Lord El-Melloi II Case Files Final Episode (13): Wrapping up

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Caules talks about his sister

Well, this episode doesn’t really wrap things up, but I think it’s a decent character moment for Waver right up at the end. Gray has a cute moment with Waver when she finally gives him the gift, but I don’t think there was much else. I think this series worked well as a Fate series, but I didn’t think it worked as a mystery show. It’s kind of a shame, since I think it would be a good combination, but the show was enjoyable overall.

Adashino admits her identity

I like this moment. It’s something we’ve seen before, but I’d forgotten about it with the arrival of Doctor Heartless. Now that I think about it, I think the series cut to Adashino when Luvia and Shishigou figure out that she’s related to Heartless. I think that’s a solid use of misdirection at that time.

Waver sacrifices his Magical Crest

Other than that, I think this episode was mostly flavor. I guess it sets Waver up some more for a potential second season, but I thought it meandered a bit.

Waver gives up on the Grail War

I thought it was cool to see Waver give up on the Grail War in the end. It’s been said to him multiple times throughout the series, but he was clearly trying to give himself peace while pretending to honor his friend’s legacy. In the end, he chooses to move forward on his own path to truly honor Iskandar.

Waver has one last chat with Iskandar

I liked this scene at the end between Waver and Iskandar a lot. It felt like Waver was finally owning up to himself and moving forward. Looking back, I think he ends up with a decent character arc, ultimately finding his role as the teacher.

Final Score: 7/10

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