Guilty Crown Episode 3

So, anyone who wasn’t paying attention last week, the last episode ended with Inori transferring into Shu’s class. Naturally, this causes quite the freak-out in the class, since she’s a famous singer and everything. Shu resolves not to become involved with Inori, but she appears at his house right on cue. Guess who has a new roommate?

Meanwhile, the Anti Bodies send someone named Segai in response to the incident in the last episode. Inori explains that she has come to protect Shu, but they are interrupted by the arrival of Shu’s classmate, Samukawa Yahiro. However, Inori takes Shu to meet with Gai before the situation can be explained.

Gai explains to Shu that someone from his school saw what happened in the last episode, and Shu is ordered to find that person. Gai tells Shu that he will be able to draw out this person’s Void, which will make it easier to find him. Shu then realizes that Gai is able to see Voids.

Shu attempts to draw the Void from a student, but it just ends up with him groping a girl (lol). After talking with Inori again, Shu manages to get the hang of it, avoiding further embarrassment. Shu eventually realizes that Yahiro is the mole, and confronts him with the information.

Naturally, Shu attempts to reason with Yahiro, but Yahiro refuses to hear it. Shu draws his Void, and Inori attempts to shoot Yahiro. However, Shu stops her. When Yahiro wakes up, he and Shu agree to keep the other’s secret. However, the episode ends with Yahiro betraying Shu and pushing him out in front of the GHQ and Segai, also separating him from Inori.

So it was definitely interesting that it makes more sense now how Shu’s power works. Basically, this means that he doesn’t have to constantly rely on Inori for a weapon like I originally thought, as he can draw Voids from anyone. However, I do have a bone to pick with the Void powers, specifically the rules. He has to have eye contact and the process causes the target to lose their memory of it? Come on…that’s just becoming way too similar to Code Geass. Oh well, that aside, it was a very interesting episode, especially with Inori’s more soft-spoken personality. Very different from C.C. (who’s more of a troll). Also, I’m starting to notice that the background music for this show sounds really good. Looking forward to more next week, especially what’s happening with this betrayal.

Guilty Crown Episode 2

Hey! Been looking forward to this one. We start off with everyone freaking out because of the damage Shu caused at the end of last week’s episode. Also, I need to point out that the opening looks amazing (song is pretty good too). Gai shows off his tactical prowess by out-predicting the enemy mecha. By the looks of it, the mecha in this show are controlled remotely, but the pilots are linked physically somehow to their machines (evidenced by the bailout of one of the pilots before her mecha is impaled). We’re also introduced to a strange character, Daryl Yan, who pilots a different model mecha. He has a more carefree attitude, but freaks out when offered a handshake (what’s up with that?). With everything calmed down, Inori wakes up, but is reprimanded by Gai for letting Shu use the Void Genome rather than him. Gai continues to explain that the Void Genome is one of three such genomes and it grants the King’s Power (yeah…). He explains that the sword that Shu manifested is a Void, specifically Inori’s Void, and that Shu must now fight alongside him.

Gai is informed that some residents have been taken captive and that Daryl is in play. Gai decides to start a rescue mission, despite the odds. Gai explains that the enemy they deal with are called Anti Bodies, an organization that has disproportionate power to declare anyone symptomatic and dispose of them. Shu and Inori infiltrate their headquarters, witnessing a brutal murder. Gai starts the operation, drawing the mecha (which I now realize are called Enclaves) away from Shu and Inori. When they are all drawn away, Gai targets the HQ with a ridiculous amount of missiles, causing the Anti Bodies to halt their attack. Gai then reveals himself as the leader of the Undertakers. While all eyes are on Gai, Shu and Inori move into action. Based on what I can see, Shu steals Daryl’s ability and uses it to deflect the attacks made at Gai, and the enemy destroys itself. The episode ends with Inori transferring into Shu’s class. I’m still enjoying this series, but I still have to emphasize how close it is to Code Geass…King’s Power, even that survival of the fittest bit by Gai. Nonetheless, neither Gai nor Shu is really like Lelouch, so hopefully this show goes in another direction. I’m still looking forward to watching it.

Guilty Crown Episode 1

So, this is a series that’s been pretty highly anticipated, but I don’t know too much about it. First off, it looks like the setting is pretty futuristic, and the animation looks nice (good first impression). The series starts off with a strange girl trying to escape a mecha (at the same time, she’s appearing in a Youtube video singing a song), giving something to a robot to give to “Gai”. She is knocked off a bridge and falls into the water. Switch over to a more normal setting, Shu (presumably the main character) is on a train headed towards school. He talks with a girl on the train about terrorist attacks in the area recently (sounds like the opening to Code Geass to me…). A bit of background is revealed, as Shu talks about an Apocalypse Virus that broke out ten years prior to the start of the show. He goes to an abandoned warehouse to eat lunch and finds the girl from the beginning of the show injured, but singing. He startles her and she attacks him, but she backs down after seeing no ill intent from him. He knows her to be the singer Inori. He tries to talk with her, but they are interrupted by soldiers bursting into the warehouse. They capture her and Shu is unable to stop them. However, the robot with the package reveals a map to Shu, which he resolves to follow. Meanwhile, the stolen object is revealed to be a “Void Genome”, but its function is not revealed. They try to torture its location from Inori, but are unsuccessful. As a result, they kill civilians in a nearby neighborhood to get her to talk (Shinjuku, anyone?). Shu reaches his destination to find a bunch of thugs, which try to take the robot from him. However, a strange group arrives to stop them, led by the one known as Gai, who single-handedly takes out all of the thugs. Gai then asks Shu about Inori, and Shu tells him about her capture. Just then, the area is attacked, resulting in countless civilian casualties. A battle results and Gai charges Shu with the safety of the Void Genome. Inori manages to escape her imprisonment just as Shu arrives. He rushes out to save her, covering her from a mecha’s shot, but resulting in the Void Genome being shot. A strange mark appears on the back of his hand, and Shu reaches into Inori’s chest, transforming his arm into a weapon of some sort (some kind of blade). With it, he destroys one of the enemy mechas as the episode ends.

So, this show really did start basically how Code Geass started (although I haven’t seen any indication that Shu’s as smart as Lelouch was yet). Main character is dragged into some terrorist group’s plan, meets a mysterious girl who gives him a strange power, and there are mechas. Even the destruction of the neighborhood and the strange item that’s stolen from the military by the terrorists. Well, I definitely liked Code Geass, so I hope that this show turns out just as well.