Fate/Grand Order: Babylonia Episode 4: The great tiger

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The Mage King taunts the heroes

I’m probably in the same boat, but I can imagine this episode makes less sense for people who haven’t played the game. Jaguarman’s entrance was definitely a hilarious development, but this week’s episode shines the light more on Ritsuka’s internal struggle. It’s nice to see that the series is getting back to the action, but this story certainly feels like it’s drawing more heavily from previous singularities that haven’t been adapted.

Mash comforts Ritsuka

That being said, I don’t think it’s too hard to piece things together. I skipped through most of the story in the game, and I basically concluded that those scenes were from Camelot. Presumably, Ritsuka was able to recover the Holy Grail in that singularity, but he did so at great personal cost. As a result, he’s come to question the sacrifices he’s had to make along the way.

The people of Ur refuse rescue

I think that’s what makes this episode better, as Ritsuka’s now forced to reconcile his personal feelings with what he sees in Ur. As he’s agonizing over his past decisions, the people in Ur are perfectly willing to sacrifice their own in order to survive. Given the general story behind this singularity, it’s a great analogue to Chaldea’s own mission of saving humanity from extinction. The individual losses that Ritsuka has suffered due to his decisions could be seen as similar sacrifices for the sake of humanity.

Merlin notices an irregularity with the Holy Grail

I’m surprised at how casual this discussion about Gilgamesh’s fake Holy Grail is. The main characters have been spending a lot of time ingratiating themselves in order to get the grail, so I would have expected some outrage. I guess it’s never a bad thing to be on the king’s good side.

Jaguarman attacks Ana

On a completely different note, the fight against Jaguarman was pretty awesome. She feels like such a joke character, but the fight still looked good. I guess it shows that Taiga is not to be trifled with.

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