Accel World Episode 15

I might have been more surprised that Haru would lose his flight ability if I didn’t notice Noumi’s avatar with wings in the opening and consider the mosaic nature of his avatar. Probably wouldn’t have made my reaction too different. I can almost see the inferiority complex of Haru plummeting to a new low…he’s going to be unbearable when Kuroyukihime gets back.

Also, I suppose the stage is set for Haru’s corruption by Chrome Disaster. He’s lost that key ability (which really didn’t make him too strong) and much more susceptible to an offer of power. In fact, I even wonder if that outburst he had towards Taku could be attributed to Chrome Disaster (although, I feel like maybe they’d give more of a hint than “this isn’t what I want to say”).

But my speculations could be unfounded if Haru ends up successfully learning from Ash’s parent, Sky Raker. If he regains his confidence in the next week after training (which is what I assume will happen next week), he might finally have a decent sense of confidence. But who knows? I’m not sure how he manages it…does he copy some sort of technique for a diminished form of flight? I don’t quite understand how someone can be “close to the sky”…gliding, maybe?

Accel World Episode 14

I can catch water…now what?
Good job, Haru…when Chiyu’s being harassed because of something you did, the correct move is to defend her without regard to the consequences to yourself. At least he’s learning…I would’ve been really annoyed if he had just sat there, scared for himself. Then again…way to screw it up on the follow-through, Haru (what did you expect from him in a fistfight, though?). Anyway, Noumi is setting himself up to be a major villain for this arc of the show (based on what I can see from the opening).

Everything about his avatar screams “modified”…it has a grotesque design to it that doesn’t seem natural to the game (even with Chrome Disaster). I really do like the idea of someone being able to hack the Accel World…makes it much more like a normal game, rather than some “super game” with a mysterious creator that no one can touch.

I can see the gears turning for Chiyu. It’s all a game…all supposed to be fun. Why am I being harassed? Why am I being blackmailed? All for joining this game. That must be the sort of thing she is beginning to think. I can definitely see her doing something dark because of all of this.

On another note…new opening and ending. For some reason, I really like the new opening…as in, more than the first opening. Music-wise, I much prefer the first ending song, but you may like actual animation of the new one, which is perfectly fine. Either way, next week Haru goes up against Noumi’s whacked-out avatar. It also looks like that skull-biker guy is gonna make an appearance. The opening almost suggests that he will become a begrudging ally for Haru…is it already starting? Will he help against Noumi? For that matter, is he someone we already know?

Accel World Episode 13

Silly Chiyu…games are serious business! There’s no room for enjoying yourself! But I’m surprised that there are healers in Accel World…it makes her useless in a one-on-one fight, so she’s only really good for legion battles. At least her defenses are high (supposedly) to make up for it. But yeah…new student Noumi that may have Burst Link. Doesn’t show up on the list, but his abilities scream Burst Link. Weird that Kuroyukihime wouldn’t point anything out to Haru since she noticed Noumi in the welcome speech.

Haru’s gotten quite bold to allow his adolescent mind to fantasize about Kuroyukihime (-.- so disturbing…). I still wonder about Chiyu’s constant line “going back to the way things were.” It bothers Taku and she seems to be pretty desperate to achieve this. Seems like a source of conflict with her in the future. There was an avatar in the preview for next week…is it Noumi or is he just a red herring? Nah…it’s gotta be him, right? But his avatar looks…abnormal somehow. Wonder what it could be…

Accel World Episode 12

Haru got the Calamity Armor…I knew it wouldn’t go away so easily. Let’s ignore the fact that it’s incredibly stupid of him not to check his inventory again when he notices something is strange. What was so special about that fight with the Calamity Armor that would make them think that the armor was gone for good? Way too easy. Still, if they roll with this a certain way, I might enjoy it. I tend to like it when stories have the main character corrupted by some evil object, then overcome it and integrate it with their own power.

Of course, Haru could simply destroy the armor again, but in some way that makes it go away forever. That would probably be boring. It’s also a slightly more likely course. Other than that, Niko has gotten over her problems and has become an ally. Now, all that’s left is that maid girl…I think she’s in the preview for next week, so she should be showing up soon. It looks like she’ll be related to Chiyu as well…maybe a rival for Taku? Could be interesting. Let’s see where it goes.

Accel World Episode 11

So that’s what Yellow Radio was planning…Is anyone else bugged by the fact that Kuroyukihime has such an annoying weakness? You can say “she got over it this week” all you want. It was way too easy, so she’s gonna be paralyzed by her memories again…we all know it’s gonna happen. But the guy needed a logical way to defeat two kings, so I give him that. Even with Yellow Radio’s plan, Chrome Disaster decides to kill steal and interrupt some good old-fashioned DBZ-style fighting.

I can’t remember what happens to Yellow Radio now. Does he just die normally and lose points? Or is there something special about Chrome Disaster’s killing? Sigh…that week break is making me forget things.

I give respect to Haru this week. Unlike a normal protagonist, who never shows any signs of progress until a decisive battle, Haru actually works on things where we can see him. He saw that he had a problem and realized that he needed to train his reaction speed, so he worked on it and it paid off. But that’s my limit for now. He still seems the most useless in battle.

Next week, big engagement with Chrome Disaster. It actually sounds like they’ll beat him from the preview. I wonder what happens after that…will Chrome Disaster be a recurring presence? Taking over someone in the main cast? Seems like a fairly logical thing to do. Or does he just disappear and everyone goes on with their stuff? Poor Taku has to be absent through all of this.

Accel World Episode 10

Did they just turn Accel World into an MMORPG? They did, didn’t they? To be fair, roaming an actual field sure beats a string of 1-on-1 fights. I’ve never been into those kinds of games anyway. Still, it brings up the idea of Enemies, which are programmed into the game. This makes me more sure that Chrome Disaster is a program, rather than the remnant of some player. I’m also pretty sure that it’s an intentional program left by the Creator, but that’s more speculative.

Haru brings up a good point about endings. I said before in a post that I think that all things should come to a set end, but I know some people who prefer things (shows or games) that continue on nearly (or truly) indefinitely. I would agree with Haru that it’s better to have a game end from an achievement of ending rather than falling from boredom. I may hate the guy, but he has his moments. Also, my theory about Yuniko developing a negative personality to cope with being forced into the Red King doesn’t seem to be right. I guess it could still be if she didn’t realize the implications of the position before attaining it.

Still, this show’s worse than .hack…a few minutes in the world map, and some PKers arrive. Looks like even Kuroyukihime will be having some troubles next week. What makes this Yellow King so intimidating? His avatar would suggest he’s scheming and sly…he also has the advantage in numbers. I guess we don’t really know how strong Kuroyukihime is in relation to the other kings. I always assumed she had to be strong to challenge them all, but it doesn’t have to be the case.

Accel World Episode 9

Well, I predicted that pretty well…facing off against Chrome Disaster, I see. They don’t really say much about the origins of Chrome Disaster, such as whether or not is was a Burst Linker (as in, they actually saw the guy who was in control). I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s similar to AIDA from .hack, an artificial intelligence programmed into the game that went haywire.

Alternatively, it could be an intentional artificial intelligence meant to test the Burst Linkers to some level…part of that mysterious motive of the Creator. Either way, I doubt it’s a trap by Yuniko as Taku suspects…just a way to recruit the Red King. I wonder what will happen when the battle starts. Chrome Disaster definitely has to possess one of the main characters…that would be pretty interesting. We’ll see. Final side note: Taku mentions that Haru and Kuroyukihime are too lovey-dovey, and I agree…creeps me out.

Accel World Episode 8

Well…that’s quite the entrance…certainly wasn’t expecting the new character to just show up in Haru’s house. Saito Tomoko, aka Red King or Scarlet Rain…surprising that Haru would be related to her. Her personality change struck me as almost being like Akira Kogami from Lucky Star.

Still, my theory is that she developed that evil-ish personality to go with her title as Red King (I would assume it’s hard to be taken seriously when you’re just a kid). Based on her appearance in the opening, I believe the more cute version will be her true personality when she joins the good guys.

So the big question is “what is this avatar?” Tomoko seemed to be watching it as it went around and I think Haru is shown kicking it in the opening, so maybe it’s a big bad. If so, it’s possible that Tomoko’s reason for meeting Kuroyukihime is to ask for help to face it…thus opening up the path for her to join the team.

The preview seemed to show a similar creature, but it didn’t look exactly the same (maybe I’m mistaken). Maybe it’s some new breed of crazed (possibly non-human) avatar in the Accelerated World.

Accel World Episode 7

Well, it seems our Kuroyukihime works in mysterious ways. The fight was all just a way for her to keep Taku from self-destructing as she almost did when she betrayed the other kings. Meanwhile, Haru’s trying to regain his points with Aqua Current, or Karen as she introduces herself.

She’s definitely a curious character. It seemed like she was almost ready to join Haru with Nega Nebulous at the end, but then she wipes his memory (theoretically possible with the Neuro Linker and the direct link they had, so no scientific qualms there). I wonder if she’ll try to support them from the sidelines.

The episode ends up with Taku transferring to Haru’s school…something I didn’t see coming, but makes sense. It makes the school a potential HQ for Nega Nebulous as their numbers increase. Kuroyukihime makes it clear that there aren’t many other Burst Linkers there…at least I assume this based on the fact that Taku was the only one that challenged her on the school’s globalnet.

I’m still having troubles with the way they explain things in this show. I guess it should be assumed that Karen compensates for her low level with some form of tactics, but I can’t help feeling there should be more to it than that. Next week looks to be the introduction of a new character…looks like she’s gonna be trolling Haru, possibly Kuroyukihime too.

Accel World Episode 6

Well well…another interesting episode this week. Taku has started helping Haru out with leveling up, but Haru is still using hit and run tactics to win. How disappointing…I’m surprised I didn’t realize earlier how much his new wings help out with running away. This guy…seriously. Anyway, Haru comically levels up too quickly and burns most of his points, so Taku’s suggesting a bodyguard. I kinda expected it to be a girl, but what is the deal with a level 1 bodyguard? It seemed like a trap to me, but it doesn’t look like it so far.

Haru started trusting Taku pretty quickly, but maybe that was premature. The end of the episode makes it look like Kuroyukihime still suspects him. Is this a real betrayal or is Taku being misunderstood? I honestly wouldn’t be surprised either way. The battle in the preview makes it look like a real betrayal, though. I thought it was strange that Taku went to Kuroyukihime when he was supposed to be watching over Haru, but I guess she called him. Moving on…Kuroyukihime’s name isn’t revealed…Bah. I guess it’s to be expected, but what a tease.

To finish off, I just want to say that some things in this show seem like they could be made clearer. Like the fact that level 9’s only lose all of their points from losing to level 9’s. Or what effects Physical Full Burst has on the body. Specifically in this week’s show, Haru does that bit where he levels up too quickly and loses most of his points. But what is the benefit of leveling up? Why not just stay level 1 forever and hoard points until you have enough to level up to 9? I dunno…maybe the bouncer will be able to explain that. Maybe she’s level 1 because of what I just said.