Fate/Grand Order: Babylonia Episode 7: Snake problems

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Solomon taunts the heroes

I’m a little sad that this episode starts directly with the vision of Solomon, rather than showing the flow of events following the recovery of the Tablet of Destinies. It makes me want to stand by my comment from last week about the tablet being a MacGuffin. That aside, this week’s episode does a nice job of showcasing the other Servants in this Singularity, which was cool to see.

Leonidas gives Ritsuka advice

It was cool to see more of the day-to-day survival role that Leonidas plays at the wall. This particular scene was a bit surprising, though. Keep it together there, Leonidas.

Merlin gives Ana advice

I liked seeing Merlin’s chat with Ana in this episode as well. It’s probably my favorite part, as Merlin admits to his own inhuman nature and encourages Ana to open up to the main characters.

Ushiwakamaru finishes off the enemies

I wasn’t the biggest fan of Benkei and Ushiwakamaru’s fight in this episode. It was a great progression of attacks, but the quality of the animation felt weak. It reminded me a lot of the fights from the first episode.

Enkidu reveals his plan

I probably haven’t been paying enough attention. Was the Northern Wall part of Nippur or is it the main wall we’ve been seeing at the Absolute Demonic Front? Because I really like the idea of Enkidu sending Demonic Beasts to attack Gilgamesh’s main stronghold to keep him locked up there. Meanwhile, Enkidu can sacrifice humans in neighboring villages to other Demonic Beasts.

Enkidu traps Ana

Oi, stop bullying Ana.

Tiamat makes her appearance

It looks like the goddess behind Enkidu finally makes her appearance. To be fair, she ended up looking better than I expected. I also think it’s interesting that Enkidu almost seems to bemoan her arrival, almost like he’s tired of dealing with her or something. Maybe that will be relevant later.


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