Carole & Tuesday Episode 22: Hitting the bottom

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Crystal refuses invitations

While I wasn’t always the biggest fan of Angela’s character, I think it’s been sad to watch what’s happening to her. As we near the conclusion, it looks like the series is maintaining its concept of contrast, and I’m curious to see what comes of that. I honestly didn’t expect Angela’s story to go as far as it did. Here’s hoping everything comes together for the ending, right?

Angela still wants to sing

I can get behind Angela’s desire to sing at the Grammys despite her situation, but I still think that her story could have been fleshed out more. I think I can get a sense of her motivations, but her shifts seem to erratic. I understand that her situation is unstable, but she was questioning herself entirely in the previous episode. Seeing that transition could have been interesting.

Dahlia apologizes

Dahlia’s death also seems to come out of nowhere. I think it’s a good way to push Angela over the edge, but I would have preferred if it didn’t seem so uneventful. If anything, you could say that Angela is retreating into Dahlia’s final wish to keep herself sane, and that would be a cool way to present her if that’s what the series is going for.

Carole and Tuesday perform with Crystal

I liked Carole and Tuesday’s performance in this episode. The song was decent, and I didn’t notice Crystal all too much in the music. Though, she’s admittedly a lot more noticeable on stage.

Angela collapses

Angela’s performance was pretty tragic as well. Her singing definitely sounded rougher than normal, which conveys her current struggle in a believable way. I wonder how original that song was. Seeing her collapse in the end was a sad conclusion for the episode. I actually do hope that she’s able to get back in the swing of things for the ending of the series. I wonder where her contrast with Carole and Tuesday is going, after all.

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