Vinland Saga Episode 11: Coming to the rescue

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English beer is good

I feel like not too much happens in this episode from a story perspective, but I find the action of the series entertaining enough to make up for it. My impression was that the main reveal of the episode was Canute’s real face, which didn’t seem too impactful to me. That being said, the relationship between Thorkell and Thorfinn has me curious, and I still wonder what the series is planning to do with Canute.

The Danes talk about Christians

These kinds of conversations always get me thinking. I’m sure it’s not meant to be realistic, but I’ve studied historical Christianity to a minor extent. It makes me wonder how the religion was truly perceived at the time. I guess the trope of the jovial Viking is the main piece to this bit, so maybe the reality was much harsher.

It would be hilarious if this priest has a larger role later in this series. Also, I’m definitely not sold on Ragnar as a character. He worships the prince so much that I can’t help but find him annoying. It would make more sense if we knew why he cared so much, but all we get is the constant praise and such.

Askeladd sends Thorfinn on another impossible mission

I do wonder how much this scene was meant to indicate a shift for Askeladd. His typical indifference was probably genuine in the beginning, but I like the idea that he may have come to trust Thorfinn as an ally.

Thorfinn faces everyone

Also, I’m starting to get a bit frustrated with Thorfinn’s plot armor in this series. I get that it’s a story, but he basically gets put at impossible odds in every episode. I can only suspend disbelief so far, right?

Thorfinn vows to protect the prince

I think it would be great if Thorfinn presents himself as an unlikely hero in this situation. We as the audience know his true motivations, but it would be interesting if Canute were to interpret this scene differently. It could lead to a fun dynamic between the two characters.

Thorkell questions Thorfinn

I’m curious about this scene. It makes sense that Thorkell would know Thorfinn’s father, since they fought side-by-side. But I wonder what the significance of Thorfinn’s mother is. She’s still alive, after all, so she has the potential to contribute if she’s significant.

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