Kanata no Astra Final Episode (12): Home life

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Kanata recovers from the previous episode's events

This series sure did a great job of keeping its quality up despite having two double-length episodes. Overall, I think the show has an intriguing mystery along with some solid characters. But given the explanation we finally get in this final episode, I can’t help but feel disappointed with how disjointed the two major twists in this episode were. Maybe it could have been more effective if the series had done more to establish its setting, but this episode is effectively introducing the home planet of Astra for the first time.

Charce tells everyone the truth

I think the reveal about Astra’s “true” history could have benefited from some form of give-and-take between Charce and Polina. Polina is meant to arrive with knowledge from the past, but she has no understanding of modern civilization. I think it would have been cool if Charce only knew part of the story, and Polina had to fill in the rest with what she experienced firsthand in the past. Instead, Charce just ends up knowing everything, which makes me feel justified in saying that Polina didn’t really need to exist.

The government hides the truth

The main sticking point for me in this episode is how hard it to believe that this “master plan” succeeds. I know it’s fun to fantasize about grand government conspiracies, but the reality is these kinds of secrets are incredibly difficult to keep. Given enough generations, I can believe that the truth eventually gets buried, but the series establishes that all of history is rewritten in a matter of 100 years. That’s only around three generations, which doesn’t seem like enough time.

Polina will attempt to spread what she knows

The problem with grand conspiracies is that they require nearly full compliance to be effective. If the entire B5 Camp group can agree that hiding the truth is a mistake, it’s hard to buy that the government could successfully convince everyone across 100 years. I know I might be harping on this a bit too much, but it truly does stick with me when I evaluate the overall story.

Mark Vix's plan works

I don’t have a problem with everything working out for the kids after their long journey, but part of me feels like things go too well. Charce basically ends the trip by vowing to get revenge on Mark Vix for killing Seira, but that entire subplot is resolved before he even steps foot back on Astra. Let the man do his thing…

Ulgar visits his father

Past that, the rest of the episode is basically an extended epilogue, catching up with the characters as they return to their normal lives. I tend to like these kinds of epilogues, so I was happy to see this. It’s great to see how the characters have made off after their adventures, and I think this episode does a great job of putting them on reasonable paths.

Kanata sets off for more adventures

When a show puts so much effort into making strong character arcs, I think that seeing how those characters end up is an incredibly satisfying payoff. For me, I think this is what this series does the best.

Final Score: 7/10

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