Fate/Grand Order: Babylonia Episode 8: Defying a goddess

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Tiamat threatens humanity

As far as battles go, this week’s episode was pretty epic. It’s sad to see Servants only getting single moments to shine, but I respect how their battles have been portrayed in this adaptation. I would have liked to see some more lasting impact from these battles, but I guess they served to inspire Ritsuka.

Ushiwakamaru faces off against Tiamat

Ushiwakamaru sure has it rough. She definitely had a great showing in this episode, effectively facing off against a god with her sword skills. She probably has the most dynamic combat in the episode as a whole. However, the ending reveals that she is still alive, and it’s heavily suggested that she will become brainwashed as a future enemy. I’m hoping she’s right about her strength of will, because having her face Ritsuka will be sad.

Leonidas wastes away

Leonidas gets a more brief moment in this episode, but it’s an excellent demonstration of his Spartan courage. He’s not a character I’ve used in the game a lot, but I know he’s a powerful defensive unit.

Ushiwakamaru lectures Tiamat

This is probably my favorite line in the episode. Heroic Spirits are basically legends manifested into reality, so I like the idea that they fight for humanity to preserve their legacy. It really gets down to the idea of leaving a mark on the world and gaining a sense of immortality as a result.

Enkidu taunts Ritsuka

Enkidu (or rather Kingu) remains the most incomprehensible character in this show for me. I honestly can’t tell which side he’s supposed to be working for. He clearly spares humanity in this episode, but he seems devoted to Tiamat. Is this supposed to show the influence of the real Enkidu? That would be cool if it was the case.

Benkei leaves everyone behind

I guess Benkei gets the worst part of the deal in this episode. He’s here to reveal that he’s a fraud and leave the party. I’m curious to see how Ritsuka will fight now that the main three Servants have been lost. Is it time to recruit some goddesses?

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  1. well it sounds like you played the game and I’m not sure what I can answer without going into spoilers. for both this and the lore of the servants and that’s kind of the thing to their characters aside from being uniquely written this franchise they still take a lot of influence in who they were in history and mythology.


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