Captain Earth Episode 15: Finally another engine

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It looks like Hana ends up getting a Livlaster after all. I guess that new machine from last week might go to Hana as predicted. But doesn’t that mean that Akari should logically get her own Livlaster eventually as well? She hasn’t been doing too much lately (other than standing by on the ground next too a mecha battle…who does that?). Meanwhile, on the other side, it looks like Setsuna has turned (easily as always). Also, the guy in the suit finally finds out that his plan has been hijacked by Puck…who subsequently hijacks him.

Next week, it looks like Hana will be heading to space in the new Flare Engine against a new Kiltgang. I still don’t quite understand what she is…is she another designer’s child? Setsuna seems to have been. But Teppei talks about having created her, so she’s somehow artificially one? A clone, maybe?

Captain Earth Episode 14: Hana’s dark secrets

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Well, that asteroid was dealt with pretty easily. I really dig this new opening song…it’s much better than the previous one. Although, it might be a bit too mellow for what’s happening in the background. I’m not really feeling the new ending song, though…it seems rather poor despite being a Supercell song. Anyway, there are a lot of questions brought up in this episode (unsurprisingly).

Most importantly, why is Hana so disgusted by herself after firing the Blume? Why does she so strongly believe that Daichi will hate her? Also, who will be piloting this new machine that Globe is developing? Is it supposed to be for Hana? Is that why they’re focusing on her now? Hopefully next week, we’ll learn about all of these things that Hana is hiding (and possibly Setsuna as well).

Captain Earth Episode 13: Another one down

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Well, at least Bugbear is a better character than the other designer’s children we’ve seen so far. The others just seemed like they were rushed through. Bugbear’s singularity isn’t explained too well, though. His illusions are somehow autonomous and tangible…the word “illusion” usually suggests that they would be immaterial. But that’s just me being nitpicky.

Obligatory beach episode is next week’s episode, it seems. Also, it’s possible we’ll learn more about Hana. We still aren’t sure how she fits in this story. Also, if we’re getting a break from the Machine Goodfellow and designer’s child stuff, does that mean the Earth Engine will be fighting again? We haven’t seen that guy in quite a while…

Captain Earth Episode 12: I guess this one isn’t so simple

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It looks like this designer child isn’t going to be quite as simple as the others were. When I saw Baku’s back story, I was curious whether they would turn him as easily as the others. I guess his motivations aren’t quite as simple to throw away. Speaking of the others, though, what have all of them been doing all this time? Zin made a brief appearance, but it seems like basically Amarok and Malkin do everything. If they’re recruiting people, what do they even do?

The preview shows the Earth Engine Ordinary fighting against another Machine Goodfellow, but is it Baku? Maybe it’s a repeat of one of the previous battles. I’m curious whether Baku will leave behind the woman that he apparently loves to join the Kiltgang. The fact that they’re devoting more than one episode to him is a good sign, right? It could mean he’s a potential ally…

Captain Earth Episode 11: Teppei still seems much more skilled than Daichi

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I wonder if Teppei’s Livlaster is specifically meant to be used as a shield or if that’s just another thing he can do because he has better control of it than Daichi. This week was meant to introduce Setsuna, but it seems like she hasn’t joined a side just yet. Just balance-wise, it seems like she should go to the Kiltgang side to have two squirrels facing off against each other, but we’ll see. Her personality doesn’t seem too bad, but we’ve seen larger swings with these designer’s children.

Next week looks to return to the designer’s child hunt as normal. Are these guys ever going to be able to get to one of these people before Amarok and Malkin can? This whole “I used to be an outcast who didn’t know my place until I regained my memories and realized why I was special” thing is getting old. Also, is Setsuna going to have a role next week or is she flying under the radar for a bit?

Captain Earth Episode 10: Daichi outclassed again…

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Well, I guess they had to fail to make the time limit eventually. It looks like Teppei finally got his moment to shine. He seemed a lot more skilled with the Nebula Engine than Daichi has been so far. The ability to dodge all of those lasers shows a level of control Daichi hasn’t been able to demonstrate. To Daichi’s credit, though, I was surprised when he knocked the gun away from Lieban in the aquarium.

So what does this mean for the future episodes? Is Teppei going to help Daichi on the ground or will he remain the failsafe in case Daichi doesn’t make it in time again? Based on the preview, it looks like the two will fight together. Next week, it looks like they will explore this new character Setsuna who has some apparent link to Hana. But is he/she friend or foe? Cursed androgynous characters…

Captain Earth Episode 9: Wait, another designer child?

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Well, I wasn’t expecting the Kiltgang to recruit another designer child already. I still question the amount of effort they put into the designer child’s background before regaining their memories if they just completely shirk it after they are turned. I understand if it were only done once to show just how much they can be changed, but if they do it every time, there has to be someone who isn’t affected. Otherwise, it just feels like wasted time.

Anyway, it looks like it’s another designer child next week. It’s about time for Teppei to make his own move and prove that he will have a role in the rest of the series. I guess this will just be a string of episodes where the enemies recruit more designer children and try to activate their Machine Goodfellows. I’m curious, though. Since they’ve had their cockpits destroyed before the Kiltgang can be activated, does that mean they can no longer do so? If so, what exactly is there role from here on?

Captain Earth Episode 8: Daichi managed to do okay this time

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It’s too bad that Zin ended up becoming an enemy, but I guess there was no real alternative. Malkin and Amarok were both out of commission for a while, so Globe gaining another ally just wouldn’t work. I’m curious about Zin’s background on Earth, though. Was that only shown to emphasize how out-of-place he felt in the world or will that come into play later for turning him against Kiltgang?

It looks like next week, Akari will be kidnapped. It’s a smart plan since she’s been pretty useful against the Kiltgang. I’m curious, though…is the show going to move towards a race to reach the other designer’s children that have lost their memories? Will Teppei remain a special case or is there a chance of stopping more of them from returning to Kiltgang despite regaining their memories? Also, how exactly is Teppei supposed to fight now that he destroyed his Ego Block?

Captain Earth Episode 7: Apparently melons are a big deal

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It looks like Daichi and Teppei are good at blowing themselves up to defeat the enemy. Daichi seems pretty pointless in battle despite the praise Teppei gave him at the end of the episode. I understand that he’s still a novice, but he’s basically a punching bag. Also, Malkin and Amarok are starting to seem like Team Rocket…it’ll get stale if the battles are always the same 2v2’s.

The main four have been put together on a team, but only half of them can actually fight against the Kiltgang. Given that it seems like this show will go on for two seasons, I think that’s meant to suggest that Hana and Akari will eventually get their own Livlasters. The only reservation I have is Hana, since she was originally found holding a Livlaster that she couldn’t use. The preview shows a new enemy fighting against the Earth Engine, so that might trigger something. At the very least, it should break the pattern of 2v2 battles we’ve been having.

Captain Earth Episode 6: Humanity is doomed!

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That’s a lot of doom and gloom talk for so early in the series. Anyway, this episode is mostly a setup episode with not too much happening. Secret plots and whatnot. The brief hostage scene wasn’t even much, just a way for Daichi to get his uncle’s blessing.

It looks like next week, the fighting starts up again. Things have been pretty slow so far, so maybe they’ll show us a decent battle now that it’s 2v2. The ones up to now have been fairly quick. We might also see if Hana’s role is confined to enabling Teppei to fight. And one thing we haven’t even touched on yet: who was the girl that gave Daichi the Livlaster in the first episode?