Fate/Zero Episode 5

Like a boss, Rider follows up his incredible entrance by offering to allow Lancer and Saber to become his allies if they forfeit the Grail. Naturally, both of them refuse. Lancer’s Master reveals himself, recognizing Waver and realizing that he was the one who stole the relic to summon Rider. Waver cowers, but Rider comes to his defense.

Rider calls out to the ones hiding in the darkness, and Gilgamesh reveals himself. Gilgamesh immediately reveals his Noble Phantasm, and the others recognize him. However, he is interrupted by the appearance of Berserker, who reveals a strange ability to hide his abilities from the Masters.

Gilgamesh turns his attack on Berserker, but it has no effect (my jaw dropped at this scene). Gilgamesh tries to continue to use his attack, but Tokiomi uses a command seal to force him to retreat. Berserker then goes…berserk, and shows that his Noble Phantasm allows him to turn objects that he’s holding into Noble Phantasm.

Saber is almost hit, but Lancer stops the attack. Lancer’s Master chides him for this, but Lancer wishes to defeat Saber honorably. However, Lancer’s Master uses a command seal to force Lancer to work with Berserker. Saber begs Iris to leave, but she refuses, believing in Kiritsugu.

Kiritsugu tries to snipe Lancer’s Master to save Saber, but Rider intervenes, attacking Berserker and forcing Lancer and his Master to withdraw (like a freaking boss). The big engagement finally ends, and everyone goes their separate ways. Meanwhile, Caster resolves to pursue Saber (and I don’t mean in battle), having watched the battle from the shadows.

Wow…that episode was pretty epic. Rider really showed himself off as the King of Conquerors alright, refusing the cheap win and brazenly revealing himself. Berserker definitely looks cool, but I’m assuming he’ll go down because of Kariya. I can’t believe command seals have already been used. Things have gotten pretty serious. More fights! Looking forward to it.

Fate/Zero Episode 4

Battle time. Last week, we ended up with Saber facing off against Lancer. While the two fight, Kiritsugu and Maiya hide out in the shadows searching for the Master of Lancer. Both combatants seem fairly evenly matched due to the uncertainty of their weapons. Lancer is unable to discern the length of Saber’s blade, while Saber is unable to discern the true weapon of Lancer (since he uses two lances). Kiritsugu and Maiya find the Master, but Kiritsugu also sees Assassin, who is also watching the battle for Kirei. Lancer offers to give his true name, but his Master orders him to finish the battle, allowing him to use his Noble Phantasm (his Master is Waver’s professor from the first episode). Lancer finally reveals his true weapon, his longspear. He figures out that Saber hides her sword to hide her identity and moves to uncover it nonetheless. From the battle, Saber manages to realize that Lancer’s spear is able to cancel out magic, so she removes her magical armor and battles in a dress. Saber moves to end the battle with a single strike, but Lancer reveals that his second spear is also part of his Noble Phantasm and uses it to stop her attack and counter. Seeing this, Rider (who’s been watching the whole time) decides he wishes to join the battle. Iris is unable to heal Saber’s most recent wound, and Saber realizes that Lancer’s second spear inflicts cursed wounds that cannot be healed. She finally identifies Lancer as Diarmuid of the Love Spot. However, Lancer has seen Saber’s golden blade, so he is able to identify her as well. Before they are able to fight again, Rider interrupts the battle (very brazenly introducing himself). The battle in this episode was amazing! Absolutely thrilling to watch. I really like how Fate/Zero approaches the Grail Wars like a very serious strategy sort of game, where each side has to be so careful about what they reveal. There’s just so much more strategy than there was in Fate/Stay Night and it’s great to watch.

Fate/Zero Episode 3

So, Assassin’s death is confirmed at the start of this week’s episode (there’s still gotta be some sort of catch). Waver talks with Rider about Assassin’s death. At first, Rider seems uninterested, but then becomes interested in the one who killed Assassin. Waver, who saw Assassin die, is unable to identify the killer or their Noble Phantasm. Meanwhile, Kirei seeks shelter in the church after having lost Assassin, the church being a neutral ground. In the church, more Assassins appear, revealing the true nature of Assassin. Saber and Irisviel arrive in Japan, where Iris reveals that she is just a puppet, never having seen the outside world. Hearing this, Saber lets her explore the city before reporting to Kiritsugu. Meanwhile, Kiritsugu secretly enters a hotel room, where the occupant provides him with equipment as well as informs him that Iris and Saber have arrived (apparently, they want to trick the others into thinking Iris is Saber’s Master). She then shows Kiritsugu the footage of Assassin’s attack, expressing her suspicion that Tohsaka was expecting Assassin to come. Kiritsugu becomes suspicious when he hears the Kirei is Assassin’s Master and is staying at the church, and orders Maiya to keep watch over the church. Saber takes Iris to the sea, but they are interrupted by the presence of another Servant, who turns out to be Lancer. The episode ends as the battle begins. I’m definitely enjoying this show…Kiritsugu is way more badass than he’s portrayed in Fate/Stay Night and it’s great to watch all of the intensity.

Fate/Zero Episode 2

Back to shorter, more manageable 20 minute episodes. This episode starts off with Waver using Rider to steal some books, which Rider uses to find out the world has changed since his time. It is revealed that Rider is King Iskandar, as Waver almost uses a command seal to force him to be more respectful, but chooses not to waste it (smartly). Iskandar then demonstrates his powers, calling forth a chariot carried by oxen (he is Rider, after all). Meanwhile, Kiritsugu is playing with Illya (who is super cute, by the way). Meanwhile, Saber talks with Iris, surprised that Kiritsugu is so soft-hearted, having seen him as a cold person. Apparently, there was some friction when Saber was summoned, since King Arthur was supposed to be a man and Kiritsugu found it hard to believe Saber was the same person. We move to another scene where a serial murder is drawing something on his victim’s floor. He introduces himself as Uryuu Ryuunosuke to the boy he has tied up on the ground. However, a seal appears on his hand and the pentagram that he drew on the ground starts to glow. A Servant appears, introducing himself as Caster, and the two make a contract. Caster lets the boy go free, but the boy is then mutilated by tentacles when he reaches the front door. What a fun way for Ryuunosuke and Caster to bond >.> Caster then introduces himself as Bluebeard. Kirei then reveals that Caster was the seventh Servant, so all Servants have been summoned (he summoned Assassin if I didn’t mention it earlier). Kirei orders Assassin to infiltrate the Tohsaka house and kill Tokiomi Tohsaka. However, Assassin is found out by Gilgamesh (Archer), who takes him out with ease as the episode ends. Well…maybe that death was fake. We know what’s supposed to happen. Anyways, I really dig this series…It’s so intense.

Fate/Zero Episode 1

Another one of those highly anticipated series. This week’s episode is a big one, a full hour. While Fate/Stay Night was more light-hearted with a bit of slice-of-life mixed in, Fate/Zero takes a more serious approach. There are lots of points where tension is caused by things like bloodlines in the magus society. With the Holy Grail War approaching, the major families prepare their respective candidates for Masters. For the Tohsaka family, the family head, Tokiomi Tohsaka participates. Representing the Einzbern family (the family Illya is from) is our main character Kiritsugu Emiya, who has been chosen because of the family’s lack of combat magic skills. Whereas Shiro Emiya remembers Kiritsugu in a positive light, this show starts off by showing him in a more negative way. He is known as the Magus Killer, a freelancer who kills heretical magi. He also sees the Servants as just tools in the Grail War, rather than the people they were, but I assume that will change. We also have Kotomine Kirei, the son of the Grail War’s judge, who is an agent of the church participating on their behalf. Kirei and Kiritsugu both study each other and are completely baffled by the motivations of the other. Another important participant is Kariya Matou, who joins the war for the sake of Sakura Matou (who is actually Sakura Tohsaka, Rin’s sister). In order to save her from the plans of the Matou family, Kariya endures the trials of Zoken Matou in order to become a Master to get the Grail before Sakura is forced to do so. Kariya takes a Worm Crest implant from Zoken, which increases his power as a magus, but at the cost of disfiguring the left side of his body and shortening his life. Another Master is Waver Velvet, a student who resolves to become a Master in order to prove that bloodline has nothing to do with magical ability. Anyways, Kiritsugu is given Avalon as a relic to summon Saber as his servant. The episode ends with some of the Masters summoning their servants. Tohsaka summons Gilgamesh, who I believe was Archer. Waver summons Rider, and Kariya summons who I’m guessing is Berserker, just based on the madness line Zoken says before the summoning. Finally, Kiritsugu summons Saber, and is surprised to find that Arthur Pendragon is a woman. Saber also greets him the exact same way she greet Shiro in Fate/Stay Night. Yeah…this series is gonna be pretty sweet. Opening theme (which was ending theme in the first episode) is great, and LiSA is a great artist, so no complaints there.