Fruits Basket Season 1 Final Episode (25): And now we wait for the next one

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Kazuma suggests trying karate

This series really doesn’t let up, even in a season finale. Though largely an aftermath from the previous episode, this week’s episode still manages to deliver excellent emotional scenes between Kyou and Kazuma. The rest of the episode is a series of teasers for the next season that only manga readers can understand (and I’m not one of them this time). I’m looking forward to the season two, and I’ll probably have to hold myself back from reading the manga out of pure curiosity.

Kyou refuses to allow others to see Kazuma as his father

This scene from Kazuma’s memories had such a nice, bittersweet tone to it. I like this idea that Kyou comes off as pushing Kazuma away as a father. But in reality, Kyou would like nothing more than to see Kazuma as his real father. Kyou’s clearly trying to help Kazuma in his own way, but he inadvertently hurts Kazuma in the process. I think it’s a great dynamic.

Kazuma praises Tohru

Kazuma’s discussion with Tohru was interesting. With the way he praises Tohru for acting on the opportunity he raised, I was surprised that Tohru didn’t respond by pointing out the opportunities that Kazuma has likely created for Kyou throughout his life. I suppose that’s expecting a bit too much from Tohru.

Tohru agrees

I have no real comment to add here. I just think this scene is adorable.

Yuuki ponders what he saw

I’m not sure if I have enough information to fully know what’s going on, but I like that Yuuki has a clear reaction to seeing Kyou in the previous episode. I’m not sure what to make of that reaction, but it’s clearly something. It’s sad to see him keep things in, since it’s something I can relate to, but I think it’s great that Yuuki’s still taking steps forward regardless.

Kyou needs to stop complaining

There’s plenty of story left to tell, but I appreciate that this series ends on a pleasant note. It certainly teases multiple potential stories, but the characters we’ve seen so far are gathered together for a proper send-off at the end.

Preliminary Score: 9/10 I’m really hoping this is maintained in subsequent seasons, but I had a lot of fun watching this series.

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