pitz clearly knows who the Kiltgang are and considers them adversaries, but what is the link?

It looks like next week, we’ll be finding out more about Teppei. They mentioned in the preview that this new character “gave Teppei his genes”. Does this mean that Teppei is a clone of the actual Albion? Is he not really a former Kiltgang? It seems fairly unlikely given the way the Kiltgang were talking about him this week.

Captain Earth Episode 3: Teppei joins the fray

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It looks like Teppei is able to pilot one of the robots from the enemy formation. I’m curious whether this is supposed to suggest that he actually is Albion and has just defected to humanity or whether he’s a special type of human that’s just able to pilot the robot. I feel like the first possibility is slightly easier to explain than the second. The other possibility was that Hana was the one who defected and she somehow gave Teppei the ability to pilot the robot, which is even more flimsy.

Next week should dive more into Teppei’s past and hopefully reveal why he was able to use the enemy robot. Logically, it would make sense that he’s one of the Kiltgang, as there seem to be eight ports in the Kiltgang installation, but only two people on board. The other six have to be somewhere, right? Now the question remains whether Hana will be stuck in a support role for Teppei or whether she’ll actually be able to join the battle in a machine of her own.

Captain Earth Episode 2: Is that the Illusive Man??

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So it looks like the main enemy in this series is this Salty Dog organization. They’ve shown us secret plots with computers about world domination as well as harsh control over Hana and Teppei. Presumably they were the ones meeting secretly at the end of the first episode. Also, I’m very curious exactly what the exact nature of these Kiltgang people is. Why are there only two of them shown when there seemed to be quite a few launch gates in their facility? What exactly are they hoping to achieve?

It looks like next week, Akari (looks like the girl helping Daichi this week) will join the cast. Also, it looks like the guy in blue from the Kiltgang will take his turn fighting the Earth Engine. But the preview also mentions that Salty Dog will sabotage the Earth Engine. Are they really so prideful that they’d screw humanity’s attempts to defend against the invaders just because Daichi acted like a kid and shot down the sensor tower? Is that even realistic?

Captain Earth Episode 1 (First Impressions): Longer transformation sequence than the Megazord

[HorribleSubs] Captain Earth - 01 [720p].mkv_snapshot_03.00_[2014.04.07_14.58.25]

Well, I have no information going into this show. It’s just another way to satisfy my mecha interests this season. So far, it looks like the show is a standard mecha show where humanity has to fight against a group of invaders with the help of giant robots. Anyway, it looks like our main character Manatsu Daichi is a mysterious “captain” like his father, able to pilot the giant mecha that takes a decade to put together. I’m seeing a lot of comparisons to Star Driver, but I’ve never seen that show, so I’m going in blind.

Based on previous shows of a similar vein, my initial prediction would be that these invaders are actually just humans, but that’s just a gut reaction. That strange scene near the end of the episode where the political-looking men are talking about “factions” seems to suggest this a bit. There are a lot of things that seem cheesy about this show, but I might take it as my mecha show of the season. The music is actually decent (insert song and ending song). Good music makes a promising case for the show, right? Anyway, it looks like next week, Daichi has to learn how to pilot his mecha.