Aldnoah.Zero S2 Episode 14: The two meet again

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So Slaine wants to fix the corruption of the upper classes on Mars…from within? Where have I heard this before? Must be my imagination. That aside, this week’s episode marks Slaine and Inaho’s reunion on the battlefield, one now being able to predict the future with the power of Aldnoah and the other being able to predict the future with enhanced analysis of computerized visual data. Does that mean that their battles will be a bunch of dodging?

Lemrina’s role in the series isn’t too surprising…it’s only natural that she would be envious of what her sister had and want it for herself. I am curious about that scene where she kisses Slaine, though…she seems to suggest that the activation factor will only work once for him. So I guess that must be true for Inaho too? He’s really been conveniently holding on to that activation for that long? And did he glow when he gave Asseylum CPR or am I just nuts? Anyway, I presume next week should give us more information about how battles between Inaho and Slaine are going to happen.

Aldnoah.Zero S2 First Impressions (13): Everyone’s back?

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Ahh yes…I forgot to fully consider the possibility of a fake Asseylum. I didn’t really realize it until I watched the trailer that showed Slaine walking into the dark room talking to her (this happened at the end of this episode). That could only mean that he was talking to the real Asseylum (though I had assumed she was truly dead and that he had preserved her body in some sick manner). But since she’s still on life support, this means that she’ll likely return at some pivotal moment (or whenever Inaho discovers her).

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The only thing I’m still questioning is why Slaine has decided to oppose the Terrans again. Perhaps he realizes that allying with the Martians and their advanced technology is the only possible way to bring Asseylum back. Is it really that simple? Will he betray them the moment she returns? Also, do I really want to comment on the fact that Inaho possesses the Aldnoah activation factor now? With absolutely no explanation as to how he got it? Don’t tell me that something as simple as a kiss/CPR can initiate someone into the royal family. But all that aside, music for this series is great as always…really glad about the new songs. Also, the general outrage for this episode is pretty funny to me…what did you really expect?

Aldnoah.Zero Final Episode (12): Well…what?

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Well, that’s one way to do it. I’m surprised they killed both Inaho and Asseylum…I personally would have expected only one of them to die. It’s hard to pull any speculative survival for either of them…it definitely looked like both were shot in head. That tends to be pretty cut-and-dry. On the other hand, though, this is Martian technology we’re talking about, so we can’t exactly discount everything. They also specifically mentioned that the princess’s body was never recovered, which is super suspicious. Also, at the end of the day, the great final boss Saazbaum didn’t have any new gimmicks to his Kataphrakt…he was just a combination of everything that was fought before him. I guess it would take too long for Inaho to figure out the mechanics of a new trick?

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It turns out that showing Cruhteo’s Kataphrakt to Slaine last week had a purpose in showing that Slaine could activate the Aldnoah drive himself…likely due to his father’s influence somehow. So I guess this last episode indicates that Slaine was the true main character after all? It would be an interesting twist given how little he does in battle. Was this entire first season meant to somehow prepare him for the future? The title of the episode was “Childhood’s End”, indicating that this will lead to a time skip when the show returns for another season. It’s a shame…I really did think Inaho’s character was interesting.

Aldnoah.Zero Episode 11: So Marito does nothing this season?

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The final assault begins (relatively Slaine-less for this episode). I still really don’t understand these Aldnoah drives. Cruhteo’s machine was deactivated because Cruhteo, the activator, died…but why was he able to activate it in the first place? I thought only the royal family could do that. So maybe there has to be a way that the royal family can activate it while using someone else as a proxy? And what exactly determines the range in which these drives can be activated/deactivated? I guess it’s by touch based on what we’ve already seen…

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I’m getting used to that, though…
Next week will wrap up this first season of the series. There are two ways that they can go about this. The first option is that everyone wipes out Saazbaum and Asseylum is able to negotiate some sort of peace between the Martians and Terrans…this is the most unlikely case, though. The more probable ending is that the battle ends on a huge cliffhanger to be continued in the next season. And we still need to figure out how Slaine fits into everything…so far, it looks like he’ll be joining the fight as an ally, but we still can’t discount the fact that Inaho did shoot him down earlier.

Aldnoah.Zero Episode 10: Final battle approaches?

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I guess the simplest explanation was the right one. The Aldnoah drive is just linked to Asseylum’s heartbeat, so bringing her back was enough…not sure why they left a wet towel on a patient being shocked, but I’ll leave that alone for now. A lot of people coming together, so I guess you could call this episode a preparatory one. Given that the doctor showed Marito’s past to Magbaredge, it’s possible that he may actually be useful before the end of the show. Rayet has pretty much joined the team (and Inaho’s harem) and Slaine is presumably on his way.

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It looks like the show is heading towards some sort of final battle for the last two episodes. A second season has been confirmed for a later, so it’s likely to end on a huge cliffhanger. I’m still curious about what happens to Slaine…surely his devotion to Asseylum is so much that he would never betray her, right? Despite learning the truth behind Sazzbaum’s betrayal, there’s no way he’d continue to fight on the side of the Martians, right? Plus, will Inaho even accept him if he tries to rejoin the princess again?

Aldnoah.Zero Episode 9: Well that escalated quickly…

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That’s a rather anti-climactic way for the princess to die…which likely means she’s not really dead. Still, the Aldnoah drive shut down following the incident in the showers, so it’s a tough one to call. It’s possible the drive is linked with her heartbeat or something and she just needs to have her heart restarted. I don’t know if it could be linked to her consciousness because that would mean that the ship would have to land whenever she fell asleep. On Marito’s end, I guess we finally found out what exactly caused his PTSD…they really made it sound like he did something a lot worse than kill a dying man to ease his suffering. I was expecting him to run away and leave Humeray with his leg pinned in the tank or something.

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I guess we have to wait until next week to find out what happens with Asseylum. In the meantime, I’m more curious about what will happen with Slaine. The enemy has revealed himself and his intentions to Slaine, but is still keeping him alive. Is it really just because he owes his life to Slaine’s father? Or will Slaine be brainwashed somehow into becoming another enemy for Inaho to fight? The other alternative, I guess, is that Slaine becomes the hostage that the Terrans have to save.

Aldnoah.Zero Episode 8: So close, Slaine…

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It looks like Slaine just can’t catch a break. He finally found an ally on the Martian side in Cruhteo, only to have Cruhteo murder and himself captured by Saazbaum, the true traitor in the Orbital Knights. It’s strange, though…I thought that Cruhteo was in on the assassination plot too. I must have confused him with Saazbaum because they look basically the same other than hair color.

What happens to Slaine now? Saazbaum clearly realizes that he knows most of the important parts of the assassination plot. But he only captures Slaine, rather than killing him like Cruhteo. That means that he plans on doing something with him…simple more torture for information or will he use Slaine in some way related to his father?

Aldnoah.Zero Episode 7: That final betrayal was awesome

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What a cool fight…not only did Inaho incorporate Slaine’s actions into his plans with minimal communication, Slaine was also able to understand Inaho’s intentions. It’s too bad Slaine didn’t get to have his emotional reunion with Asseylum. I’m interested in Inaho’s motives there. The simplest explanation was that he was suspicious that Slaine knew the princess was alive and therefore suspected him of being involved in the assassination plot…but do we expect someone like Inaho to make an incorrect prediction like that?

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I personally would have expected Inaho to notice Slaine’s excitement at finally finding the princess…I would think he’d predict Slaine’s devotion to Asseylum and use it in his plans. Or maybe he expects it to interfere with his plans and thus shot Slaine down. Either way, it looks like the Terrans have managed to get their hands on a Martian battleship. Will they switch Inaho into the Martian Kataphrakt that they found or will he fighting as “Orange” forever? I personally think it would be more interesting if someone else took the Martian Kataphrakt, but we’ll see what happens. Can the soundtrack for this show be released already?

Aldnoah.Zero Episode 6: Slaine is here to save the day!

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It looks like Slaine will be joining up with the Terran group after all. Too bad he doesn’t bring a Martian Kataphrakt with him…just a support craft. We also got a bit of an explanation about why Aldnoah is so important to the Martians from Asseylum. It’s strange, though…why would they want to kill Asseylum if she’s one of the only ones that can activate Aldnoah? One possible explanation is that they know the emperor can be manipulated more easily, so they don’t want her to interfere. But if that’s the case, aren’t they worried about the emperor randomly dying? He looks fairly sickly.

Another possibility is that their Aldnoah drives will always remain activated now that the emperor has activated, so they just don’t want more drives to be activated to be used against them. We still don’t know the full nature of these drives. Anyway, now that Slaine has joined the cast, I’m looking forward to some Slaine/Inaho power plays. It looks like Inaho’s not getting a fancy Martian Kataphrakt any time soon…he’ll probably be sporting his trusty training Kataphrakt for a while.

Aldnoah.Zero Episode 5: Two down…Inaho’s on a roll

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I was impressed by Slaine’s attempt to stop the war by talking to the emperor, but it seems to have failed miserably. I was actually almost expecting the emperor to be a co-conspirator in the assassination attempt on Asseylum, but it looks like he was just tricked by Saazbaum. It looks like Saazbaum was much more difficult to fool than Cruhteo with Slaine’s weak lies about the death of Trillram. What happens next for Slaine? If they realize he has gone rogue, will they try to kill him now? I’d be surprised if they kept letting him go about as he has been.

I guess the final comment by Saazbaum about how ironic it was that Slaine would stand against their cause has me curious. Is it simply trying to suggest that Slaine’s father was the one who was originally able to harness Aldnoah to create these ridiculous Kataphrakts? Or maybe he’s the one that’s behind the whole idea of using an assassination plot to start a war in the first place? Meanwhile on the Terran side, the mystery comes in just exactly why Inaho is so capable in comparison to everyone around him. Surely he can’t keep winning so easily forever…he basically beat the Kataphrakt from this episode in one move…this time without collaboration with his friends beforehand.