Rinne no Lagrange Episode 14


So…throughout the entire first season, I don’t remember hearing a thing about Le Garite and De Metrio being adjacent star systems on the verge of colliding and destroying both systems. This would have been nice to know earlier. It kinda explains a lot. I presume Le Garite is supposed to represent a higher-class and De Metrio is more of a slum (basing this off of Muginami’s memory session in the first season). Anyway, after some…unique persuasion tactics, the three girls are back together. Hopefully, the fact that they reunited so quickly means that the real story will begin soon.

With Earth becoming something of a neutral ground, what will happen from here? Will Kamogawa become a battleground for Le Garite and De Metrio with the Vox pilots intervening to keep the peace? They have to find a way somehow. It’s not like they’re going to set out to beat the Le Garite and De Metrio forces to get them to make peace……right? Right??? Next week, is that a training session or something? That’s what it looks like to me…the three brothers should join in and double the Earth force.

Rinne no Lagrange Episode 13

And we’re back with more Rinne! Time skip has engaged…Madoka’s not doing so well by herself, but then Lan and Muginami return to pull her out of her slump. But they’re locked in battle…wonder what’s up. It’s actually an interesting question…history would suggest that Muginami is the one acting in the wrong here, but she wouldn’t want to kill Madoka, right? So why would Lan say this?

In the experiments at the beginning of the episode, they mentioned possibly messing with Lan’s personality…is this the case? The ever-mysterious Moid was there and even he was afraid of what was being done to Lan. I can’t imagine Lan being the evil one, but I can’t discount the possibility. My theory was that they were trying to create the Rinne effect that Madoka did through Lan, but that’s only speculation.

New opening song isn’t quite the same…that’s just how it is. The ending theme sounds pretty cool, though. Last week’s episode was just recap, so we’re starting here. Everyone’s back together, but conflict is there with them. Hope it all gets resolved next week…then they can get on to more important matters. We should just hope the problem is just Muginami’s cape, as Madoka says in the preview. Final note: the three alien brothers have assimilated quite nicely on Earth…they’re practically normal.

Rinne no Lagrange Final Episode

Strangely, this week’s episode starts off with everything calmed down after the Le Garite delegation arrives. Lan also seems prepared to return to her home. We finally flash back to the episode before. The Rinne effect causes the three Vox weapons to combine energies and mutate the enemy Ovids and ships.

However, Madoka is able to overcome her grief and the effect of the Rinne blooming changes into something more pleasant. However, Aura suddenly deactivates. Villagiulio tries to capitalize on this, but he is shot down by Lan’s brother, who has arrived with the Le Garite delegation. Muginami flies off with Villagiulio’s Ovid as the Le Garite forces tear apart the enemies.

So compared to how Fate/Zero ended, I like how they approached this. Everyone goes their separate ways after the battle ends. I was afraid they’d do a time skip, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. I don’t expect a gap more than like a year (the preview only made that prediction more and more likely). This serves well as a first season. They leave plenty of things unanswered, but they leave a sense of resolution in the end. Also, the way they structured the episode with the flashback really made that sense of resolution hit hard. Man…that whole thing with Moid is gonna bug me forever >.> I’m so curious about what’s up with him. Also, they give us that little bit about Asteria too…curse the second season for starting in July. Either way, it’s definitely been enjoyable to cover this show. I was skeptical at first, and the battles weren’t the greatest in the world, but it was definitely a nice experience. Probably won’t be reviewing this show…will wait for the next season.

Rinne no Lagrange Episode 11

Continuing from last week, Vox Aura starts to activate, also transmitting Madoka’s thoughts to Lan and Muginami. The two start to fight as Madoka reaches Pharos. Muginami faces off against Villagiulio while Lan faces off against a mass of Ovids. A group also splits off to attack Pharos. Meanwhile, Yoko tells Asteria that while the humans who left Earth saw Vox as a demon, those that stayed on Earth had no such belief.

She manages to convince Asteria to allow Madoka to fight. The enemy fires their giant laser at the town, but they are protected by the three brothers, who have chosen to fight with Asteria. One of the enemy Ovids crashes on the school ground, injuring Yoko, which causes Madoka to lose it as the episode ends.

Focusing everything on Lan? So cruel! Still, most of what happened this episode was predictable. As expected, the evil interpretation of the Vox weapons is a discrepancy in historical interpretation. Also, the brothers have joined the good guys as we all knew would happen. I’d say the battle scenes were kinda underwhelming in the beginning, but Vox Aura’s fighting was pretty cool. Also Muginami vs. Villagiulio was decent, I guess. I’m curious to see how things end up next week…we might actually find out what this Rinne thing is. It’s also the last episode, so hopefully the series ends strong.

Rinne no Lagrange Episode 10

Not cool >.>
This week’s episode starts off with the school festival. Lan and Muginami try to hide the details of Villagiulio’s incoming attack from her while they go around and check out the festival exhibits. They even run into Asteria at the festival, and she eventually gets left alone with Madoka.

As Madoka goes around with Asteria, she starts to realize that Lan and Muginami have become part of the school, making friends other than the core three. As Madoka talks with Asteria about it, Villagiulio attacks. Despite her orders, Madoka runs off to Pharos to help. The episode ends with Vox Aura coming to life as Madoka approaches.

So…Muginami loses points for making fun of Lan when she got scared. So cruel…Anyway, I understand why Madoka would fear losing Lan and Muginami because of her background, but it makes me like her a bit less. Her joining the fight was pretty predictable. That should make things interesting. Asteria also had her moments in this episode…was pretty entertaining. With only two episodes left, I guess this has to be the final battle, so I hope it ends up looking good.

Rinne no Lagrange Episode 9

This week’s episode starts off with Villagiulio throwing the three brothers in a house Earthside. Kirius and Array accept this, but Izo becomes restless and goes after Madoka. Meanwhile, Madoka, Lan, and Muginami help out with a festival at school for the Jersey Club. While Izo goes to the school and Array goes to Madoka’s house, Kirius finds her when she saves a drowning child.

Unfortunately, he doesn’t know who Madoka is, so she ends up running off anyway. Izo and Array find out more about Madoka’s past, specifically the death of her mother. Izo decides to leave Madoka be, abandoning his duel and returning home. There, he finds Villagiulio, who announces his plan to destroy the Vox weapons before the Le Garite forces arrive to retrieve them.

Hmm…interesting info about Madoka. Her behavior is a copy of Yoko, who helped her get over her depression about her mother’s death. Some comical antics from the three brothers as well. Stage seems be getting set for their betrayal of Villagiulio. But there’s supposed to be another season, right? Seems a bit early. Will they be allies for the entire second half? Or maybe we’ll see our favorite plot device: the time skip. With an episode title like “Goodbye, Kamogawa”, I wonder if next week’s episode is supposed to be the start of some sort of trip into space. I would assume it gets called off in the end, but we’ll have to see.

Rinne no Lagrange Episode 8

This week’s episode starts off with the expected arrival of the chairman of Novumundu, but instead, his great-granddaughter comes in his place. She introduces herself as Asteria Lizamarie De Roschefall, and seems to know Lan. After an awkward report, Lan tells Muginami and Madoka about the Vox Legend. Basically, another civilization existed on Earth 20,000 years prior, and Muginami and Lan are descendants of that civilization. Their ancestors fled Earth when the Vox weapons went out of control.

Meanwhile, Asteria discusses the Vox weapons with Youko and concludes that Madoka should be banned from piloting Vox Aura. In protest, Muginami and Lan lock themselves in with Vox Aura until the decision is reversed, and Madoka and Asteria go in to talk with them. Madoka ends up accepting her grounding and she convinces Lan and Muginami to accept it as well.

Well, everyone seems to be getting along nicely. Finally we hear the story of the infamous Vox weapons. I was expecting something to that effect, but we still don’t have enough information. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Vox weapons weren’t the cause of calamity, but saved the Earth from complete destruction. I’m definitely suspecting that Madoka, Lan, and Muginami are somehow descended directly from the original pilots.

We find out the source of Lan’s greeting! She was so embarrassed, but I sure hope she doesn’t just drop it…I liked that greeting. She’s too cute. Also, Moid is having secret meetings…so evil. Asteria seems like an interesting character. She doesn’t really seem evil, but she’s got a plan, and who knows where that will go. Next week looks like school festival time. Maybe a super-secret infiltration mission from our alien brothers (aside from the maid thing)?

Rinne no Lagrange Episode 7

Had to be done...
So after the events of last week, everyone seems fine. Madoka starts to go off about Villagiulio, but Lan tells her how he used to be. Meanwhile, Muginami has several flashbacks about her relationship with Villagiulio. Lan and Madoka end up getting roped into clearing the school’s pool of eels (random).

After talking with a teacher, Madoka realizes that she was wrong about Muginami and heads off to apologize. The two talk it out (in the bath lol) and finally make up. Muginami tries to leave in the night, but she’s stopped by Lan and Madoka, and everyone finally becomes a happy family.

So…let’s ignore the random tentacle scene and the naked bathing scene (>.>). Most of the other stuff in the episode was pretty predictable. Madoka and Muginami realizing what the other is going through and making up. Lan being the one to stop Muginami in the night from leaving…all that jazz. Still, they didn’t really touch on the Flowers of Rinne thing from last week and it’s getting me curious >.> What are you hiding, Moid? As for Villagiulio, what do you think about his personality change? I’m guessing it’s some death of a loved one thing that screwed up his head and he might change in the future. It’s also possible he was faking kindness before and this was all part of his plan (cue evil laughter). Finally, it could be that he’s faking cruelty and this was also part of his plan (cue…hero music theme?). Judging by the hieroglyphic-looking thing in the preview, maybe next week will touch more on the Vox weapons and their history. Though if they say Egyptian Gods, I may have to hurt someone.

Rinne no Lagrange Episode 6

After the events of last week, Lan and Madoka head out to confront Villagiulio. While everyone prepares for battle, Lan tells Madoka a bit about Villagiulio. Meanwhile, Moid goes to the restaurant for Muginami. Madoka and Lan move out to attack, but run into an epic number of enemy Ovids. Moid talks with Muginami, convincing her to fly out in Vox Ignis.

Villagiulio fires a giant laser at Muginami, but Lan is able to redirect the shot. Strangely, Muginami transforms Vox Ignis and stops Madoka from attack Villagiulio. Muginami then yells at Madoka, and she unlocks some strange power that Moid calls Rin-Ne, knocking all of the Ovids out of the sky.

Madoka gets a sword! I have to admit…that’s pretty cool. Finally we see a decent battle (in my standards, at least). Anyways, with the way Lan reacted, I almost wonder if Madoka triggered something linked with the terrible fate or whatever that Lan feared from the Vox weapons. Moid clearly has some sort of agenda…I swear he and Ryouko from Symphogear are the same exact person. I can see both of them having the same motives and everything. Anyways, Muginami is still an enemy for now (no idea why…that’s serious devotion). Next week looks like a trip down memory lane, so it should be fun. Background information is always nice.

Rinne no Lagrange Episode 5

This week’s episode starts off with Lan being plagued by memories of the past. She continues to try to adjust to Muginami, but has trouble trusting her. The three girls start getting more serious in their Jersey Club activities. On the way home, Madoka catches her uncle drinking with Villagiulio, who was also in Lan’s flashback. Meanwhile, Lan confronts Muginami while they’re alone. Muginami reveals that she has a Memoria and that her brother wants her to steal the remaining Vox weapon.

Her brother terms out to be Villagiulio, who comes back to the restaurant with Madoka. Lan also recognizes him, telling Madoka that the two are enemies. Muginami confirms this and talks about the nice life she has had with Madoka. However, Villagiulio rejects her, chastising her for being so carefree. He then tells Lan that they must destroy all of the Vox weapons or face destruction at his hands.

Big bad has arrived and he’s quite something. He told Muginami off like a boss. Honestly, she was starting to annoy me too >.> Anyways, this marks Muginami’s change of alliance. She will probably join up with Madoka and Lan next week to fight together against Villagiulio to protect their base. Lan clearly knows something about this Villagiulio guy…I wonder what happened between them. I still don’t like the mecha designs in this show >.> but what can I do? At least they’re shiny. Also, what kind of organization name is Kiss? Oh well, we’ll just have to wait and find out.