Rinne no Lagrange Episode 4

So this week’s episode starts off with Muginami, our third main character, joining Madoka’s class. Madoka is called to discuss the current state of affairs, and Youko allows her to continue piloting Vox Aura (which she has named Midori) on the condition that she continues to live at home and go to school. During a swimming competition, Lan is keeping watch over Muginami, so she knocks her into the water as a joke.

However, Lan is unable to swim, and Muginami ends up saving her. After seeing that, Madoka ends up asking Muginami to join her Jersey Club. Madoka then finds out that Muginami has nowhere to stay, so she invites her to come live with her. Meanwhile, the aliens from before are attacked by a man named Villagiulio, who asks them to join him. The episode ends with Lan transferring into the school as well and Array escapes from his prison cell.

Lan’s cute when she’s jealous. Anyway, it seems like Muginami is the type of girl who puts on the airhead appearance, but actually has a plan going on behind it. She seemed pretty serious when she was sneaking around in the Vox hangars. So, Lan is pretty cool and calm, with the Ovid signifying water, and Madoka is whimsical, with the Ovid signifying wind. Muginami’s Ovid will signify fire, so does that mean she has some temper issues we’re not aware of yet?

If Lan is some sort of princess, does that mean Muginami is one too? Or is she some sort of CIA-ish type from another world? I wonder how that will come into play in the future…maybe Lan’s on the run. It looks like next week, we’ll meet a more villainous-looking bad guy that I guess the girls will have to face. I’m guessing that’s also when Muginami will come into play.

Rinne no Lagrange Episode 3

Sorry for how late this post is, but I’ve been pretty busy all day. Anyways, this week’s episode starts off where last week’s left off, with the second enemy appearing. Meanwhile, it’s revealed that Lan was unable to activate Vox Lympha because she fears it. The second Ovid’s pilot forms a link with Madoka and asks her to surrender, but she naturally refuses. She’s still losing but then Lan takes Vox Lympha to help her.

However, the first enemy from the last episode tries to intercept her. Lan apologizes to Madoka for getting her involved in the fighting, but Madoka reassures her. Lan realizes she isn’t afraid of Vox Lympha and transforms it (it basically looks the same, but blue). Lan and Madoka team up, forcing the enemies to retreat.

So Lan seems to hint that there’s some dark secret about the Vox…I wonder what it is. It might end up being some sort of horrible death or something…only speculation, of course. Lan joins the fight, and I guess Muginami will join shortly. Honestly, Lan’s personality wasn’t quite what I expected from the first episode, but I’m guessing Muginami’s is exactly what I think it is.

I’m really not a fan of these Ovid designs…Vox Aura and Vox Lympha basically look the same and all three of the enemy Ovids also looked basically the same. I guess I expect more from a show that I’ve read elsewhere has such great animation quality. Is it all going to the wrong place? Oh well, still another character to introduce and then we can get some plot going.

Rinne no Lagrange Episode 2

Ok, so this week’s episode immediately quells some unsettling questions that last week’s episode gave me. First off, the mecha are apparently called Ovids, not just robots. Also, they do have cockpits for the pilots…they just didn’t look that way at first. Anyways, Madoka’s Ovid turns out to be some legendary weapon named Vox Aura. Apparently, Madoka has achieved something called Memoria with Vox, which basically links the machine to her signature.

While wandering around lost, Madoka meets Muginami, the final main character. However, Madoka is put right back into battle. Still a newbie, Madoka is getting owned in battle. Lan tries to go out and help, but she is stopped by Moid. Things aren’t looking good for Madoka, but she gets a call from Youko, who manages to motivate her to victory. However, another enemy appears to flank Madoka as the episode ends.

So it looks like everything is set up for Lan to jump into the battle next week. I like her character, maybe a bit more than Madoka. I’m guessing Muginami is supposed to be the airhead? We’re also introduced to the mysterious Moid, who I’m guessing has his own agenda in the background. I still don’t understand the nature of the enemies, but I’m sure that will be explained soon.

Everything in this show seems very fast-paced. I wonder if there will be a point where they take a step back and explain everything that’s happening. Also, the battle this week was super uninteresting. Come on…you have a cool GN-X replica and it just flies around a bit before getting shot down? I hope the battles get more intense in the future. Still not completely sure what to make of this show, but will continue to watch.

Rinne no Lagrange Episode 1

I feel so late with these posts, but my goal is to get caught up this week. Anyways, this series starts off with introduction of Madoka Kyono, a very energetic girl who immediately starts the series by saving a drowning person. Things start to get strange when Madoka meets a girl, who returns her lost school uniform (which she was wearing), but she then disappears.

After an…interesting conversation with her older sister, Madoka returns to school the next day to find that the strange girl from the day before is requesting to join her club, introducing herself as Lan. Lan then drags Madoka to a facility asking her to pilot a robot which seems to have a link with her past. Soon after they arrive, the facility is attacked and Madoka is forced into action.

When Madoka’s first attack doesn’t work, the robot switches into humanoid mode and she’s able to break the enemy’s defense, winning the battle. So from the first episode, I’d have to say that Madoka’s an interesting character. Not sure about Lan and the mystery third girl that seems to be getting introduced next week. Not that much action in the first episode since the battle was quick. I have to say that movements of the robots were also kinda boring.

Opening and ending themes didn’t impress me, but they were okay. I’m not sure if Lan and this other girl are also going to be pilots. It would make sense. Also, what’s the deal with calling the mecha “robots”? Isn’t that kinda generic? Can’t they come up with some cool name for them? Oh well, I guess this show is interesting enough to continue.