No Guns Life Episode 7: Conspiracy theories

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Olivier is fired

It’s episodes like this one that make me wonder how many factions exist in this series. It seems like we’re getting to see a lot of different players with varying motives, which I think is cool. I think that many of the developments in this episode would make more sense if we had a better sense of what the Nightmare of Norse Scott was, I’m sure that will change soon. This week also does a good job of continuing to demonstrate how well Juuzou and Kronen work together.

The captives talk about Juuzou

There’s a minor conversation in this episode about Juuzou’s reliance on the cigarettes. I’m not sure if it’s just meant to show that the other characters only know so much about Juuzou’s past or if it’s something more. They seem to imply that Juuzou might be trying to hide something more. I wonder if he’s going to go berserk soon or something.

Gondry attempts to kill Armed

Now that I know that Gondry was being controlled, I wonder how much of the things he was saying were his own words. It’s mentioned later Gondry’s mind would affect whoever was controlling him, so his desire to be useful could legitimately be his own. Alternatively, it could be a representation of whoever was in control.

Armed talks about Juuzou

Listening to Armed narrate Juuzou’s fight was kind of awkward. I get that he’s somewhat showy, but I’m not sure I enjoyed the way the fight kept cutting back to him. Also, his extensions make it hard to tell whether they’re his thoughts or his spoken words.

Gondry is being controlled

It looks like someone else was able to replicate Tetsurou’s Harmony ability. That could make things interesting in the future. Based on how Gondry acted, I wonder if this version of Harmony is only capable of giving suggestions. Tetsurou seems to speak through his target.

Armed reveals his true colors

After seeing this final scene and some of the brief bits in the preview, I feel like I’m supposed to conclude that Armed was the one who killed Olivier’s father. If Gondry was meant to be a scapegoat, it could mean that the Nightmare of Norse Scott was a larger incident that involved more Extended. That would explain why Armed believes that the truth would harm the development of extensions.

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