Babylon Episode 7: Everything falls apart

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Kaika reveals his plan

I would definitely call this week’s episode a large improvement over the previous one. Kaika takes the conversation about the suicide law back in an interesting. More importantly, Ai finally makes her big move, and it’s pretty insane. Honestly, I’m just wondering at this point if there’s anything that Zen can do to beat her. Are we just in for a mental torture-fest at this point?

Kaika broadcasts to the world

To be fair to Kaika, I think his performance in this week’s episode is a lot better than we saw before. Playing the heartstrings of the public by putting the spotlight on his son’s heart condition is an admittedly effective move. I’m still not entirely sure how I feel about it, though. It’s not like his heart will necessarily save his son, since transplants are inherently risky.

The world thinks about death

More importantly, I feel like his argument is more of a commentary on the limitations of current technology. If we reach the point where we can grow transplantable organs or created artificial ones, what happens to the conversation about death? That being said, this development certainly makes me wonder about Inaba. He’s the first victim of this series, and I can see a powerful sedative being useful for Kaika’s goal of suicide.

Zen tries to save Kujin

I really liked watching the tension as Zen’s plan is systematically torn apart by Ai. It’s like we’re finally getting a big reveal about how much of a threat Ai is. My main worry about Kujin’s death is how supernatural his description of Ai makes her seem. As I’ve said before, I would prefer if Ai is grounded in realism, and I’m not seeing how that’s possible when she can force people to kill themselves from whispering in their ear. I’m mostly hoping we don’t see some crazy justification for her powers in the end (like you’d see in a low-grade horror series).

Ai taunts Zen

The final scene of the episode is truly chilling. Up to this point, Ai has felt like a somewhat reasonable villain, but this scene makes her feel a lot more insane. The fact that this entire scene is punctuated with scenes of Zen’s family also makes it seem so much more sinister. I don’t think this bodes well for Zen’s wife.

Ai wants Zen to understand

So, is it really so simple? Does Ai just want Zen to understand her? I’m sure Zen wasn’t paying too much attention to what she was saying on the video, but it sounded to me like she wanted Zen to explain to her why she behaved the way she does. I guess that makes some sense as a version of motivation for her, so it makes me wonder.

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