Vinland Saga Episode 10: Finding the right message

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Thorkell is bored

Well, we’re back after a break with a fairly chill episode. As the war rages on, Thorfinn basically spends the episode talking with his two father figures, Thors and Askeladd. It was a surprisingly interesting set of conversations. I think the series does a great job of making Askeladd seem like more than what he shows. His actions, especially at the end of the episode, feel deceptively complex.

Canute prays while the battle rages

I’m still wondering what the series is planning to do with Canute. He hasn’t said a word yet, and now he’s becoming a weird kind of damsel in distress. Surely, there’s more to him than that, right?

Thorfinn dreams of his father

I like that this episode effectively gives Thorfinn the same message in two drastically different ways. In a dream, Thors tells him that he should just appreciate what he has and return to his family. Part of me wonders if Thorfinn’s dreams of his father are meant to represent his struggle to understand his father’s final message. At least, that’s probably what I want to believe.

Askeladd tells a story about the Saxons

On the other hand, Askeladd arrives at a fairly similar conclusion with his largely nihilistic view. In the end, he tells Thorfinn that his revenge quest doesn’t matter because Askeladd is eventually going to grow weak anyway. I’ll be curious to see how Thorfinn eventually gets himself out of the hole he’s been in, especially based on these conversations.

Canute's forces aren't enough

I guess I’m a little curious about Thorkell in this episode. He seemed to react quickly when he heard that Canute was in charge. Does he have a prior relationship with Canute or did he just react to Danish royalty?

Askeladd commands everyone to save Canute

Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but I find it hard to believe that Askeladd wants to save Canute solely for the massive reward that royalty can give. As I’ve mentioned before, there seems to be more to him, so I wonder if this is just his innate pride expressing itself again.

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