Buddy Complex Episode 5: Some light hazing, I see

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I guess Dio and Aoba are going to start being buddy-buddy pretty soon. That was kind of a foregone conclusion, though. Aoba seems to be integrating into the crew pretty nicely so far. But is his link to the past ever going to be relevant? Or was it just a mechanic to get him into the story? I’m still waiting for  him to meet someone from the past. That usually happens in these situations, right?

I’m still wondering how they’re supposed to be recruiting Hina in all of this. Sooner or later, Zogilia is going to have to notice that Aoba won’t attack her and use that against him. Anyway, it looks like next week will introduce a second pair using the Coupling system. Since the system’s supposed to be a secret, I assume they’re allies. The preview makes them look as though they’ll be rivals or something. Maybe they’ll just die in the first battle too. We’ll see.

Buddy Complex Episode 4: Is that High-Expectations Asian Father??

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Well, I wonder if Dio managed to get over his problems with Aoba. They managed to pull off a Coupling, but surely he still has his doubts. That aside, this week’s episode seems to be a bit of a slow down. Nothing really interested me. The first half was spent solidifying Aoba’s resolve to fight by showing him that there was nothing left for him. The second half was re-establishing some sort of relationship with Dio.

Will next week give us more information about Dio? The title suggests that it will, but the scenes from the preview look like it’s just going to be another battle against Zogilia. On that note, how exactly does Aoba plan to talk to Hina again without breaking the Coupling this time? Maybe she’ll be captured? Also, was that brief mention of Aoba’s sister supposed to be important somehow?

Buddy Complex Episode 3: Another day, another battle

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Well, Hina confirmed for enemy. That extinguishes any hope that it was the same Hina that brought Aoba back. The only other possibility was some extenuating circumstances forcing her to remain on their side (though this was pretty unlikely). So this means that it’s Aoba’s job to turn Hina in order to maintain the future of the other Hina. That has some interesting time travel implications because he would pretty much have to repeat the exact events of the other Aoba (I won’t go too far into this here).

Looks like Aoba will be in trouble next week. Lee is injured and Dio seems to have already figured out that the enemy is the same person who “sent” Aoba to them. The next episode’s title also mentions resolve, so I’m guessing it’s about time for Aoba to become an actual soldier and join the fight. So far, it looks like despite his “resolve”, he’ll still continue to reach out to this world’s Hina. That’s the only explanation for the future Hina’s love for him. Hopefully, that doesn’t get too annoying.

Buddy Complex Episode 2: Fun times in the future

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Oh hey, Sunrise decided to actually have a reason for Aoba to know how to pilot a mecha this time. Usually, the main character just gets in and suddenly knows how to pilot at a decent level, but this time, Aoba had to share knowledge with Dio to figure it out. Anyway, Aoba’s first moments in the future are pretty standard. He has the initial disorientation as well as suspicion from the people around him. I also found it funny that Aoba interpreted Hina’s “Dio is waiting for you” as “Dio actually knows who you are and will be happy to see you” as opposed to “you will have a strong relationship with Dio when you reach the future” like I did.

It looks like things are getting worse for Aoba. Next week, he’ll meet the Hina from this timeline, who presumably will have no memory of Aoba (probably because she hasn’t met him yet). This will cause even more tension with the people who saved Aoba as he has already told them her name and that she sent him to them. So far, everything is staying relatively predictable. More than likely, Aoba will go into battle again and finally get Dio on his side. Or he’ll get himself thrown in the brig again…

Buddy Complex First Impressions: To the future!

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Well, that was a very question-raising first episode. Our main character Watase Aoba is brought to the future into a mecha by his classmate Yumihara Hina, who is also apparently from the future. Based on what I’ve seen so far, I’m guessing Hina is on the enemy team in the future (evidenced by the surprise from the person who came back in time to kill Aoba). Aoba is also some sort of famous mecha pilot in the future, but the main question is why Hina and Aoba split upon going through the singularity.

[HorribleSubs] Buddy Complex - 01 [720p].mkv_snapshot_10.52_[2014.01.08_06.41.21]

More than likely, Aoba was sent to a point further in the past from the point Hina left in order to go to the past. At this point, Hina is still an enemy and no one knows who Aoba is. He’ll then build his reputation and then get this future Hina to fall in love with him, which would explain her embarrassed behavior when travelling to the past. But this begs the question of what happened to the other Hina that loves Aoba? Does she still exist? Anyway, random speculation aside, music for this show is okay. Opening is better than the ending, I would say. Next week, we meet the second main character, Dio, who is presumably going to be Aoba’s partner. As with any show like this, he’ll probably be suspicious at first, but hey…”Nice Coupling”, right?